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Welcome Sample Pack - 4 Bottle Bonanza Extravaganza


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The VapeWild Welcome Sample pack is the perfect way for customers that are new to VapeWild to try some of our most popular flavors, allowing you to pick out four 30ml bottles for only $4.44 when you use the code WELCOME4* (including shipping)! It’s our welcome wagon offering to you and an amazing deal for 120mls of juice - if this isn’t the best way to try a company, we’re not sure what is.

All you need to do is pick out your nicotine strength, select your preferred VG/PG ratio, choose four flavors, add it to your cart, use the coupon code, and you’re good to go!

If you do not know your nicotine strength or VG/PG preference, that's okay! Don't be shy - just click the  chat window in the bottom right. We're always happy to help! You can also visit our FAQ to get all the information you need. Want to know more about who we are? Click here!

*One WELCOME4 coupon code use per customer; coupon valid for US and Canadian residents only 

Made in the USA.


The VapeWild Return Policy can be found here.

The VapeWild Shipping Policy can be found here.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Stellar

    Posted by Thomas Kellough on Sep 20th 2018

    Super fast super cheap super tasty. Nothing negative only wish I would have found these guys earlier

  2. Five stars for price and flavor...serious coil burn though

    Posted by Heather on Sep 19th 2018

    Great intro to new brand. I tend to stick with one solid. But I burn through a coil on my Valyrian in three days or less.

  3. Vape Wild

    Posted by Bradley Miracle on Sep 19th 2018

    Love it love love it. Vape on!!!!

  4. Simply amazing

    Posted by Beepbeeplettuce on Sep 19th 2018

    For the price it was already pretty good but the flavors were smooth and hood quality and tasted great. 5 stars for sure

  5. The best

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 19th 2018

    I loved my welcome pack thank you

  6. Cheapest deal online no question

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 18th 2018

    Fast shipping awesome deal. On cloud custard and cinnomon bunn so good others we're not my taste but still good just fat boy at heart love the cakes and bakery one's. Alway freebies to try thank you. Will shop again waiting for order now of diy supplies can't wait. Mango ten percent 65/35 steeped for a week is awesome all by its self when it turns little lit green color u know it steeped right only gets better only complaint is I ran out. Well done They know you have to give a little to get a little good old fashioned customer service.

  7. Great flavors

    Posted by Nicki Rae on Sep 18th 2018

    I love the flavor and they are so smooth. Best vape i have ever tried and you can't beat the price. I have already recommended to my family and friends that vape. I love the kiwi berry and on cloud custard..

  8. Awesome company and awesome juices!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 18th 2018

    Got my 4 30ml bottles with random 3 10ml bottles thrown in as a free bonus! This company is great, I loved the way that the bottles were shipped (in a VapeWild bag) and the "Stay Wild" written on the bag was a nice touch as well! I love the flavors that I ordered - Cowboy Cooler, Hannibal Nectar, Starstruck, and Tigers Blood. Great flavors, great company, great prices. I give VapeWild a 10 out of 10 and I have already gotten a friend to order as well!

  9. Above and beyond

    Posted by Cory Dingler on Sep 18th 2018

    I get my pack and they added a few 10 MLS for kicks! Awesome. I just finished the long steep and have only tried one. Iced Cold! Holy Ish that guy packs a powerful menthol followed by a sweet mint on the exhale. Only get this if you are a serious menthol fan, which I am. I’m certain to love them all. But my OCD won’t let me put them all in rotation at once. So more to come.

  10. First try and I'm hooked!

    Posted by Ronald Penn on Sep 17th 2018

    The 4)30 ml bottle sampler kicks butt! Every flavor I ordered was perfectly balanced. Taste and quality is much better then I expected! I will be ordering 120ml versions for sure, if I can decide on a favorite!

  11. 10 outta 10

    Posted by Jacie on Sep 17th 2018

    Great product. Good amount for price. Love it. Will order from here again

  12. Simply the best! Whooop! Whooop!

    Posted by sherwin on Sep 17th 2018

    Love the flavors and prompt service! I will order again and recommend to my friends!

  13. Perfect

    Posted by KI W nam on Sep 17th 2018

    It is perfect combination of taste.
    Also quality is good too.

  14. Great Products

    Posted by Scott H. on Sep 16th 2018

    All the flavors were great and not overly sweet. The juices were not super thick so they didn't gum up my atomizer either. You can't go wrong with the starter price either. I would recommend this to anyone.

  15. So Glad I found this place!

    Posted by Arturo Mustelier on Sep 16th 2018

    I received the awesome Welcome Pack from VapeWild The flavors I selected were mainly tobacco (RY4 Life, Gold Label, Wrangler). All them very tasty, these juices are of top quality! I was surprised when besides the 4 30 ml bottles I received 4 extra 10 ml ones, all excellent, with ultra fast shipping. Anyway, here goes a short review of the tobacco flavors: The RY4 Life is a nice version of the well known RY4, not extremely sweet but with a bold tobacco, caramel and vanilla flavor. Gold Label is a strong and dry tobacco, with plenty of throat hit, flavor and vapor production. Same is Vanilla Tobacco (I AM SO GLAD IT IS NOT A SWEET ONE), just a dry good tobacco with a hint of vanilla. Finally my favorite, WRANGLER, a very well realized cigarette flavor, on the nutty side. These liquids are masterpieces, really Premium ones!

  16. Fantastic bargain

    Posted by Monica on Sep 16th 2018

    Absolutely great deal! I got my first mod and stumbled across Vape Wild; lucky me! Delicious juices, and the sample pack is irresistible. Thanks!

  17. Cock-a-Doodle-Damn!!!

    Posted by Jay on Sep 16th 2018

    Great deal, great flavor, great price, fast shipping, great packaging & they through in some extras!!!!! Love it and will be ordering again.

  18. Great Taste

    Posted by Carla Osterbeck on Sep 16th 2018

    Great variety and flavors!!

  19. Good juice, decent prices

    Posted by Steve on Sep 16th 2018

    I am enjoying the juice sampler and it was pretty awesome how they included a few free samples!

  20. vape samples

    Posted by Sally Miller on Sep 15th 2018

    Received very quickly haven't tried them all but the ones that I have tried are very good the streak one is awesome definitely going to order that one soon

  21. Couldn't be happier!!

    Posted by Lisa Calbick on Sep 15th 2018

    LOVED the flavors I I ordered. #1 Tigers blood. YUMMY

  22. Best Deal Ever

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 15th 2018

    I was completely new to all of this and I feel that this is the best deal possible you get to try a lot of flavors all at once and actually got a lot more juice than what they look like!!!

  23. Wt.........

    Posted by valerie holmes on Sep 15th 2018

    Ok so I’m new to all of this I got my mod starter kit and I ordered this welcome package four 30ml bottles for 4.44 what a deal plus they sent me 9 10ml bottles extra I was in cloud nine guys what kind of company give that much stuff away this one that’s why they are so successful because they take care of there customers from day one I gave two bottles to my brother and now he loves vape wilds juice and wants to order some word of mouth people and customer service here awesome when I needed to change my coil for the first time Megan was so nice and told me how to do it and how to install the new one plus they told me what kind of coils to buy and they didn’t tell me the expensive brand they told me the best and cheaper brand to save me money all I have to say is there juice is awesome and customer service is excellent I’m a customer for life

  24. Amazing deal-Tons of options

    Posted by Misty on Sep 14th 2018

    I have recently started vaping, switching from smoking so I have not found a specific flavour of e-juice I prefer yet. This pack is great not only for the price which was cheaper for 4 bottles than just one bottle of the same size is normally, But you can pick a different flavour for each one which is great for someone who does not know for sure what flavours they might enjoy.

  25. So far it’s been great!

    Posted by ND on Sep 14th 2018

    I’ve really enjoyed my new flavors!

  26. Awesome

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 14th 2018

    Great brand best ever tried and awesome costumer service best online store ever used very amazing people

  27. A lot of ejuice but....

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 14th 2018

    They send you A LOT OF EJUICE! But the ejuice has to steep for 2 weeks before you can vape, so the package arrives and half a month later you can use it...lol IT SHOULD ALL BE STEEPED OR ONLY TAKE 1 WEEK. The ejuice prior to steeping is extremely mild so you have to wait the 2 weeks.

    And they send you a lot of samples BUT... I ordered 0mg bc I dnt smoke and my free samples all contained nicotine so I had to throw them out! It was a lot of ejuice but 1. You have to wait before you vape 2. Wasted samples nt based on your order so they may end up in the trash like mine...

  28. Great Juice

    Posted by Jimmy P on Sep 14th 2018

    Great Price for some awesome juices

  29. Great taste

    Posted by JOO HEE NAM KIM on Sep 13th 2018

    Good taste and best quality

  30. Awesome deal

    Posted by Suzanne on Sep 12th 2018

    So far great flavors great quality

  31. Couldn't have had any better service.

    Posted by Eric on Sep 12th 2018

    I placed the order for my 4 bottles, they arrived within a few days and the taste was spot on, as well as the few EXTRAS that were thrown in as well!

  32. Excellent

    Posted by Karen A Coller on Sep 12th 2018

    My new go to vape store.

  33. Great!

    Posted by Jacob Jordan on Sep 12th 2018

    They sent the product fast and actually sent more! Yall are the best and will be ordering more!!

  34. Unbelievably awesome deal!

    Posted by Mike on Sep 11th 2018

    My brother put me onto this company after trying some of his vapewild flavors. I enjoyed every flavor I ordered and the extra ones they sent me. How can you possibly beat the 4 for $4.44 shipped? No one can. Even if I only enjoyed 1 of 4 I ordered it'd have been worth it. Being I enjoyed all 4 plus extras, Vape Wild has landed a repeat customer with me. I'll also be telling my friends and family members about these guys. You hit a home run here, and I'll most definitely be back!

  35. I was astounded by the flavor choices I picked

    Posted by Justin Nichols on Sep 11th 2018

    I got the Blue Harvest, Tigers Blood, Murica, and Starstruck and I have to say everything is amazing!!! Great flavor and great choices!! Will definitely be buying more!!

  36. Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 11th 2018

    This was a great purchase! Not only did I get the 4 juices I selected they also threw in several small samples! One of the small samples I received is one of my favorites. I haven't tried everything I have received yet, but I got my $ worth for the ones I have tried so far. My least favorite so far is Tigers Blood...it doesn't seem as smooth as some of the others. I was very happy with my shipment that I
    referred one of my friends and they purchased this same sample pack.

  37. Love!!!

    Posted by Amber on Sep 11th 2018

    I will definitely be ordering more I love my flavors they are all what I expected

  38. Fantastic Service

    Posted by MICHAEL on Sep 11th 2018

    The sample pack was good I enjoyed the surfcake, murica, and double rainbow. Wrecking ball had a nasty taste and the aftertaste was terrible. The other three were spot on..

  39. Great deal from a great company

    Posted by Marlin on Sep 10th 2018

    I ordered the welcome sampler pack and was amazed how quickly it arrived, in addition to the four 30ml bottles, they threw in five additional 10ml samples...very cool! I usually DIY my own e juice but occasionally will splurge on a bottle or two of commercial e juice, like Naked, Cosmic Fog, or Dinner Lady. I like that the VapeWild line of e juice is about 40-50% the price of these "premium" brands, thus allowing me to indulge more often. I enjoyed the On Cloud Custard the best which is funny as it wasn't even one of my picks, I also really enjoyed Yummy Bear, Double Rainbow and Birthday Cake. I found Murica and Pina Colada had a slight perfumy taste, but to be fair, I didn't steep them as recommended. Overall a great company, just bummed I didn't know about the free custom artwork when I placed my order.

  40. Great Juice

    Posted by Anna Scharer on Sep 10th 2018

    First-time vaper, but I can already tell this stuff is the best! The deals are great, the packaging is great, and the variety is top notch. First flavor I tried was Blue Blizzard and it's fantastic! Not too weak, not too strong, and the sweet n cool flavor lingers in your mouth for just the right amount of time in my opinion. I have never been a smoker so I only go for the 0 nicotine stuff; I super appreciate the complimentary samples but since they contain nicotine, I'll be sharing them around with my other vaping friends. ;) Thanks, guys, you've won another customer and possibly more!

  41. My go-to for all things vaoe!

    Posted by Deb on Sep 10th 2018

    Coils are much cheaper thsn local shops, as well as juice! Much better flavor and absolutely love all the extra samples! Great business and I have found my vape shop for sure! Kerp ip the excellent job!

  42. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 10th 2018

    Opened all the bottles at once. I have tried them all. Super good product.

  43. Great Deal

    Posted by Kayla on Sep 10th 2018

    I picked tigers blood, murica, pina colada, and frappapow, plus got 4 extra little bottles. I have finger tasted them all but I'm vaping on the frappapow. Can you say amazing!!!!! It is my new favorite juice and I will definitely be ordering more asap!!!!

  44. Vape Wild is magical!

    Posted by Cassandra on Sep 10th 2018

    For anyone wanting to try the miracle that is Vape Wild this is your primo opportunity! I can't believe how much juice you get AND you actually can choose your flavors?! Whaaaaaat? My boyfriend got his first order today and we raced to the mailbox to get it, and eagerly sniffed every one of the juices - they all smell like rainbows and sunshine! Time to get to vaping!

  45. Flavours smell delicious!

    Posted by Meghan Wanovic on Sep 9th 2018

    I've only tried one flavour so far, and it is very good in taste but low in clouds which I am a bit disappointed by. The other flavours all smell great and I'm sure they will taste just as good.

  46. Awesome product, awesome service!

    Posted by Sweet D on Sep 9th 2018

    I was not at all disappointed by what I got. I picked Hannibal Nectar, Double Rainbow, Summer Solstice, and One Size Fits All, and each and every one of them is divine. A bargain that I'd never find in a vape shop in my area.

    Overall, an amazing purchase, I will be coming back for more.

