Vuse Vibe Replacement Cartridges

The Vuse Vibe Flavor Cartridges are the replacement atomizers for the Vuse Vibe Power Unit! Filled with 1.9mLs if e-liquid, each cartridge has 3.0% nicotine strength. You'll also get to choose from a variety of flavors!

Vuse Vibe Flavors:

  • Original - Classic tobacco flavor
  • Menthol - Invigorating menthol flavor

Pick your flavor out below and get yourself a 2 pack of Vuse Vibe Cartridges!

Due to recent FDA regulation, all flavored pods (with the exception of menthol & tobacco flavors) will be removed from the website around Feb 4. 

Menthol - Vuse Vibe Replacement Cartridges

Who doesn’t love cool and refreshing? These Vuse Vibe Menthol Cartridges are the epitome of that! A cool menthol flavored e-liquid meets 3.0% nicotine in each cartridge. The pods hold 1.9mLs of e-liquid inside. They also have a simple screw...

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Vuse Vibe Original Cartridge Pack

Original - Vuse Vibe Replacement Cartridges

Your an original kind of person aren’t you? The Original Vuse Vibe Cartridges are for you! The 1.9mLs of e-liquid is tobacco flavored. This flavor will have a familiar taste to traditional cigarettes.  The cartridges contain 3.0% nicotine...

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