Vuse Vapor E-cigarette Products

Vuse Vapor is a distinguished line of e-cigarettes created from an industry need for easy to use and affordable devices. This line-up has closed-systems, meaning the e-juice comes inside the pod/cartridge. This system creates a hassle free vaping experience. Vuse Vapor has created these device to remove the typical learning curve of vaping. Their motto is “Within ever smoker, there is a vaper”. With the simplicity of each of their e-cigarettes, any smoker can become a vaper!

Need help choosing which Vuse Vape is right for you? Read this guide to Vuse Vapor Products!

Due to recent FDA regulation, all flavored pods (with the exception of menthol & tobacco flavors) will be removed from the website around Feb 4. 

Vuse Alto Pod System

The Vuse Alto is an all-in-one pod mod device who’s sleek looks hide a deceptively smooth vaping experience. Puffing on one the Alto’s pods produces a smooth and flavorful vape with minimal clouds. This product is small, weighs almost...

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Vuse Ciro Power Unit

The Vuse Ciro Vapor E-cig is a vaping device that is both simple and compact. Its small form factor makes it a perfect travel vape. The size is comparable to a traditional cigarette and the hand feel is a near perfect match to an analog.  The Ciro...

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Vuse Solo Power Unit

If you’re looking for a seamless vaping experience, the Vuse Solo is the e-cig for you! With a simple snap and go platform, this device is straightforward. Its design is sleek and compact for easy travel. At roughly the same width as a traditional...

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Vuse Vibe Power Unit

The Vuse Vibe Power Unit is the most powerful e-cig in the Vuse line. Sleek and seamless- this unit has aesthetics and power. Compact size. Big Flavor. Long-lasting battery. What more do you need to know? I’ll tell you more anyway.  The...

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About Vuse Vapor

Vuse is a vapor company that is owned by R.J. Reynolds. Their line of products are simplistic e-cigarettes for the vaper that doesn’t want the hassle. Each device has a battery unit and a group of flavor cartridges to go with it. There is no need for refills or coils changes making each of these devices a breeze to use. 

This company is revolutionary. They are the 1st company to submit a PMTA (Pre-Market Tobacco Application) to the FDA. What this means is Vuse Vapor is leading the industry into FDA regulation. They’ve proved submitting their application is possible. Now others can follow. 

Nicotine Strength Options

The amount of nicotine used in each device varies from 1.5% nicotine in the Vuse Ciro Cartridges to 5.0% in the Vuse Alto Cartridges. This creates a wide range of options for customers to choose from. 

If you need help choosing which vape pen is right for you, read this article: Vuse Vapor Products Comparison.

Vuse Flavors

Each device has an array of e-liquid flavors in their respective cartridges.  These are the flavor options you will have to choose from. Flavor options per device varies, you can find out which flavors go with what devices above!

  • Original: An original tobacco taste
  • Menthol: A cool blast of flavor
  • Rich Tobacco: A robust tobacco flavor

Why Choose Vuse?

Vuse E-cigarettes and flavor cartridges are made with the highest possible quality standards. They test their products extensively and all e-liquid is made in the United States in a state of the art facility. If you’re looking for quality and consistency, look no further than Vuse.

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