  47. VapeWild is the BEST!!

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 8th 2018

    I got my first order a few days ago and am excited to try each and everyone of the bottles I ordered. So far I have only used the Mint Chocolate and it has very good flavor! Thank you for the awesome juices along with the great customer service, I will be ordering my next batch soon!!


    Posted by Melissa Kharuf on Sep 8th 2018

    Wow... I thought there were gonna be strings attached to this because of the deal... but NOPE! Awesome juices and thank you for the extra samples ! Got here in 2 days! Recommending to everyone who vapes!

  49. excellent

    Posted by amber caywood on Sep 8th 2018

    will deff be buying more loved all of the flavors

  50. all the nom noms

    Posted by jamie newbon on Sep 7th 2018

    This was a great purchase for me getting back into vaping again. I've only tapped into 1 of the bottles from this pack so far(i also purchased 5 smaller bottles) because I want to let the bigger ones steep longer. But you seriously can not beat the price for the amount you get and the flavors I have tried so far are pretty bomb

  51. Above and beyond!

    Posted by Roger on Sep 7th 2018

    Just got my very first delivery from VapeWild and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the (personally inscribed!) resealable spill-proof bag and found goodies beyond the sample bottles of juice I ordered. The custom touches are very much appreciated and shows a level of care rarely seen from online vendors today. The e-juices (Amaizeballs, Lemon Sansation, On Cloud Custard and Stoned Age) all smell and taste delicious, and my first vape (On Cloud) gives me hope that I've found a new favorite online vape store.Thanks VW!

  52. Excellent deal and extras!

    Posted by drkat on Sep 7th 2018

    I wasn't expecting much because it was so cheap, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Great selection, packaging, and presentation. They threw in extra bottles too! One to give to another vaper and a mystery flavor. You cannot find this kind of service just anywhere. Thank you again- will be back for sure.

  53. I love them all!!!

    Posted by John Carter on Sep 7th 2018

    I am impressed with all the flavors I chose. And they sent samples too. Thanks.

  54. Great flavors

    Posted by Jonathan Morrison on Sep 7th 2018

    I got surf cake, Hannibal nectar, blue harvest and wrecking ball. Surf cake is a bit sweet for me, but definitely good and true to its description. The others were a pleasant surprise. Blue harvest, in particular, is amazing, but the others are great as well, so I find myself struggling to decide which to vape. Awesome, overall.

  55. Surprised... in a good way!

    Posted by Vickytoeria on Sep 6th 2018

    I just got mine today- didn't pay attention to everything in the description because I was expecting tiny sample flavors. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my package to see 4 30ml bottles! I'm amazed at the flavor of the one I've tried so far... I got some extra samples and the shipping was super fast! I'm definitely going to be ordering more!

  56. Awesome

    Posted by John M Schmouth on Sep 6th 2018

    Loved the flavors, fast shipping, and extra samples, will definitely be ordering more.

  57. Absolutely awesome

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 6th 2018

    Got mine just last week and the flavors are great! Plus a couple little bottles were threw in as well which is awesome for people who want to try different flavors related to what they like. Plus the shipping was crazy fast, got it just 3 days after ordering. Definetly going to do more business in the future.

  58. Great flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 6th 2018

    I really loved my sample pack. Great flavors and I will definitely be buying more in the future...

  59. One of the best.

    Posted by ANDRE Horton on Sep 6th 2018

    The flavors in the sample pack are on point ... and let's not forget about the extras love them.

  60. Amazing

    Posted by Zachary Cain on Sep 5th 2018

    The deal is just too good to miss up. The juices we're above and beyond what I was expecting, I'd rather order from Vapewild and wait two days or so for juice then go to my local shop just 10 minutes down the road. I'd definitely recommend giving vapewild a shot, you won't regret it.

  61. amazing

    Posted by Brandon Hancock on Sep 4th 2018

    thank u so much got the juice in 3 days and love the bag sticker and extra samples.. they were awesome and i enjoyed trying them will be buying more off this site. best site i know to buy stuff off of.

  62. Awesome!!!

    Posted by Julie on Sep 4th 2018

    Thanks...the shipping was so fast..the juice is fantastic and thanks for the extras..you guys are the best...

  63. Excellent Deal

    Posted by Cnn on Sep 4th 2018

    120 ml premium fluid as advertised at an unbelievable price. They even have 12 mg strength which is why I bought them. Don't miss it

  64. All flavors are bangin!

    Posted by Alexander on Sep 4th 2018

    Each flavor is great. Prices are so cheap I'm definitely gonna order more! I appreciate it!!

  65. Very good juice and company

    Posted by Rick Chamblee on Sep 4th 2018

    got my sample pack in just a couple days. It was sent through priority mail and the packaging was very cute. All of the juices taste fantastic, and the surprise inside was perfect .

  66. Im a customer for life

    Posted by Dawn on Sep 4th 2018

    Great product at a great price...quick shipping and super nice customer svc...what more could u want. I love the ejuice..the flavors are amazing and they dont gum up ur coils like they do from the shops by me. Oh and i love the bags they come in with a sample...thank u nice touch

  67. Flavors on point!!

    Posted by Donald A. on Sep 4th 2018

    Phenomenal, that is the best word to describe the flavors I received. Big fan of the cereal juice and every one I ordered was on point. Thanks for the great juice and the extra samples that magically appeared in the bag. I will be ordering more from y'all.

  68. Juice

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2018

    The 2 flavors I tried are really good.will be ordering again

  69. Great juice and better service

    Posted by Amber on Sep 3rd 2018

    Juice flavors are awesome and the personalized costumer service is amazing. Very happy I found them!!!!

  70. su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious

    Posted by Ayana Redmon on Sep 2nd 2018

    Wow! Im so in love with this brand. Im new to vaping & already spent $60 on just two bottles from another site & the flavor doesnt even compare to vapewilds. Best way to go! They let you sample before hand. I was so geeked out about the bag it was packaged in haha i also received 3 little bottles. But im really going to have to find out what mystery august 18th is because its the exact flavor i been looking for. I will buy a huge bottle! Its delicious. It taste like Captain Crunch is the best way i cant describe it! Tigers blood & pinacolada are the only others ive tried so far & ughhhh Yummm! Amazing cloud quality, & leaves the most pleasant after taste that actually lasts! A++++ AMAZING COMPANY!!

  71. 10 bottle sample pack

    Posted by Melissa Ann on Sep 1st 2018

    I really enjoyed most of the flavors - especially the Lemon Sansation, Blue Harvest & Vanilla Butternut!

  72. Amazing

    Posted by Dakota Fernandez on Sep 1st 2018

    Everything showed up on time tasted amazing , came with extra bottles bit not the same strength I use but still cool they gave more


    Posted by KEmmett on Aug 30th 2018

    I was so excited when my package came in the mail. It felt like Christmas morning. It came quickly and had everything that I had ordered. They threw in three tiny sample bottles as well. From what I hear, VapeWild generally does this every time. They also left a handwritten sharpe note on the bag. VapeWild for SURE has my business!

  74. Sample pack for 4 44

    Posted by Haydn on Aug 30th 2018

    E liquid came really fast and the flavors I had were really good I will definitely be buying more liquid here best lower priced e liquid I've tried and I've tried lots of flavors thank you

  75. Great juice ..super fast shipping !

    Posted by Gina Itarelli on Aug 30th 2018

    Loved all the juices I received. This is a great deal to try out nice sized bottles!
    Packaged nicely, and with samples !

    I'm getting ready to order again.

  76. Great juice

    Posted by timmccalla69@gmail.com on Aug 30th 2018

    Excellent flavor on all juice I tried.even came with other samples thrown in.i just wish i could find out aug.mystery flavor it was amazing.

  77. Stardust really good.

    Posted by Melody Hall on Aug 29th 2018

    Lots of juices. Only tried 1 so far which is why only 4stars. If I had tried more I think it will be a 5

  78. Great deal

    Posted by Matt L. on Aug 28th 2018

    Love the flavors. Great welcome deal and fast shipping. Will be back. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

  79. UNBELIEVABLE Deal!!!!!

    Posted by susan hall on Aug 28th 2018

    I received 10 bottles for $1.00 and got to choose the flavors I wanted. I would have never tried the flavors i chose if not for this fantastic offer. The retail price was $29.00 but they took off $28.00 at checkout. So far I have only one I don't like. This was a great way to try different flavors, and i will be ordering more in the future. Thank you Vape Wild for this chance. The quaility of the juice is 5 stars.

  80. Wow- Very good deal, from a sceptical buyer.....

    Posted by Sublingual Mingle on Aug 27th 2018

    Received these VERY quickly. They sent us actually 4 big bottles (30ml) AND 2, 10ml bottles! This **** is quality. Cucumber melon (Stardust) is very good. The fact you can choose the level of VG is awesome for a trial. I'll keep buying from here, so ill from going shop to shop and finding expensive bottles, which if you DON'T like them, what are you supposed to do?? (NC outlawed sampling, as I was told, but that's probably BS. Local stores can sell way more if they DON'T let you sample. How else are you gonna know strength, VG level, and what quantity to risk, as a small bottle's a worse deal than buying more??

    Very thankful I found VapeWild, and I will definitely recommend on my site!

  81. Got my sample pack

    Posted by Brien Rondeau on Aug 26th 2018

    I got my sample pack I was pleased to see a 10 pack sample had 3 extra bottles in it (that's a plus) I enjoyed most of the flavors a couple were not on my flavor list but no biggie. I am pleased with the service the package came quick and it's been about 2 weeks and still have Juice left. I am making first order now thanks Vape Wild your happy new customer

  82. Great for noobs and curious cats

    Posted by Zach on Aug 25th 2018

    I’m making the switch from smoking to vaping, had some empty tanks and a pen from a buddy and decided to purchase this awesome newcomer deal. Found out I’m not too big on cake flavors lol, and I love the fruity ones. Don’t pass this up if you’re looking for some flavors to try out. More than pleased with this purchase, I’ll definitely be shopping Vape Wild from here on out.

  83. Welcome Sample Pack

    Posted by Sharon Wood on Aug 23rd 2018

    Absolutely Freaking Awesome. Not only did this ship super fast and a great price I also got 3 sample freebies. My new Vape Store. Thank you very much

  84. Taste great.

    Posted by Dan on Aug 22nd 2018

    Great flavor fast shipping. .

  85. Good deal to try some flavors!

    Posted by Ay on Aug 22nd 2018

    The welcome sample pack was awesome! I loved being able to try a lot of different flavors and finding what I liked best. Zebra stripe and so berry good are my faves! 'Murica was good too. I have already bought another flavor that I've heard a lot of positive things about. It shipped super fast, it felt personal because they wrote thank you and my name on the bag. They also send you a few extra bottles which is super cool. All reasons I'm already a returning customer.
    It may not be the best juice out there, but for what you get, the price you pay and the customer service, it's well worth it.

  86. Welcome 10 Pack

    Posted by Tracy on Aug 21st 2018

    I am very pleased with the welcome 10 sample pack I purchased from vape wild. Tiger's Blood is the shiznizzle.

  87. Holy Flipping Flip

    Posted by Bren on Aug 20th 2018

    4 bottles for a buck a bottle and change?! Just got my order; super fast shipping; super awesome flavors; super awesome company!! Definitely placing a weekly order from here from now on.... you can’t go wrong!! Thanks to everyone that helped place my order and threw in those freebies!!! You guys are stellar

  88. What a Welcome!

    Posted by Christian Hine on Aug 18th 2018

    I have just gotten into vaping and wanted to sample a wide variety of flavors before picking a larger sized bottle of something. The Welcome Pack from VapeWild was very welcome indeed!

    It doesn't look like the deal I used is still available...mine came with ten 10ml bottles...but for anyone getting started, or just interested in experimenting with new flavors, I can highly recommend VapeWild. The product was shipped fast, well packaged and branded, personalized, and even came with a few extra bottles. The very definition of "under promise and over deliver".

    I don't apparently go through a lot of of liquid. I've only tried half the flavors I've gotten so far. The Cinnamon Toast Cereal is amazing. Some of the others haven't wowed me yet, but that's also sort of the purpose of getting a sample pack.

    With the pricing, variety, and service offered by VapeWild...not to mention the generous welcome pack deal...I will have no hesitation purchasing from them in the future when my current supply runs low.

    Cheers and happy vaping!

  89. samples for a dollar

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2018

    I thought it was too good to be true. I'm a light smoker but vape sometimes and noticed this awesome deal going on. So I ordered from vape wild and had a few extra bottles thrown in. Super nice and made my day! I will definitely be ordering from here again for my next purchase. Thanks vape wild. Great service!

  90. Nice.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 17th 2018

    This was a fantastic sample selection at an amazing price (FREE with a promo). All of the fruit/mint flavors were amazing. My girlfriend (who hates all things vape) thought that Murica smelled exactly like the popsicles. The custard/caramel/baked flavors all kind of tasted the same and were fairly disgusting, but it may come down to personal taste.

    You cannot go wrong with a wide-ranging sampler like this, and I will absolutely re-order my favorites. Flavors like Cowboy Cooler, Pink Elephant, and Fruity Freeze are amazing!

  91. Welcome sample pack

    Posted by Genell Blanton on Aug 15th 2018

    Love love love The Sherbert flavor!

  92. Great Assortment

    Posted by Vickee on Aug 15th 2018

    I am enjoying my sample pack! I am so glad to have the opportunity to try a flavor before committing to a larger size. Wonderful quality in everything I've purchased.

  93. No better deal exists anywhere.

    Posted by Jared Thacker on Aug 15th 2018

    If you've not made an order from VapeWild before, you owe it to yourself to use the coupon code and get this sampler for $1 - I can't believe shipping was free, they're losing money on this hard! That shows how confident they are in their products. Every other business with samplers will at least make you pay enough to cover the costs of shipping & bottling the product.

    That being said, I did find this very hit or miss. Several flavors (especially the fruity ones like Tiger's Blood, Murica, and S&C) had a very chemical-ish taste (soapy/perfume-y, something like that) and it was really iffy for me, I couldn't finish the 4ml I put in my tank of each.

    It's entirely possible that I just need to steep these for a few weeks and give them another try, the color is pretty pale on those.

    I have been enjoying the less fruity ones (buttered beer, vanilla butternut, on cloud custard, etc) because I don't detect any artificial taste to them, although the flavor is a bit weak - that's also likely because I haven't steeped them (and possibly because I got 12mg nicotine.)

    They also threw in a few bonus samples -- 'the sherbinator', the august mystery flavor (3mg each) and one premium e-liquid (12mg, as per my order), which was super cool of them.

    When you factor in the bonuses and the /extremely/ cheap price to try all of this out, you'd be crazy to not give this sampler 5 stars, even if you don't like most of what you get. Complaining at the price of $1 for 130ml of liquid shipped would be a crime.

    And I really do like some of what I got, too! I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

  94. Very Happy!

    Posted by Carolynn Logan on Aug 15th 2018

    I am super happy with my sample pack! I've tried 6 so far and have loved them all. Great flavor!

  95. welcome10 pack

    Posted by Marek Kopunec on Aug 15th 2018

    I tested 13 liquid's what you send me, and 12 are great but one: milk & berries it's not good for me. Vape wild liquid's are very good. The best is On cloud custard and Frappapow. Thank's, nice work. I recommended.

  96. Welcome pack

    Posted by Cheryl Y on Aug 15th 2018

    Received e juices yesterday. Tried 4 out of the 12 Iso far. Each one is great in its own way, hard to choose which ones to reorder, but will be back for more... Want to thank staff for the personal touch, extra samples & coupon for my next order. Thank u!

  97. Great deal and juice

    Posted by Crystal Anderson on Aug 14th 2018

    Very pleased. I probably don't like 1 out of them all. And more bottles on top of that was awesome. 13 to try for a buck

  98. Great flavors!

    Posted by Derek R. on Aug 14th 2018

    Before I ordered my sample pack from Vape Wild, I thought my taste buds might be dead, because I couldn’t hardly even taste my old favorites, anymore! I was wrong!! It was the juice! Other than one flavor, I have enjoyed them all, and that’s only because of personal taste! Great products, will definitely order from them again, and again, and again!! Thanks!

  99. First Time Buyer

    Posted by Stephen Murphy on Aug 14th 2018

    After vaping for about 6 years now, I have tried hundreds of companies juices from all over the world. I've had many from Canada, Europe, Israel and the US. Its been my experience that most of the US based juices were decent, but still pretty mute in flavor.I really wasn't expecting much from these juices, but the price was a deal I couldn't pass. I'm going to say, so far, these juices are amazing and probably one of the best juices i've had in my 6 years. I have been looking for a juice where the flavor would just punch me in the throat, and I got it with these.As long as the price, with the exchange rate to Canada is right, I will definitely buy again

  100. Awesome

    Posted by Jc on Aug 14th 2018

    Have tried a few of the flavors. Awesome deal and so far so good with the flavors I got. Will be doing more business with Vape Wild. Thank you for the welcome pack. Best thing you could do. I have been telling people about Vape Wild and they like it also. Keep it up guys.

  101. Amazing!

    Posted by Bryce Napier on Aug 13th 2018

    Simply amazing. Juice is excellent. Customer service is da bomb. Excited to try new flavors from my new go to juice outlet!

  102. Amazing products

    Posted by Tommy on Aug 13th 2018

    I got 13 juices and they are all very very good! No chemical taste the flavor are natural and on point. It's such a good deal I will order again for sure. Very good fruity juice keep doing your thing.

  103. Nobody does what vapewild does!

    Posted by Heidi on Aug 12th 2018

    A 10 bottle sample pack for 1 dollar? I thought this was too good to be true but I went ahead and ordered and they delivered as promised. I have not heard of any one else letting you try their product before you buy so this has me excited I have only tried one so far but it was delicious. My others are steeping and I can't wait to try them thank you for this vapewild!

  104. Unbeatable value

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2018

    I ordered a few small bottles of liquid here years ago before I was big into vaping, and it was pretty good back then. Recently, I've been vaping again, and I couldn't help but look at juice here. When I noticed this offer, I had to jump on it. Ordered a welcome pack along with a 10mL of Fuzzy Logic and got a few extra bottles sent along. 140mL (including free samples) for $4 with the coupon, can't beat that. Will be ordering a few of these juices again, probably either in 10mLs so I can sample more or just 30mLs of the ones I like. If you're thinking about jumping on this deal, do it :)

  105. Juice for a buck

    Posted by Patrick Sullivan on Aug 12th 2018


  106. Love this product

    Posted by Belinda Arnold on Aug 12th 2018

    I loved most of the flavors and will be sharing with a friend, so that maybe he will order from Vapewild, too.

  107. Great vaping experience

    Posted by Jacqueline Gaines on Aug 12th 2018

    I never thought I would like the flavors other than menthol but found that cowboy cooler and summer soultice were the bomb for sure.

  108. Good

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2018

    I think it it good stuff.

  109. Wow. What a welcome gift.

    Posted by Tom A. Domanski on Aug 12th 2018

    I still haven't made it through all my samples. I found a favorite that I might not otherwise have even tried. Vape Wild will be my go to place for ejuice for now on. Customer service is fantastic. You guys/gals are awesome.

  110. Awesome

    Posted by Mariah Danks on Aug 12th 2018

    Very cool! I loved most of them :) and getting a vape it forward and a mystery one very exciting! I LOVE the bottles Thanks so much & it was perfect timing cause my birthday is in one week

  111. New customer

    Posted by Val on Aug 12th 2018

    Love the welcome package. Can't wait to try them all

  112. My review

    Posted by Jennifer on Aug 11th 2018

    I absolutely love my flavors you sent to me. I will be ordering again soon.


    Posted by Danisha M Brooks on Aug 11th 2018

    This is one of the best decisions ice made. I'm kind of new to vaping and there is so many flavors, brands, manufacturers etc. Vape Wild gave me a lot of options for nothing fr fr . I love the variety and all of the flavors I chose I love. Dont hesitate it a good decision.

  114. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 11th 2018

    Flavors are great! Steeping instructions are helpful! Thanks!!

  115. Absolutely awesome

    Posted by CRenfro on Aug 11th 2018

    This was my 1st order with Vape Wild. Loved the chance to sample different flavors. I was amazed at the personal touches this company added to my order! I am completely satisfied and will be ordering from them again. In fact I already have

  116. Awesome

    Posted by Melody Whitaker on Aug 11th 2018

    Awesome ways for a new to vaping person to try new flavors


    Posted by Randy on Aug 11th 2018

    As a NOOB this starter pack hits the spot, very smooth and flavorful juices ! The staff is very helpful and patient! Thank you!

  118. Great for starting vaping

    Posted by Tammy on Aug 10th 2018

    It gives you an amazing choice so you can try different liquids until you get the right one without costing a forune or getting disheartened.And guarantees a return customer!!

  119. Loved my welcome pack

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2018

    Loved the welcome pack. Definitely going to be ordering more from you. Great prices & great flavors. Thanks!

  120. Loved it!!!

    Posted by Reba Brown on Aug 9th 2018

    I absolutely loved my welcome pack! I was just disappointed at how rainbow candy tasted, tasted like rubbing alcohol but all my other flavors were so amazing!!

  121. Wonderful deal for great juice!

    Posted by Spencer on Aug 9th 2018

    Shipped quickly and was a great deal for trying some different flavors before you buy the bigger bottles. Wonderful company and will be ordering more!

  122. FREE!!! LOVE THAT!!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 9th 2018

    These flavors are fantastic. I love that I could choose the ones I wanted to try. And the fact that they were free made it even better. I will definitely continue buying from you guys.

  123. one of my favorite places to get vape

    Posted by Denzite on Aug 8th 2018

    Ordered the trial offer 10 juices for a $1 got 4 extra with a hand written note. Thanks jessie.
    Like most of the flavors I got. Few were just not for me, but they all taste great. Putting together another order for the ones i really liked. The frappapaw and tigers blood are at the top of the order

  124. Loving this stuff!

    Posted by Sandi on Aug 8th 2018

    We just received our sample pack and couldn't wait to try them all! Our only issue is going to be fighting over them until we can order more!

  125. Awesome!

    Posted by Stacey on Aug 8th 2018

    Got my box & was dying to try them. I love the extra bottles & packaging I received. Already tried 3 of them & in the flavors are amazing! Will be ordering more very soon. This was a great deal & the prices are great!

  126. Welcome pack

    Posted by Amy on Aug 8th 2018

    I received my welcome pack yesterday, very impressed with what I got. I’ve tested out 5 so far and enjoyed all of them. Will be back to order more soon


    Posted by Steven M on Aug 7th 2018

    Vape Wild thank you so much! Juices are are very good, some of the best ive ever had. I love every flavor I got, and even got some extras. Customer service was great, I got my order in 2 days. I will be shopping here for now on. They even wrote a little note on my bag, thats awesome......Thanks again. Highly recommend!

  128. Love my package!

    Posted by Jamaica Sherman on Aug 7th 2018

    My first time with y'all and I have to say that this is and have been the best deal online I've seen. And I love the free gifts and bag. The shipping was very fast I will be ordering again. you are my go to e-shop. I most definitely recommend this company.

  129. Wish I knew before hand that they needed to steep

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 7th 2018

    Great deal but i really wish i knew they need to steep before i ordered. So far i have tried two flavors. Frapowpow was amazing. The streak not so much. Just tasted of burnt waffles and that was on a new coil. Most of the other flavors are desserts so if thats what your flavor profile is thats

  130. Great service, great flavors.

    Posted by THOMAS P DEFURIO on Aug 7th 2018

    I am very pleased with the flavors I have tried so far and surprised by the 3 bonus flavors. I definitly will continue to do business with you guys. You rock.

  131. Great juice

    Posted by Mike on Aug 7th 2018

    Great flavors will purchase more

  132. Awesome!

    Posted by Megan on Aug 7th 2018

    I've tried most of my flavors and have loved several of them! What an awesome deal. Also love that you can buy other sample bottles for such a low price so you can feel out what you like without spending a bunch of money. I'm really loving VapeWild so far! I will definitely be ordering again soon.

  133. Awesome Company!

    Posted by Linda Nottingham on Aug 7th 2018

    I ordered my welcome pack and was very pleased! More bottles then i thought. I used 2 so far and loved them both. I am not let down at all. I'm very excited to try each and every juice. I made my 2nd order already! I finally found a great pace to get everything in one place. Thanks, Vapewild!

  134. Sample pack

    Posted by Dominik Slaminka on Aug 7th 2018

    Very thoughtful, ordered 10 juices and got 3 more :) thank you

  135. Wonderful flavor selection!

    Posted by Nancy on Aug 7th 2018

    I was delighted with the service, and so far, love the juice's I've tried (about 4) Nice personal touch with the extra samples thrown in, and the personal note on the bag. I'll be back!

  136. 100% worth the money!!!

    Posted by Lydia on Aug 7th 2018

    A great variety of sweet and savory flavors to choose from. I love every single juice I received, even if that is paired with multiple other ones. If you’re thinking of purchasing this, I would absolutely recommend it! Well done VapeWild for spending time perfecting the flavors you’ve created!

  137. Amazing!

    Posted by Joyelle on Aug 6th 2018

    I absolutely love the flavours. Even got more than 10. Some mystery ones were thrown in there, what a surprise! That makes it even better, plus I just started vaping. This is a nice package for beginners. Definitely will be ordering from here more often

  138. Bad Taste

    Posted by Dale Barnhart on Aug 6th 2018

    The ones we ordered to me really didnt match up to there names and the taste were blane and just not worth looking into buying more ofnthis isbwhat they put out as far as juice

  139. Great flavors and value

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6th 2018

    I am new to vapingsp wanted top be able to try a lot of different flavors so decided on the sample pack. Can't beat getting 10 small samples for a dollar. Then got my bottles in about 3 days and to my surprise got an extra 3 bottles. Have tried 3 flavors so far and I flavors are great. Once I get set on a flavor or two ofmy favorites will definitely be ordering from vape wild again.

  140. wonderful website, customer service, and high quality-eliquids!!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6th 2018

    i ordered a sample pack for $1, with free shipping. you cant go wrong with that! my package came in 2 days and i am so surprised at the quality of these e-liquids. all of the flavours are so yummy and vape smoothly. before this i was vaping gross gas station flavours. i am so glad that i discovered this website. i will definitely be ordering more. :) the cinnamon roll flavour is my favourite.

  141. Awesome

    Posted by Clifford Wilson on Aug 6th 2018

    What more can be said. Came quick, a few extra flavors thrown.. Even a hand written message on the bag. Nice touch. Tried one so far (had to let them steep) and was damn good. Keep it up guys! Already referred a few people your way. I'll be back for more!

  142. great way to get started vaping

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6th 2018

    Great way to attract new customers, great tasting juices! Will definitely be back for more!

  143. Great products

    Posted by Kathleen lee on Aug 5th 2018

    Love most of the samples they have great taste. I even got a few more

  144. Great juice

    Posted by walter l lee on Aug 5th 2018

    Loves thw extra juice some had to mich sweetner in it hard on coils bit juice was great had few didnt like but alot of them i did great job guys

  145. The Best!!

    Posted by Kim on Aug 5th 2018

    Thank you Vape Wild for the exceptional customer service and fast shipping! I received your welcome package last week and have already placed my second order! I have had a blast trying the flavors! There isn’t one I haven’t enjoyed! The extra bottles you included, along with the hand written note sealed the deal. My friends are ordering too! Thank you Vape Wild!

  146. Sample pack great deal!!

    Posted by Asa Davis on Aug 5th 2018

    Awesome flavors I did t like some but 7 out of ten were amazing and extra samples too

  147. Amazing!!!

    Posted by Yvonne on Aug 5th 2018

    The flavors are amazing I ordered the welcome 10 sample pack and a few extras and they threw in a couple bonus flavors which was awesome and the shipping was outstanding ordered on fri and received them on Monday! Best company I've ordered from so far and will keep ordering from them in the future!!!!

  148. I'd buy that for a dollar

    Posted by Eric Sphar on Aug 5th 2018


  149. Great Tasting

    Posted by Bravo on Aug 4th 2018

    I’m new to the vape scene and I am impressed. Great taste, awesome smell. Fun to blow the clouds of smoke. It’s the best way to find out what kind of flavor you will really enjoy.

  150. Love your products

    Posted by Brandi Parker on Aug 4th 2018

    You guys will surely always get rave reviews from me. I love your line of ejuices!

  151. Love the variety and tadte

    Posted by Sandi Ramirez on Aug 4th 2018

    First time to use this brand and the guava is the one in my tank right now. I use a 0 with my CBD oil and my daughter is now craving it. Best way to advertise it for sure because all the folks at her Vape Shop now want to order theirs in their levels because of smelling mine. I should just walk around vaping your juice. My only issue was I got the wrong size in one of my items, I messaged and no reply.bring deaf I can't call.

  152. Great flavors!

    Posted by Jeffrey Bradford on Aug 4th 2018

    I made the mistake of ordering too high nic level yet STILL the flavors were amazing. Not to worry though because I have $30 of more juice on the way at the right level. Great job on the juices guys/gals!

  153. Drowning in vape juice

    Posted by Korderal Gage on Aug 4th 2018

    Yo this was the best choice ever got awesome delicious flavors and a mystery an a summer solstice flavor for free too. rainbow crunch, ice cold, cinnamon roll, summer solstice and so berry good are my favorites so far

  154. WOW!

    Posted by Heather Lavoie on Aug 4th 2018

    I'm extremely satisfied with this product- they gave me 14 juices instead of just the 10 I picked. I expected the containers to fill my tank only 2 or 3 times, but got 5-6 tanks out of them. Amazing deal for first time buyers, definitely a great way to test out a variety of flavors. Highly recommend!

  155. The best online vape store

    Posted by Samantha Ferguson on Aug 4th 2018

    I've bought from others and ended up throwing most of them away. I got the sample pack just to try & so far I love everyone of them! My new favorite site!!

  156. Sweetness

    Posted by Amy Jenkins on Aug 4th 2018

    I have only been able to try a couple of the flavors so far in my Welcome Sample pack but each one has been flavor packed so far! I'm excited to try them all. A very generous deal for $1. I've already recommended this site to several others. What a way to introduce a company to new customers. Definitely will be making purchases in the future.

  157. Great Juice!!

    Posted by JP on Aug 3rd 2018

    Loving the juice...it has the perfect blend of flavor and some,Keep it up team vape wild,Thank You

  158. Good juice

    Posted by Kayla on Aug 3rd 2018

    So far I have LOVED all the flavors of juice. I also loves that I received some items that I didn’t even purchase. Thank you so much!!

  159. Sample pack

    Posted by Crystal Perrone on Aug 2nd 2018

    All of the flavors I have tried so far have been amazing...two of my favorites so fare are amaizeballs and Hanibal Nectar! Definately plann on ordering more juice soon!!

  160. Sweet!

    Posted by JON D on Aug 2nd 2018

    It's sweet. Just the way I like it.Great selection. thanks for the bonus items.

  161. Great flavors

    Posted by April on Aug 2nd 2018

    I got 13 samples not 10. Very generous! Great flavors! I will definitely be ordering more :-)

  162. Extremely generous company

    Posted by BuffaloHL on Aug 2nd 2018

    I am very pleased with my sample pack. Not only did it arrive quickly, but Vape Wild threw in some extra goodies too; which I really appreciated. Although some juices may be on the sweeter side for my taste, I still love and appreciate every one of them and have to thank Vape Wild for this amazing offer. I will definitely be shopping with y’all again! Thanks!

  163. Amazing

    Posted by Amy Hettrick on Aug 2nd 2018

    Will continue to order products from vape wild loved the flavors

  164. Amazing

    Posted by Martin on Aug 2nd 2018

    Absolutely amazing flavors, strong and flavourfull. I think i must say that i just found one particular flavor that comes to my top three and it is On Cloud Custard followed by (S+C)2.
    I even get 13 samples not just 10 and bag on top of that.
    Great work guys!

  165. Great product

    Posted by Eric on Aug 1st 2018

    Generous samples and great product. Only wish we had more of a choice but since it’s practically free can’t go wrong.

  166. Yummy!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 1st 2018

    Order was correct. Flavors are nice. Arrived faster than anticipated. Will be ordering again! Very happy customer!

  167. Great product

    Posted by Candice Jones on Aug 1st 2018

    Loved all the flavors! Will def be using vape wild for all my vape juice! Was very surprised with the personal messaging on the bag...loved the detail!

  168. Can't go wrong!

    Posted by Alex R on Aug 1st 2018

    Vapewild has great tasting juices at very competitive prices, and the fact that new customers can get this sampler pack FOR FREE is simply astonishing. Every flavor I got was wonderful as I expected and Vapewild definitely has a new long term customer. Well done Vapewild!

  169. Good so far

    Posted by James Rivera on Aug 1st 2018

    I've only tried 2 of the flavors that came in pack. Bule harvest and Murica as other need steep time both where very good even after 3-5 days steep will try others when there ready. But gotta say all smell great was a great deal plain on reordering

  170. Simply amazing company

    Posted by Michael Hammond on Aug 1st 2018

    I just got back into vaping after wanting to quit smoking for a while(originally quit vaping because I didn't want to quit smoking and you know if you don't want to quit..you won't) I am SOO glad I ordered from this company! Not only did they get me the free sample+the 30ml I ordered quickly, they also wrote me a custom note on the package which I must say is very awesome! Aside from that they also sent me 3 additional juices, one the mystery flavor and I'm not sure what the other 2 flavors are but I mean that's not something they had to do but they did.. This order just made me realize that this company cares about their customers, I can get ejuice from many places and maybe they taste as good as vapewild but I can't find this type of customer service from hardly anywhere and that's why I'll continue to order from Vapewild(once I'm almost finished with this order xD, this is so much juice I think it's going to take a wild). I honestly wanted to leave a review so much after I got my order because of how cool this company is. Thank you vapewild, you guys are amazing.

  171. Prepare to have your mind blown!

    Posted by Maeric on Aug 1st 2018

    The headline says it all. Not only was it shipped and received at a crazy speed, it came with more than what was ordered. The selection was suitable to fit any preferred taste, a little something for everyone. From tobacco to candy, cheesecake to fruit punch it was all there to give you an idea of what these guys are capable of and show you they too vape, and know what the vaping community is looking for, and I for one think they hit knocked it out of the park. To do all that and then offer it for $1 including shipping, I'm anxious to see what else they will do next. Don't hesitate, order your sample pack and see what I'm talking about, you won't regret it. I know I found my new go to place for juice and vaping needs, I have a feeling once you get yours, you will understand and feel the same way. Cheers and happy vape!

  172. Love Starstruck!

    Posted by Jennifer on Jul 31st 2018

    I've vaped lots of brands and vape wild has the best taste by far. My favorites so far are Starstruck, wrecking ball and the July mystery juice.

  173. JUST GET IT

    Posted by ROB on Jul 31st 2018

    For $1 with Vape Wild paying for your shipping , how can you go wrong. Not only did I receive the 10 I ordered they even threw in a couple extra. That is 130 Ml for $1. I sent a pic of all the bottles and first comment was : you have enough to open your own vape shop. Take the risk and order something you normally wouldn't. Who knows you may like it. and it's 10 cents a bottle. Thank you Vape Wild,I found a flavor I would have never known about and will be ordering it in bulk now.

  174. Absolutely Amazing

    Posted by Dave on Jul 31st 2018

    In a world where things that are too good to be true usually are, VapeWild is the exception. I won't spoil the surprise for other new members, but not only are they generous enough to give away a 10 bottle sample pack, but they even threw in several other free bonuses as well that were not anticipated. I've been less excited over certain Christmas presents! You guys rock! FYI... Black Jelly Bean and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are my new favorites, you've gotta try them.

  175. Fantastic!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 31st 2018

    Absolutely brilliant products and service ... Keep it up guys :)

  176. great

    Posted by jennifer on Jul 31st 2018

    it came fast and was great taste and i enjoy it thank you

  177. Some of the best juice around

    Posted by Jacob on Jul 31st 2018

    Not really a fruity vape kinda person but all were still very good. I’m a menthol guy the spearmint and twin mint gum flavors are awesome. Thanks so much vape wild!!! Will be ordering more soon.

  178. Best deal everrrrrrr

    Posted by Krissy on Jul 31st 2018

    Ten (plus three random surprise flavors) 10ml bottles of awesome ejuice for 1.00?? Get in on this

  179. Excellent customer service!

    Posted by Timothy Champ on Jul 31st 2018

    Fantastic customer service, everything arrived as ordered... 10 bottles in sample PLUS they were so nice they through in 3 extra! Handwritten note on the bag shows extra care. Thanks!

  180. Juice sample pk

    Posted by Ronald floerke on Jul 30th 2018

    I like the majority of them . 3 for sure are all day vapes . only one i dislike . other than that awesome sample pack for the price

  181. love my sample box

    Posted by Linda Gaulin on Jul 30th 2018

    what a pleasant surprise to try out my new samples. My only problem is to decide which ones I like best!!

  182. Amazing Juices, Products and the BEST customer Service

    Posted by Angela on Jul 30th 2018

    My Juices were so delicious and I was amazed at how Quickly they arrived! I absolutely love them and I was quite impressed with the Customer Service that I received when I contacted Vape Wild! I am now a Loyal Customer!! Keep it Rockin Guys!! Love you!!

  183. Just WoW!

    Posted by Ashley Speiden on Jul 30th 2018

    I am incredibly impressed that this company allows you to try before you buy! It came super fast! Which to be honest I was shocked by. The bottles are a decent size to really give the flavors a chance. I was also surprised to see I got three extra flavors. But one of the three extras matched one I already picked. SO fingers crossed I like it, since I have two of them lol. Vape Wild you have a customer for life.

  184. great

    Posted by Elizabeth on Jul 30th 2018

    As someone who's new to vaping it's great to have sample options, especially because it's not all rainbows and daisies packing up your kid to the time at a vape store to try flavors. Doing it this way is a lot simpler and you're bound to find something you like. My husband and i split the packs, then we'll try what the other has in their mod. I actually ordered 2 sample packs, and plan on getting more when we get low.

  185. awesome juice

    Posted by Amber on Jul 30th 2018

    Came in timely fashion and was good. They sent me an extra couple of bottles and I'm currently vaping on "so berry good" and it's delicious. I really think this could help me quit smoking.

  186. Excellent deal

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 30th 2018

    I think it's genius to offer this for new customers. It gave me a chance to try the product (which was great) , and see what flavors I preferred for future orders. Getting the extra was such a nice touch. Def made me want to come back and spend my money here.

  187. Happy New Customer

    Posted by Phil on Jul 30th 2018

    Being new to try VapeWild, i was sceptical of some reviews I read. The flavors are good and not weak like i read in a few reviews. My taste isnt sensitive or weak, and yes I have tried some weak brands. This is not one of them.

  188. Fantastic service!

    Posted by Cassie on Jul 29th 2018

    Very pleased with my purchases. Fast and friendly service! I’m excited to try all of the flavors!

  189. Perfect

    Posted by Truitt Cheatam Sims on Jul 29th 2018

    Not only did everything come on time, the juices were all awesome and they even threw in some extras plus more!!!! I won't order anywhere else,they have definitely got my business!!

  190. YUM

    Posted by Lupfer on Jul 29th 2018

    Fast delivery, amazing flavors. Can't wait to order again.

  191. Love

    Posted by Rachel Gosney on Jul 29th 2018

    For one dollar I got 13 juices I've tried 3 so far and I am very pleased . I will be buying more vape wild juice for the price and taste you can't beat it!

  192. Good product!

    Posted by Patricia Noeth on Jul 29th 2018

    I have tried everyone of the juices and they are great. My favorite is the frappapow.

  193. VapeWild is awesome

    Posted by Jason C on Jul 29th 2018

    I received my package very promptly and VapeWild even threw in an extra 3 bottles impressed with the smells cant wait another week to try them all but i shake an oxygenate everyday and smell them all thanks VapeWild

  194. I’m really loving the juices!

    Posted by Liz on Jul 28th 2018

    I have never tried vape wild juices before getting my sample pack in and I’m in love! Also didn’t know about the mystery juice that was included but the July juice is great! Packaging was amazing as well a few bottles were a little hard to open but finally got them after awhile so no biggie there. Really like the sticker I got too! I’ve already recommended this company to others! Thanks vape wild!

  195. My search for the most flavorful, decadent, pure has ended!

    Posted by Randy Pereda on Jul 28th 2018

    Just received my welcome 10 pack along with the 2 nano wasps... I have amassed a collection of juices and the drop rdas searching for the most flavorful juice and accompanied rdas I must proclaim that (first of all Jesus is Lord) my search has ended.. the juices from vape wild has exceeded what I wanted and searched for... of course there are a few keepers Like beard #32 but from vape wild has you can’t go wrong. No more buying a bottle and hoping that I will like it. Theirs is top notch, the bees knees (look that up young bucks) cherry. The drop and wasps are for flavor. Vapor wild juices close the loop in great flavorful package. For flavor chasing, you must try. Nuff said. God bless.

  196. I liked very much

    Posted by Mariel Ortega on Jul 28th 2018

    I loved great deal
    All the flavor and the intensity
    You have a new customer
    Thanks vape wild

  197. Samples

    Posted by b.dunnewin@gmail.com on Jul 28th 2018

    These were great and I will be buying some flavors soon

  198. Amazing!

    Posted by Barbie Bella on Jul 28th 2018

    I'm a very picky vaper.. I have spent tons of money trying different juices over the last few years...
    And then.. I got my Welcome 10 pack and I have to tell you, I'm very impressed... You'd think because of their great prices that you'd be giving up quality.. but no.
    Before ordering at Vape Wild, my adv was the milkmans churrios and vape dudes coconut cream..
    In my Welcome pack, I got coconut and the vanilla custard, mixed them together, PERFECTION!
    I also mixed the Cinnamon toast and cinnamon roll and I have to admit, it's better than the churrios! AND.. the prices can't be best! Super fast shipping also.
    I will most definitely be buying all my juice here.
    Thanks Vape Wild!

  199. 100% satifaction

    Posted by Diego Alvarez on Jul 27th 2018

    Very fast delivery. Really like the variety. Overall love the taste will definitely buy more.

  200. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 27th 2018

    Excellent idea, love all of the flavors. I will definitely buy from here again

  201. Nommy!!!

    Posted by April on Jul 27th 2018

    best vape juices I've had in a long time. April happy I got top try the sample packs. Thanks guys

  202. I'll be back!

    Posted by Summar Parker on Jul 27th 2018

    I'll definitely be back for more great deals like this one

  203. Excellent juice and excellent customer service!!

    Posted by Judy M. on Jul 27th 2018

    The free sample pack is a fantastic idea to sample flavors! I even had 3 extra bottles thrown in!! The personalized customer service is incredible!! My juice bag had a hand written note which impressed me!! What a breath of fresh air and reminder that human kindness still exists!!

  204. Very Impressed!

    Posted by Christine Brooke on Jul 27th 2018

    Amazing Company! Thank You for the welcome pack and extra goodies. I have tried 4 of the flavors and have enjoyed all of them. I have placed a 2nd order and will definitely order be placing many more. Your customer service is wonderful. I am a newbie to vaping so asked a lot of questions and loved that they helped me find what I needed and provided the link to the items. Would definitely recommend Vape Wild.

  205. Best way to figure what you want!

    Posted by tamara.storckman@att.net on Jul 27th 2018

    I stuck to one juice for MONTHS because I was so overwhelmed with the idea of finding something new. What if I didn’t like it? My son told me about your site - not only was a 120mL bottle WAY cheaper than what I was buying (over $20 cheaper!) and plus it comes in 4 bottles to make it easier to transport around - being able to do a sample pack I’m learning more about flavors and my likes! And love that you threw in some extras that I wasn’t sure about but they’re just as awesome! Because they’re small enough, you can fill your tank for the day and try it. If it doesn’t suit you, you move on to the next flavor. And the price of $1 - who couldn’t love that. Y’all are amazing and I won’t be going anywhere else. That’s for sure!

  206. Great service

    Posted by Peter carlson on Jul 26th 2018

    I did enjoy the sample pack. Though I do wish they would send their regular orders in larger bottles. I ordered a 120 ml bottle order and recieved it all in 30 ml bottles. But I am not picky.i am ok with the bottle size even if it means I have to carry at least two with me.

  207. Amazing and what a great deal!

    Posted by Cody on Jul 26th 2018

    The juices arrived fast and tasted great (till my coil burned out in my crappy little vape pen I got handed down lol ) if I ever get that old dinosaur up and running again can't wait to try the rest of the flavors. I have them steeping right now but right out of the package tasted great. Great company, great products, great prices. I mean what more can you ask for?

  208. Best service!

    Posted by Micha kennedy on Jul 25th 2018

    This is the best site I've ordered from, very chill and helpful service. Got my stuff fast! The flavors are also very good!!

  209. Love love love

    Posted by Arina Duggins on Jul 24th 2018

    My favorite part of them all is that I got to pick the flavors!!!! I love them sooo much! Got my package very fast, already tried several juices and I'm in love! I even got a cool rubber ring free with the juices! Thanks a ton!

  210. Needs many weeks of steeping

    Posted by Brandon J Wallace on Jul 24th 2018

    Needs far to many weeks of steeping, the first few I tried were weak with flavor, I'm going to try them all in 3 more weeks after daily shaking and oxygen exposure.

  211. Vape nerd spreadin the word!

    Posted by Tab Sharpe on Jul 23rd 2018

    So When i got my welcome package a while back i was so stoked! I did a lil song and dance from the mailbox to my house "VAPEWILDVAPEWILD!" When i opened it indid a backflip! (Damn i wish that part was true!)Lol i told my friend kept tellin him and he didnt believe it! New song.."toldyasobrobro!" finally my friend believed me and placed an order! Cant wait for his reaction! But he got me feeling vape wild so im browsin right now..so we can both can be vape wild jiggin together! Love u guys/girls!

  212. Great Flavors and Fast service

    Posted by Ramon Osborne on Jul 23rd 2018

    The extra three bottles that I received was an exciting surprise. All of them great flavors too. I will be getting all my juice from this site from now on. Thank you Vape Wild

  213. Wow

    Posted by Andrew Hall on Jul 23rd 2018

    I didn't expect to taste something so good the flavors are awesome I wish they were in my usual juice budget, Ill keep an eye out for specials until my budget grows, because the flavors I've tasted are simply delicious so fruity and flavorful I mean the flavor really stands out I lick my lips after every puff to taste the flavor

  214. Wow

    Posted by B. Johnson on Jul 22nd 2018

    This is pretty incredible and I can't wait to try all of the flavors I received. On top of the 10 10ml samples I selected, they sent 3 additional 10ml samples and a tote, all for $1.

    They smell delicious and I think I'll start with Murica tonight! Thanks so much, Vape Wild. You likely already have me hooked as a customer now.

  215. Awesome introduction to VW

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 22nd 2018

    This sample pack is an awesome and effective way to try vape wild products. The deal is priced perfectly and you get to choose your flavors. Had some extra thrown in which had nicotine when the rest of mine didn't but it's not addictive to me so I didn't care too much. Scored a customer here.

  216. Impressed with the quality and quantity

    Posted by Happy Anonymous Vaper on Jul 22nd 2018

    Started vaping and stumbled across VW accidentally. This was a stellar deal so I grabbed it up. I was amazed to find a couple of bonus juices in my bag and the shipping was incredibly fast even though I am half way across the country. I have found some new favorites and have a few to pass on to friends. I will definitely be supporting VW with all my future business. And a handwritten note was an incredible touch! Vape on!

  217. Amazing

    Posted by Jamie on Jul 22nd 2018

    It was exactly what I ordered and even came with a few extra juices and some goodies. The shipping was fast too. Definitely will keep shopping here

  218. Great products!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 21st 2018

    All of these e-juices I received all had a flavor that you could definitely distinguish, and were definitely the best to get as an intro to vaping. Also cool branding with the stickers and whatnot!

  219. Awesome

    Posted by Rok Kirk on Jul 21st 2018

    I ordered 3 flavors and got 3 similar flavors for free. I loved them all. I would recommend cape wild to everyone. Awesome products , prices and service. I will definitely come back fore more.


    Posted by Jacqueline Banks on Jul 20th 2018

    I really enjoyed trying the different flavors. I actually now have four favorites. Very great service and the shipping was fast. I think EVERYONE should buy from this company.

  221. Great Flavors Great Price

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2018

    I love all of the sample.flavors that I gpt.to.choose
    .thr flavors are great and the price is awesome.

  222. Surprised

    Posted by Donyelle Hagans on Jul 19th 2018

    I didn't know I would receive 6 bottles since I only choose 3 flavors but they all are pretty good

  223. This Sample pack is Awesome!

    Posted by kim on Jul 19th 2018

    This sample pack is awesome! Allows you to try all their great flavors!!


    Posted by Carissa Walsh on Jul 18th 2018

    I love my sample pack of juices I got for being a first time customer!! Will definitely be ordering more!!

  225. Great idea

    Posted by Nancy on Jul 18th 2018

    Thanks to the samples I get to try different flavors and VG/PG levels without a huge expense. If the idea was to lure in a new customer, it worked. I do like the tobacco flavors I've tried and look forward to the others.

  226. New found vape home

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 18th 2018

    Very thankful to have been told about vape wild. Me and my wife are moving back to the beach and was concerned about where we were going to get our juice,coils,mods tanks ect. Anytime your starting over it gets expensive trying juice after juice till you find one that's a daily vapor. But not the case for vape wild! We literally found 2 of our favorite juices within the first order, and VERY reasonably priced to boot. So....I'm very thankful to this team. Me and my wife will only be purchasing from vape wild. Namaste

  227. Loved it

    Posted by Samantha on Jul 17th 2018

    Loved them! Nice flavors!

  228. I’m hooked

    Posted by Ishwan mazeke on Jul 16th 2018

    All the flavors were great my favorite was blue harvest and that July mystery flavor was the bomb! Where can I buy it this the only place I’m buying my juice now on

  229. Loved it!!

    Posted by Jennifer Minton on Jul 16th 2018

    I'm absolutely loving my welcome pack. The juice is great and I love that it doesn't use up fast. I ordered and it arrived very fast. Plus to my surprise I was gave 3 extra flavors to try. :) Great juice and great company to order from.

  230. Loved it!!!!

    Posted by Rhonda R Richey on Jul 15th 2018

    Great flovors

  231. Best thing since bread.

    Posted by Antwon on Jul 14th 2018

    I love it ready to place my next order.

  232. Good sample pack

    Posted by Mathew on Jul 14th 2018

    The sample pack I got was really good got all three Glover’s I ordered plus three extra ones very nice

  233. I'm so glad I ordered from Vape Wild.

    Posted by Tonya Carter on Jul 14th 2018

    I got my order super fast, and they are great. I am very pleased with the service.

  234. Loved it

    Posted by Cinnamon Keke on Jul 14th 2018

    The flavors were really nice. I didn't know if I was going to like them at first but i loved them.

  235. Nice to try!

    Posted by Jessica Curless on Jul 13th 2018

    I was a fan of two of the three juices I got in this. Great deal to try the company out. Very pleased with Vape Wild so far, just placed another order.

  236. Nice to try!

    Posted by Jessica Curless on Jul 13th 2018

    I was a fan of two of the three juices I got in this. Great deal to try the company out. Very pleased with Vape Wild so far, just placed another order.

  237. Great buy!

    Posted by Leslie on Jul 12th 2018

    The flavors are great and the extras that were sent with it were so awesome!

  238. Amazing

    Posted by Matt on Jul 11th 2018

    Really good I can vape this all day

  239. More Bang for your buck and you get to choose 3 flavors

    Posted by anthony almonte on Jul 11th 2018

    Once my package came in and I saw my name was hand written with a marker on the bag I smiled. I tested the blue berry harvest ended up liking the flavor within the first hit. They even added a mystery flavor to the bag which i didn't know that it came with. Seems vapewild.com is going to be my new place to get my vape stuff from.

  240. Y'all wildin

    Posted by Roam Robles on Jul 11th 2018

    Came super fast, had a great bonus selection, and the little handwritten note on the bag had me sold. I came to buy my first vape juice, and I'm glad it was vape wild, 10/10 would wild again.

  241. Pretty cool!!

    Posted by Casy on Jul 9th 2018

    I like the selection and getting samples is a great way to figure out what you like!! Plus, they shipped really fast which is cool as heck!!

  242. Great promo !

    Posted by Special K on Jul 8th 2018

    I'm new to vaping and with all the ejuices available it 's hard to make choices so I was so happy to find VW Welcome Pack deal ! The flavors I picked were good and got better with time. My favorite turned out to be One Size Fits All which was included as an extra along with 2 other flavors.

    It's great to be able to order 10ml sample, I did it for the Pina Colada and I later ordered the 30ml bottle ... and I will order again since VW is one of the cheapest and fastest delivery to Canada compared to other online vape store that my boyfriend tried in the past few months. Merci Vape Wild!

  243. Great flavors

    Posted by Derek Whyte on Jul 7th 2018

    I ordered the 3 sample pack as a new customer and paid for only the shipping. Great deal by itself. The shipping was quick and when it arrived I found 6 extra flavors in the package. All the flavors were great and I felt they went out of their way to make me happy with my order. Thank you Vape Wild. Will be ordering from you again!


    Posted by Savannah Harvison on Jul 6th 2018

    Love it

  245. Great company

    Posted by Kyle medlin on Jul 6th 2018

    I’ve only been Vaping a couple months using a gas station bought vape that my dad gave me and I heard about VapeWild from my local vape store. I was curious about the flavor selection so I started looking. Saw the welcome pack and was thrilled that I could buy direct from here and not have to pay the up charge at the vape store. I got the welcome pack and guess what I’m hooked.

  246. These rock!!!

    Posted by B Metz on Jul 5th 2018

    These people are awesome!! I mean seriously, unbelievable fast shipping , super great product and amazing customer service! You did it vape wild! You got yourself a customer that isn't going anywhere else! Thanks again!

  247. Pinkle Twinkle is on point!!!

    Posted by Brienna Salimbeni on Jul 5th 2018

    I loved pinkle twinkle. Haven't gotten a chance to try the others but I know I will continue shopping on Vape Wild!!! Thanks for the flamingo cup holder too.

  248. I love vape wild

    Posted by Amanda Peters on Jul 4th 2018

    I haven't got a flavor I didn't like yet I love the welcome pack its decently priced too I really loved the milk and berries its my go to now I would defiantly recommend for any one new to vape wild and you wanna try the e juice we just made our second purchase and very excited to try our new flavors

  249. Lovin the juices

    Posted by Theresa on Jul 2nd 2018

    1st time customer and fairly new to vaping. I wanted to try out some flavors so I figured I would try the sample pack and not throw away a bunch of money just to find out I'm not a fan of the flavor. I ordered the 3pack sampler and it came "to my surprise" with 3 extra juices. I am in love with all 6 flavors. Vape Wild did not disappoint I will be ordering many more and recommending this site to all my vape friends!!!!

  250. 1st time customer

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 1st 2018

    I ordered the welcome pack and liked all the flavors my brother in law really like hannibal nectar very good flavor keep up the good work

  251. These are great!

    Posted by Sandy on Jun 30th 2018

    Ordered the Welcome sample pack. The ones I have tried were great, a lot better than the other place I have purchased from and almost half the price. I like the fact that I can buy samples. Will definitely keep ordering from Vape Wild.
    The freebies were a nice surprise, thanks!!

  252. This is a "no-brainer"

    Posted by Higgly on Jun 30th 2018

    With the promo code it's just the price of shipping..which means 30mls of juice for $6, also, in addition to the three juices my order also came with three extra juices (i'm assuming they were some surplus that needed to go somewhere) so I actually got 60ml of juice for $6. The fact that VapeWild is willing to essentially give free juice and is kind enough to consider throwing in extra bottles above and beyond your order just goes to show how confident they are in their products. Now that I have tried their juice I now understand why they are so confident, it's simply the best juice you can get anywhere near this price, hands down. My friend is now getting his welcome pack with the flavors he is interested in and I suspect that VapeWild will soon have another happy customer. To the team at VapeWild, good job everyone for not following the crowd with the overpriced juice trend and giving people a fair honest deal. May your reign be long and fortuitous.

  253. Friend

    Posted by Eric wilson on Jun 29th 2018

    I was hesitating to try vapewild but my friend ordered some and I tried it loved it you don't have to pay high prices for good flavors if the company knows how to make it very well done thank you.
    Eric wilson

  254. 1st time customer

    Posted by Carol on Jun 28th 2018

    I ordered the welcome 3 pack. I got 3 extra "freebies"! I was not expecting that! Thank you Vape Wild! I really enjoyed the circus bear and June mystery flavor. I am now working on Fuzzy logic. I'd love it if the vape shop I worked at carried your stuff! They don't, so I will be ordering again!

  255. Above and beyond

    Posted by Lance Percle on Jun 28th 2018

    Got the welcome pack. Love every flavor in there. Some unusual but very good. You guys have all my vape business now.

  256. Good way to test flavors

    Posted by Joe Aaroen on Jun 27th 2018

    I tried all new flavors and even trying bad flavors is productive because it's always good to check flavors you don't like off your shopping list..

  257. Awesome

    Posted by Allyson Driskell on Jun 25th 2018

    Order 3 flavors and got 3 other flavors including June mystery flavor which was really good, so far out of the 2 times ive ordered from yall, me and my fiance have enjoyed the flavors and they sure do taste like they are described, gonna be ordering again this coming up friday

  258. Awesome taste

    Posted by Mikayla Preston on Jun 24th 2018

    VapeWild juices are the best I’ve ever tasted.

  259. Ordered 3 got 6. Wow!!

    Posted by tgill552@gmail.com on Jun 23rd 2018

    Awesome flavors. Smurf cakes and kiwi strawberry are great. Liked them sooo much I just ordered the summer six. Great job Vape Wild!! I’m hooked now!

  260. Awesome!!!

    Posted by Patricia Morado on Jun 23rd 2018

    This was my very first order with VapeWild. I was so impressed I have placed 2 more orders ... all within a two week time period!!!! Absolutely wonderful products (they even add extras to your order), super fast delivery, and awesome employees! Vape On!!!!!!

  261. Great deals from a great company

    Posted by Joseph H. on Jun 22nd 2018

    Great deals and awesome people to deal with. Threw in some extra stuff on top of what I ordered and I've liked everything I've tried so far. The Juice Springsteen they threw in has become one of my favorites!

  262. sampler pack

    Posted by Mark Jr. on Jun 21st 2018

    I was very impressed all around. The shipping was quick and I recieved my 3 bottles plus extras and even a pay it forward bottle. Now on the liquid Merica is def a fav. And perfect summertime vape. On the cloud custard is very creamy and spot on. Ry4 life is a perfect vanilla tobacco and honestly the flavors would of have even better if I let them steep the full 2 weeks imo. Can't wait to try more and I wish I could use the code more then once but getting the mystery bottles are cool. It was interesting trying to figure out what flavors they were and looking them up. I'm very impressed with vape wild and I'll be back for future orders.

  263. Wow!

    Posted by AMBER KIEFFER on Jun 20th 2018

    Absolutely amazing! I'm so glad I've found vape wild!

  264. Great

    Posted by KEYRA RIVERA on Jun 20th 2018

    I got the sample pack that came with 3 samples i choose and 3 extras!! Awesome, i was so excited my favorite is Flint Stoned. Def would purchase the sample packs again.

  265. VapeWild has my business for a long time

    Posted by Mitchell on Jun 19th 2018

    Ordered this welcome pack, chose 3 flavors, all fantastic, ended up getting 5 different flavors (the June mystery flavor is amazing) plus a few extra items, awesome service, fast shipping

  266. Amazing

    Posted by Chris Toth on Jun 18th 2018

    Ive finally found a place to buy all my juice. Awesome service, "vape on" with a few goodies. Love the flavors and Im really excited to try more.

  267. Great to try out

    Posted by Anthony Rivas jr on Jun 18th 2018

    The juices I ordered are absolutely amazing not disappointed in any way even gave me extras which were also amazing will be ordering more again very soon also gonna get a new mod as well

  268. Sample juices

    Posted by Valerie Gunn on Jun 16th 2018

    I' love all the flavors from the sampler pack. Good flavors! I'll be ordering again when I run out from this store only. Very nice people that works at at the store.Fast shipping also.

  269. So awesome

    Posted by Evan Lea on Jun 16th 2018

    The juice is very tasty and i got a few suprises in the box! Will absolutely buy more juice from vape wild

  270. Great way to get started!

    Posted by Erin Bailey on Jun 16th 2018

    With the starter pack, you get enough to try new flavors without a huge commitment. Can't give it enough star! Big bonus is the amazing employees at Vapewild!

  271. Good stuff

    Posted by Cecily Parkinson on Jun 16th 2018

    Happy with the purchace.

  272. Awesome!!!

    Posted by Hailey on Jun 15th 2018

    I was so happy to get my new juices and I tried the strawberry starburst one! True to flavor. They even left me a message on my bag! I will most likely be buying my juices here from now on. Even though I won't use the nicotine flavored juices they sent me for free, I'm super excited that they sent me free product with my purchase!

  273. My new favorite vape site

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 15th 2018

    I ordered the “welcome pack” and received it in less than 3 days which is awesome and fast.

  274. Awesomeness!!!

    Posted by Christy B on Jun 14th 2018

    This is my first time trying VapeWild so I ordered the welcome kit and couldn't be happier! I absolutely love love love the Smurf cake and will definitely be ordering again!

  275. Free welcome samples!!!

    Posted by Joe on Jun 13th 2018

    I gladly paid for shipping for 3 10ml bottles, I loved all but one, I'll definitely be ordering more juice soon!

  276. FREE!!!

    Posted by micah on Jun 12th 2018

    How can you go wrong with free? Plus I found several flavors that I like. Vape Wild makes premium tasting flavors at store made prices.

  277. New customer. For life!

    Posted by Rhonda on Jun 11th 2018

    I was thrilled to find that I could order a sample pack & actually just pay shipping since it was my first order. $6 for three 10ml bottles? That's freakin' awesome. Love the flavors! I'm hooked on Hannibal Nectar, Square Wheel, & Kiwi Berry! Still have four flavors to try but will be placing another order Thursday :)

  278. Great way to sample company

    Posted by Tina Morton on Jun 11th 2018

    Great so far! Haven't tried them all, but have already placed an order! Yummy juices and great prices

  279. Fantastic first-time order, definitely will be a return customer!

    Posted by Lisa on Jun 10th 2018

    I ordered Murica, Flint Stoned, and Wrecking Ball. Was so pleasantly surprised to get extra bottles in my order, including the mystery flavor for May!
    Wrecking Ball and Murica are my favs so far. Can't wait to try more flavors as I go forward with future orders.

  280. First time vaping, loved the product

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2018

    I started vaping to quit smoking. I was not sure which flavor to try, so i ordered welcome pack with one more flavor. i am currently vaping all the flavors, and I have nothing to complain about. All the flavors are great, especially Smurfs cake and American Pie. I cant stop vaping them.

  281. Sample pack great deal!

    Posted by Magdalen Sosa on Jun 9th 2018

    Great variety! Will definitely buy again!

  282. So Genius!

    Posted by Brittany E. on Jun 8th 2018

    This is a really smart idea to offer this! With SO MANY choices in vape supply companies, this is what drew me to your site. The quality and personal touch is what will make me a loyal customer! The quality of the juice is so fantastic. I tried probably about 10 different companies prior, and all their juices have been since abandoned. I love all the flavor choices. They're just good juices.

  283. Awesome!

    Posted by Cherisse Stutts on Jun 8th 2018

    So many sites out there but this purchase won me over. The three I picked are so good. And the extra's I got are spot on. Shipping was also super quick. Will definitely be a returning customer.

  284. Great way to try new flavors!

    Posted by Justin Sharp on Jun 8th 2018

    Love that they send so many different kinds to try. Merica was my favorite.

  285. Great Item (w/ a minor caveat)

    Posted by Brian 3000 FLA on Jun 8th 2018

    What a great deal. Great way to try a bunch of flavors (half baked and puff atty are mine so far)

  286. Great products

    Posted by Keri Cail on Jun 8th 2018

    Ordered the sample pack. It came super fast and the flavors are awesome. Will definitely order more!

  287. Booster

    Posted by Maxeen Smart on Jun 8th 2018

    I like being able to pick what I want for such a great price to boost my base flavor!

  288. Sample pack

    Posted by Tracy on Jun 7th 2018

    Great way to try different flavors before big purchase. Will be a returning customer ☺

  289. Awesome first expierence with brand

    Posted by Brian on Jun 7th 2018

    First off I was very impressed with the flavor selections available. I will definitely be purchasing more from them!

  290. Thx

    Posted by Crystal on Jun 7th 2018

    Ordered as a first time buyer and was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for that special, personal touch jessica! I've found my supply source!

  291. VapeWild is great

    Posted by Cari Shaw on Jun 7th 2018

    This sample pack is awesome with some great flavors. Shipping was quick and I will be a return customer!

  292. Great juices even better prices!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2018

    Love the juices! So far my fav is the Hannibal Nectar

  293. Awesome company with great flavors

    Posted by Brennda Peck on Jun 6th 2018

    This sample pack was awesome! I was able to try flavors of my choice. Loved it so much I placed an additional order. I now have a new favorite place to order from.

  294. Awesome way to try new flavors!

    Posted by Chris on Jun 6th 2018

    This is the best way to try a few different flavors before you purchase larger quantities. I would recommend trying WaterFelons & Murica. They are both awesome! Vape Wild juice is awesome!

  295. A great way for new comers to test your flavor

    Posted by Crystal Winters on Jun 5th 2018

    As a newbie this was huge for me. Its always a chance when switching company's up. I loved 2 outta the 3 flavors I tried. I this VW has some amazing flavors and all are pretty spot on from the 10 I've tried.

  296. verry happy

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2018

    was looking for a new place to buy, was berry happy with the samples I received and they all tasted great!

  297. Awesome

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2018

    Very worth it love your all's products.... You sure got my business

  298. Great

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2018

    It's hard to do find good juice and my friend raves Bout vape wild so I thought I'd try. The juices are great ], Deff will order again

  299. Totally satisfied

    Posted by Fabio on Jun 4th 2018

    The flavor of the liquids is really nice, especially for the price. You can't really go wrong with this one.

  300. Awesome flavors!

    Posted by Miranda on Jun 3rd 2018

    Awesome juice! Love the fact that I can buy small until I find a flavor I like! I found the strawberry waterfelons to be my favorite! It has made the journey of quitting cigarettes so much easier!

  301. Love it

    Posted by joshua Johnson on Jun 2nd 2018

    I absolutely i loved the samples i got, i love the taste and the price i will be buying again GREAT PRODUCTS

  302. New to vaping. Pretty happy with flavors after steeping

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 2nd 2018

    I'm pleasantly impressed! The menthols are just what I wanted. Trying the "May 18" mystery flavor too early, I had insight into why we should "Just wait for it". I just have to say it was worth the wait. Very pleased with flavors, and I vaped 2 of the bottles of juice forward! Thanks for the quality products.

  303. Amazing

    Posted by Tyson on Jun 1st 2018

    Decided to try out Vape Wild by ordering a welcome sample pack. Amazing flavors and amazing service.

  304. Great flavors!!!

    Posted by Brooke on Jun 1st 2018

    Love this stuff! In my sample pack I got cowboy cooler, strawberries & cream, and smurf cake. I also purchased it's so fluffy & murica. I love all of them but smurf cake & it's so fluffy are my faves. It's made kicking smoking a breeze, it's been about a week I'm almost completely off cigs. Extremely happy with my purchase, I'm definitely ordering more soon!

  305. Amazing flavors and free extras!!!

    Posted by Carlos Ayala on May 31st 2018

    So far, I’ve been using the “ I’m so fluffy” I got for free as an extra. Delicious! This site is awesome, my now go-to!

  306. Very Satisfied

    Posted by Unknown on May 31st 2018

    This has been my best experience yet purchasing juice online. All of the flavors I have tried so far are great and the quality is fantastic. I purchased this along with some other juice. There isn't anything they could have possibly done to make this any better. Cannot recommend this company strongly enough and will be buying my juice here from now on.

  307. Satisfied Customer.

    Posted by Huey X on May 31st 2018

    Great value, selection and quality. Best place to buy e-juice!

  308. Worth it

    Posted by Nathanael Tartick on May 31st 2018

    Giving a flavor rating is always subjective to the user. However, I shared my samples with other vapers and we were all pleased with the results. The flavors are good even the ones that were not our favorite. The only flavors that were not liked unanimously were the May 18th flavor and the Morning Ritual. Also, they provided more than what we ordered giving us an opportunity to try more flavors. As a customer I am satisfied with the ordering, tracking and actual product. The fact we got extras doesn't hurt either. I highly recommend at least trying a sample pack.

  309. Vape wild is WILD man!!!

    Posted by Eric E. on May 31st 2018

    I'm always scared ordering anything online. Especially a juice i can't taste first! I got my tongue and started small with the welcome pack....you guys killed it! Products came on time,exactly as ordered and then some.

  310. Great stuff

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2018

    Only ordered 3 10 ml bottles & got 3 more. The flavors are the cherry on top- good flavors, nothing better

  311. Great stuff

    Posted by Trixie Trullinger on May 29th 2018

    This is great, I just started vaping and was worried about how it was going to taste but this stuff is great. I started vaping to quit smoking and it's going great! I don't miss the cigarettes and with so many options in flavors, it's just flat out the best choice I could have made. Thanks so much!

  312. Great promotion now i am hooked

    Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2018

    I picked three samples and got 6 samples in the mail. I had to throw two of them away because I ordered no Nicotine and two of them were 3MG bottles. As far as my samples I like most of them but KIWI was week flavor the Peach Guavara is something I would do once in a while but tired of vaping it after a while but the Berry Harvest HOME RUN! best E-liquid I have had so far! A must try

  313. Amazing

    Posted by Michael on May 29th 2018

    Just started using vape wild and being able to try so many flavors for only the cost of shipping was an amazing experience!

  314. Love it

    Posted by Ant on May 28th 2018

    All samples that I chose were great. They even sent a couple extra bottles. Will definitely be buying from here again soon

  315. Love ❤️

    Posted by Leah on May 27th 2018

    The sample pack is a great way to try out yummy flavors!

  316. Awesome flavors!

    Posted by Carla D Carr on May 27th 2018

    I absolutely loved the flavors i received. If you love the classic Rocket Pops (the red white and blue popsicles) then Murica is the flavor to go to! I absolutely love it. Also, Blue Harvest is a close resemblance of Charlies Chalk Dust "Head Bangin Boogie" and a way better price. Will definitely continue using Vape Wild!

  317. They even sent me three extra free ones. NO REGRETS

    Posted by Djang on May 24th 2018

    Great stuff. I'm usually picky and only like 1 out of maybe 10 juices I try, but with vapewild I enjoyed 4 out of my first 9 I tried. Also, these guys have the first ever bakery flavors I like. I recommend Smurf Cake and Milk and Berries!!

  318. Great purchase

    Posted by Jim on May 23rd 2018

    The sampler was a good choice to try some new flavors from a company I didnt know. So far all the flavors are good. And bonus they sent skme extras, so I would definitely recommend to ing this a shot.

  319. Awesome!

    Posted by JAMIE MCCARVER on May 23rd 2018

    Loved the sample pack that I received from Vape Wild! It gives you options to try different juices without paying a lot for a flavor you're not sure of. But, I love the flavors that I've tried so far. Thanks Vape Wild!

  320. Awesome sample pack

    Posted by paddlepop on May 23rd 2018

    Brilliant product great taste even got a extra bottle for free.

  321. Sample pack

    Posted by Lee on May 23rd 2018

    Really awesome to have this option so you can try flavors and vapewild also throw in some extra eliquid. Thanks so much, vapewild is amzing.

  322. All flavors awesome

    Posted by Kansas on May 23rd 2018

    Had cowboy cooler,ice cold,s+c 2 and all of them where great.In fact just ordered bigger bottles of ice cold and cowboy cooler.Menthol was spot on in both without hard throat hit or being over powering.I highly recommend if you havent tried them do yourself a favor and order a small bottle you won't regret it.

  323. Best Starter Pack

    Posted by K on May 23rd 2018

    New to vaping and thought I try the starter pack to test the water and I was blown away at the service and products. I got some extra samples to try and the flavors I got were amazing. Already purchased more vape juice!

  324. Nice sample pack.

    Posted by April Beer on May 23rd 2018

    It's nice that it was free for my first buy, but the regular $10 for three little bottles seems a bit much. Shipping on three little bottles was $6, which seems a bit much, too. I know other companies are more expensive, but still. Still cheaper than smoking! I ordered Smurf Cake which is delicious and well worth trying, Cinnamon Toast Cereal which is alright, tasted just like cinnamon twists from Taco Bell, and On Cloud Custard which is amazing!! They also sent me Green Apple Envy and I can't vape it. It smells so strong that I swear it's just a bottle of Apple Pucker with extra alcohol in it. Yuck. I must say it's very nice they sent quite a few extra samples. I will probably order again with different flavors, just to try a bunch out. Two out of three ain't bad!

  325. Vapewild is AWESOME!

    Posted by Mello Stuart on May 22nd 2018

    I ordered the welcome pack because I have heard great things about the Murica juice, and the welcome pack is such a rad deal I couldn’t pass it up! Definitely my new favorite vape store.

  326. Amazing flavor

    Posted by Melanie T on May 22nd 2018

    Ok so I ordered the 3 sample pack and I am so so happy with the flavors and this company. I am so happy with this company. Every flavor was awesome!!

  327. Got what I paid for

    Posted by Jack M on May 21st 2018

    Three of the ones I got we're alright but the free ones included fruit hoops, Smurf cake, and mystery may 18 didn't taste much of what I expected. If you end up with good free flavors you can't complain. Recommend cowboy cooler and murica.

  328. Amazing!

    Posted by CHRIS on May 21st 2018

    Decided to try the samples since I am new to vaping and was blown away! Great flavor and quick shipping. And they threw in some extra samples! I will definitely purchase from Vapewild again.

  329. The flavor choices are fantastic.Too much sweet in the free stuff. But EXCELLENT EXCELLENT customer service

    Posted by Chris on May 20th 2018

    The Wrangler flavor is absolutely superb.
    The Peace Pipe flavor is a little sweeter than a pipe tobacco flavor but I think with a higher ohm atomizer that it may change it to a smokier flavor. You have a repeat and satisfied customer on your hands.
    Excellent products.

  330. Early and perfect :)

    Posted by Matthew Boyce on May 20th 2018

    Every flavor I tried was amaziiiiing- 2 thumbs up ^.^ all in all great service great product!

  331. Some of the best juice I have had

    Posted by William Burns on May 19th 2018

    Tried these guys after I saw a popular youtuber review, WOW great flavors straight outta the mail without steeping. I have been searching high and low for my favorite vapes and I think I found my company. I will be ordering more....

  332. Great shipping. Easy ordering. EXTRA STUFF.

    Posted by John on May 19th 2018

    Fruit hoops did taste just like the cereal. It did have a powdery finish to me. Smurf cake was ok just not for me. And the on cloud custard also seemed to have a powder finish.

    Paid forward the 35/65 smurf cake just like the label said to.

    Love the idea of the mystery flavors. Will let them steep a bit and try them on the RDA. I think I still have the peach one left to try out.

  333. WELCOME10 Order Received

    Posted by Devan S on May 19th 2018

    I received my first shipment of vape juice from VapeWild.com a little over a week ago, and I love the flavors that I have tried so far. Still have 3 unopened flavors to get to, but so far so good on the taste : )

  334. Great

    Posted by francisco fuentes on May 17th 2018

    Great stuff , I got 4 extra 10 ml bottles with the 3. I ordered the 30 mls on some of my favorites .

  335. Awesome

    Posted by Keith on May 14th 2018

    Excellent variety of flavors, super fast shipping, excellent quality. By far the best online experience I've had. Will never go anywhere else.

  336. Excellent service

    Posted by Brittney on May 13th 2018

    Amazing service!!! They sent more samples on top of what I ordered (including a 30ml), and they also hand wrote a note on my bag. Very thoughtful and incredible service

  337. perfect

    Posted by Josh on May 13th 2018

    amazing service. ordered on a wednesday, received it on saturday. also got a few extra samples for free (couple of them are mystery flavors, so thats super exciting!) what ive tried so far taste great. will definitely tell my friends

  338. What-more than paid for?

    Posted by Mark Lane on May 12th 2018

    Pretty awesome to see 4 extra bottles of 10ml juice in the sample box. Thank you! Good stuff too!

  339. Super fast shipping and great flavors

    Posted by Amanda and David on May 10th 2018

    The best juice we have ever had. Amazing flavors!

  340. super fast delivery and free samples

    Posted by Alfredo on May 9th 2018

    Very good costumer service, I asked to modify my nicotine strength after I placed the order and even after that change my package arrived in no time.
    Also they gave to me 4 free samples.
    I'm so impatience to try those flavors. I' m going to recommend you to all my coworkers. Thank you so much.

  341. Amazing!

    Posted by Crystal Best on May 6th 2018

    Not only did my order come faster than expected I was also given bonus flavors to try. I’m brand new to vaping and so that was such a wonderful surprise. I’m very excited to get the chance to try all the different ones to figure out what I like best. I will without a doubt be a lifelong customer to your company as well as recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you!

  342. Love 'EM

    Posted by Samantha Cisneros on May 5th 2018

    I discovered this site and I have fellen head over heels lol i love the fact they send samples and so far love all the flavors i have gotten and have a list of future flavors to try please stay around vape wild as i am not going to order from any where else

  343. Great customer service

    Posted by Nate on May 3rd 2018

    Got my juices and as I found out, got 3 extra ones. They really picked some good extra ones too, they're steeping now so I don't know their quakities, but the ones I have been using have all been great. Definitely will buy again from these guys

  344. the samples are king around here

    Posted by Ryan Morrow on May 3rd 2018

    we have our favorite juices just like everyone else, but thanks to these sample packs we are finding more and more MUST HAVE flavors. it's a great inexpensive way to broaden your horizons!!!!!

  345. Pretty damn good

    Posted by Mark on May 2nd 2018

    Very satisfied with my order was here pretty quick and actually just received another package from them of juice. I had liked the cowboy cooler so much that I ordered the steeped and ready bottle and with that they also sent me 3 little bottles with them which is great because no one else will do that cuz everywhere else is too cheap. Definitely my go to place for juice for now but will be ordering other things from here. An I have already told a couple friends to check it out because it’s a good spot! Keep it up vw!

  346. More for your money

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2018

    Great loved getting 3 extra for free

  347. Amazing!

    Posted by Chris M. on May 1st 2018

    Great selection, I like that you can select your own nicotine levels and vg/pg mix. This is fairly perfect for me as I like to change flavors often. As well as find some new favorites!

  348. Try VapeWild

    Posted by Jacqueline Smith on Apr 30th 2018

    First off I’m new to the vaping world. I tried the welcome sample pack. You can’t beat it! Shipping was fast and I had a nice written message on the package. Nice to see a company putting thought and a personal touch to there orders. The flavors I’ve tried so far are Strawberry Kiwi and Hannibal Nectar. Both are great!


    Posted by Stacy on Apr 29th 2018

    Love the fast shipping, awesome service, and lovely prices. Will be shopping here again....and again!! I got a sample pack of 3×10ml and they sent me 6 ♡ that is great customer appreciation!!! Loving the kiwi strawberry best I've ever had, and that wrecking ball...banana cream cake....can't beat these flavor profiles!! I will Def be back to order. Thanks guys for being so kick ass!!!!

  350. New customer

    Posted by Gregory on Apr 29th 2018

    I just tried vape wild out. Was very pleased by fast shipping and inexpensive pricing. I have only tried 1 of the ejuice so far out of the pretty big order I have received. It was razzleberry and I have to say it's by far my favorite ejuice. The flavor on this is amazing. Vape wild is definitely one of my go to places to order ejuice. Happy 1st time customer. Already referred multiple friends to this company. Thanks again!!!!

  351. More than I expected.

    Posted by Kimberly on Apr 28th 2018

    I ordered this welcome pack about 2 weeks ago and I have already placed two more orders. So happy to have stumbled across this company. The flavors are top notch and my partner and myself love them!

  352. Great company!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 28th 2018

    we recently ordered the welcome pack and on cloud custard is my absolute favorite! The other flavors are not bad either. Not much of a fan of flint stoned but you know what, mix in a little banana or something and good to go! lol.

  353. AWESOME SAUCE!!!!

    Posted by Theodore the Great on Apr 27th 2018

    Great product.... as always!!!!
    yummy flavors


    Posted by J.R. on Apr 27th 2018

    I've tried several different variety samplers from different online juice vendors and usually from my experience I might like 1 or 2 with some just un vapeable to my surprise out of the 6 flavors I got from vape wild all were good and tasty now I'm hooked definitely a repeat customer even if youve had the luck I've had with other places give this one a chance you will not be disappointed ..

  355. Very impressed

    Posted by Barf Bag on Apr 26th 2018

    Everything I received was top notch. I'm a new return customer

  356. Wonderful item to stumble upon

    Posted by Megan on Apr 26th 2018

    I just happened upon this site and decided to give these a try. I am more than happy with my purchase! I would definitely recommend and buy these again!!

  357. Amazing Company!

    Posted by Misty on Apr 26th 2018

    The flavors are all wonderful, shipping was super fast, and the prices are great. The real star of the show is the company itself. These people are so nice, willing to help in any way, and seem to be totally fun! I will be a repeat customer.

  358. Awesome flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 26th 2018

    1 x Welcome Sample Pack (3x10mls)
    (Flavor Choice #1: Smurf Cake (Blueberry Cheesecake), Flavor Choice #2: Cinnamon Toast Cereal, Flavor Choice #3: Flint Stoned (Fruit Cereal), Nicotine Strength: 3 mg, VG / PG Blend: VG 65% / PG 35% [ Higher VG ]) plus I received 3 mystery flavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One is bubble gum and that flavor is addictive. I got them all for free all I had to do is pay for Shipping!!!!! This is a great site to buy your vape liquid, great flavors at even better prices

  359. I was referred by multiple people

    Posted by Sergio Kuik on Apr 24th 2018

    A friend has been a dedicated client for years since they first started nearly and another friend just converted from 1.5 packs a day to about 2-3 bottles of 9mg a week. .

    So I bought in after I tried the one that tastes like fruity pebbles.

    MUST LET IT STEEP THOUGH. Tasted 10x better a week after getting it and became less harsh and even.

    I love the Zebra Stripe it tastes just like the stripes gum

  360. Pleasantly Surprised

    Posted by Leo on Apr 24th 2018

    I'm an old school guy, I don't do the on-line purchase thing, I like cash over electronic and normally give my buddy some cash to order me some stuff when he places his own orders. He's convinced me to try it for my self so I'm not constantly waiting for him to place an order for me. He assured me that Vape Wild is trust worthy and I'll be very well taken care of. ALL 100% TRUTH!!!

    I am pleasantly surprised with customer service, the way the product was packed for shipping, all the extra surprises that were gifted to me, as well as the fantastic quality of the juice. I can't say enough about Vape Wild, and the people who make it so great. Vape Wild has earned my trust and my future business. Great website interface, easy to use, smooth sailing all the way!

    THANK YOU VAPE WILD- Thank you for such an easy, simple, and pleasant experience. Thank you for such fantastic tasting juice. And thank you for having actual humans working hard to keep us other humans happily vaping. It means the world to me, when I can get on a website and/or the telephone, and have everything so user friendly. I appreciate everything very much!

  361. Love Vape Wild

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 23rd 2018

    I just recently got into vaping, and I haven't found the perfect flavors but this helps so much! I love all the vape wild juices and only buy from them!

  362. Surpassed Expectation

    Posted by Jovie on Apr 23rd 2018

    I was really impressed with how quickly my order arrived. The packaging was personalized with my name and included 3 additional juices! They gave me a variety or flavors and types of blends (50/50, 65/35) so I now know which to order. I will definitely be placing a full size order and this will now be my choice exclusively for vaping supplies!

  363. Surpassed Expectation

    Posted by Jovie on Apr 23rd 2018

    I was really impressed with how quickly my order arrived. The packaging was personalized with my name and included 3 additional juices! They gave me a variety or flavors and types of blends (50/50, 65/35) so I now know which to order. I will definitely be placing a full size order and this will now be my choice exclusively for vaping supplies!

  364. Great tasting without the high price!

    Posted by Lee on Apr 23rd 2018

    I'm new to vaping so I've been trying several brands and so far, vape wild has provided some of the best flavors for the lowest price! I'll be doing most of my shopping here for sure.

  365. New customer and I loved it

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2018

    I had sevral ones that I ordered with some I absolutely loved! The ones I wasn't too fond off maybe the Suave collection but the way they vaped was very smooth but the taste wasn't so much to my liking, but that's just me own experience.

  366. spot on! 0

    Posted by sharon on Apr 21st 2018

    I ordered root beer float, frappapow and wrecking ball. (banana cream pie).
    The flavors are true to taste. I feel like I'm actually indulging.
    I received the free sample pack, I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure I will be very happy with them also.
    Vape Wild has a faithful customer now.

  367. Great

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2018

    It was great!

  368. Incredible company with delicious juices and amazing customer service.

    Posted by Nicole on Apr 21st 2018

    The welcome sampler pack is just another facet of why I love VapeWild. For new customers, especially newbies to the vape scene as I was, trying out three 10ml flavors for free is so incredibly helpful. Not to mention their prices are amazing and the juice you receive is absolutely scrumptious and high quality. I have been referring anyone I could to VapeWild, not only for their outstanding CS, their great prices and delicious juices, fast shipping and free samples, but because I truly love this company. I love the mystery samples of the month as well. And every time I order I get a personalized message on the bag which is a small but very appreciated added touch. :)

  369. Great flavors

    Posted by ALLISON KNOEDLER on Apr 21st 2018

    Great flavors. Awesome for those who want to try a few different ones to find that special juice. :)

  370. Would've been okay

    Posted by HonestCloud on Apr 21st 2018

    Got 3 extra which was cool. One was labeled wrong though. Total newbie and accidentally ordered the wrong PG/VG ratio so they're all useless to me. Sure it would've been better if I would've ordered it correctly. Oh well.

  371. Amazing!!!!

    Posted by Cissi Hansen on Apr 20th 2018

    New to vaping and this was a great way to try some new flavors!!!!

  372. SO GOOD!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 20th 2018

    I love love love the flavors I got! Very true to their descriptions, and fast shipping!

  373. Good for hunting new flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 20th 2018

    Got one free with the welcome code. Just had to pay $10 shipping to Canada. Came pretty fast and the flavors smell good. Unfortunately one of my batteries just went so I'll have to wait to try them. I was complaining about the mystery flavor smelling bad but I realized I got extra samples and it was all free to begin with. Definitely will buy again after my new RDA comes in and I try these flavors. If I see any extras on my next order I'll stop going to my local shop all together and order solely from here.

  374. Great customer service

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 20th 2018

    Product delivered fast and got a couple extra little bottles. Love the way they treat their first time customers.

  375. Best ever!!

    Posted by Amanda Love on Apr 20th 2018

    I ordered the 3 sample pack. They sent me 3 extra...for FREE! 6 bottles and the only thing I paid was $5.99 shipping. That’s basically $1/bottle. I’ve almost tried them all & LOVE em’ I already had the Fruit Hoops & didn’t care for that one. Ive almost tried the 6 I just received & so far I love all the flavors. Thanks Vape Wild.

  376. Great for newbies

    Posted by Nicholas Swyryt on Apr 20th 2018

    Im a vaping newbie and this sample pack came with even more than advertised. That was a great way to start a relationship with this site. Good job!

  377. Good Juice

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 20th 2018

    I've only had a couple of them so far but like them

  378. Great price but not so great flavors

    Posted by Louis J Lopez on Apr 19th 2018

    Cake and apple ice were the best juices out of the bunch. Though I'm very gracious for all the extra juices they threw in, it did not make up for the poor taste of the juice and the nic was way to harsh for a 3 I'll definitely look into a future order for the cake king but wouldn't really look into ordering anything else. Other than that great customer service and super fast shipping!

  379. AWESOME

    Posted by Steven Cloyd on Apr 18th 2018

    Yes I ordered the welcome lack it was shipped same say to days later received it the flavor is out of this word and clouds are very huge and think you can't go wrong I'm buying several specials so are my friends 5 star Vape wild..


    Posted by Jack on Apr 17th 2018

    I was just looking around for some good cereal vape juices, and being a new customer I thought I'd go ahead and try the sample pack, I chose (6mg) Flint Stoned, Murica and Cowboy Cooler, which I might add, are excellent flavors, and they sent me those plus 3 more! 9 mg ULMUCNTC (A humourous acronym) 3mg King Cake, and the (3mg) Mystery flavor of April '18! Also excellent flavors! I'd love to write a review on the actual company VapeWild as they've shown me to be an outstanding company! I received my package on the very day I was supposed to (might've even been a day early) and on my package was a handwritten note that said "Vape on Jack!" It's little things like that that make my day!

  381. A+++

    Posted by Brian on Apr 17th 2018

    Gave Vapewild a try just because I saw the free Welcome pack. I received my 3 free along with another 3 randomly chosen by Vapewild! I can honestly say I will be a retreat customer and purchase all my Juice from here on out! Thanks again Vapewild! Stay Wild!!

  382. 7 flavors when I ordered 3?????!! :)

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 17th 2018

    Wow. I was suprised surprised when I opened up my package and saw that I had 7 juices rather than the 3 I ordered. What I really liked was the fact that they put flavors in based off what I ordered instead of giving me something I probably wouldn’t like. I have excitingly opened up every juice just to smell them and OMG they all smell amazing. I’ve only tried the Hannibal nectar to far and I didn’t even need to steep it. I can’t wait to try the others, thanks Vapewild!!

  383. Amazing deal and great flavor!

    Posted by Rachel on Apr 16th 2018

    To be honest with their pricing I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I saw the coupon code and new I needed to give them a try especially because I’d heard so many positive reviews. When I got my package I had actually got 6 different flavors instead of 3! The flavor was amazing in all of them even without steeping and now Smurf Cake is my new go to juice! Definitely ordering more juices soon! The shipping was incredibly fast as well my order was here within a few days - I’ve already told all my friends to give them a shot too because the flavors and pricing can’t be beat.

  384. Excellent product

    Posted by Sabrina Hoffman on Apr 15th 2018

    I ordered this with my first vapewild purchase. The first flavor was wrecking ball. I really enjoyed this one. The banana was delicious. Next was smurf cake. I've never valued a blueberry flavor before but this was pretty good. Ry4life is the last but i have a thing for tobacco vanilla flavors. They even threw in a few extras but they weren't my vg/pg or nic level so i gave them away but the people i gave them to enjoyed them. Everything was shipped quickly & packaged properly. They had excellent customer service & ill be purchasing from them again.

  385. Smurf Cake

    Posted by AFerg on Apr 14th 2018

    This juice is da bomb. Tons of flavor.
    Free samples Rock. I just ordered more.
    Surprisingly affordable e-juice. Thanks

  386. Still steeping

    Posted by Kelly Gillespie on Apr 14th 2018

    I received my sample pack last week. I have them all still steeping, but I already know I will love them!! Love the handwritten note it is a wonderful personal touch.

  387. Love it all!

    Posted by shann.hargiss@gmail.com on Apr 14th 2018

    Fast shipping and nice to be able to sample some for free being a new customer! Thank you for a few extra samples too! You are from now on my go to. All the flavors I picked were not overwhelming and certainly could be used everyday.

  388. Great juice!

    Posted by Stacey on Apr 13th 2018

    Delicious flavors!

  389. 1st time order

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 13th 2018

    Flavors are decent. Mail time was 3 days longer than my previous supplier. I had read that sample pack was a conglomeration of flavors, with most not being the 10ml advertised. I found that to be true! Many were below 10mg. I will probably order again if flavors are consistently good.

  390. Vape Wild's got my business

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 13th 2018

    Great flavors, great offers and hassle free business!! What's not to love!

  391. Amazing company

    Posted by Samantha on Apr 12th 2018

    Okay, let me start off with the shipping. Literally I’ve never had something shipped out to me so quick!! I ordered this weekend and I got it today and was so excited. I ordered three but they threw in three extra in for me which was so awesome of them. 6 bottles for just the price of shipping!! My package even had a special message on it :) I haven’t even used any of my juice yet but just the customer service alone has made this great. Thank you guys so much for making me feel special. you definitely have me hooked already!! Can’t wait to try this stuff out!! Much love ❤️

  392. Awesome

    Posted by Brandi L Koch on Apr 11th 2018

    Ordered my starter sample pack and got a bonus with extras! All the flavors are amazing! Shipping was fast and I went back and ordered more! 10 times better than my local shops!

  393. Great Intro to VapeWild Products

    Posted by Blake Williams on Apr 10th 2018

    Wrecking Ball
    On Cloud Custard

    This is the best deal I’ve found by a juice manufacturer to allow customers to get to know their flavors. As with all other customers, I got 3 extra sample bottles, including the Mystery Flavor for March 2018, which we now know is the Brownie Batter Banana Split.

    I would HIGHLY recommend testing a small amount if you’re stubborn about steeping, bc some juice def needs to sit for two weeks or more b4 use. So plz, take VapeWild’s advice on the card they include with the order.

  394. Nice size samples

    Posted by Heidi on Apr 9th 2018

    I got the welcome samples and not to my surprise they were the right size (considering I got 3 more singles). I like the flavors just that you need flavor boosts in order to taste the flavor. I am happy with purchase, just glad they were samples.
    Would recommend them, but remember to get a flavor boost for Hannibal Nectar, So berry good, Omnumnum, and strawberry cheesecake.

  395. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2018

    Absolutely love vape wild, I bought 2 starter packs and they sent an extra 3 along with it. So I got 9 bottles for only $20. Thanks so much guys, the customer service is GREAT! Can't wait to try all the flavors! :)

  396. What's to not like?

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2018

    Awesome deal as a new customer. I picked the flavors I was curious about and it was easy as that. Found flavors I liked without having to waste money.

  397. Great Flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 8th 2018

    Ordered 3 flavors and they sent 3 random extra ones too, no extra charge. Every single one was fantastic. If you want to sample several flavors before you buy a larger bottle this is definitely the way to go!

  398. Great company

    Posted by melissa gibson on Apr 8th 2018

    I loved all the samples I was sent along with the 4 extra I wasn’t expecting!! The butterbeer is my new adv and I immediately ordered a 60ml bottle and a pack of coils on Friday around 4pm and my tracking info states it will be here Monday!! I’m so excited y’all have the fastest shipping and some very flavorful juices! Thanks again for the extra goodies I will be a customer for life!!!

  399. Good juice for a cheap price.

    Posted by MAC on Apr 5th 2018

    TBH I wasn't expecting this juice to be good for the price. I was happily mistaken. The juices (strawberry, mixed nuts, cinnamon toast cereal, banana) taste pretty damn good, with the exception of king cake, which isn't bad at all, but reminds me of cinnamon toast cereal too much (needs a stronger cake taste). It's also fantastic you can customize the nicotine levels and the pg/vg. Overall: thanks to the great prices and good flavors, I will definitely be back for more juice. Definitely worth checking out.

  400. Found some new favorites!

    Posted by Jessie on Apr 4th 2018

    I picked "On Cloud Custard", "Smurf Cake" and "Murica" for my 3 sample flavors and they are all delicious! Then, as if three great flavors weren't enough, VapeWild goes and tosses in 3 extras just because they're awesome like that! They gave me the March Mystery flavor that I have since discovered is "Brownie Batter Banana Split". "Apple Jacked" and "King Cake" were also sent along. "Murica" is my hands down favorite out of a bunch of winners. There's not a one of these that won't get vaped by me. You really can't beat this deal. I'll definitely be back to order more juice - and I'll likely get another sample pack, as well!

  401. Flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 4th 2018

    I had some high hopes after reading the reviews for many of the flavors. For my experience it seems different than others. For me i am all about flavor and getting the most i can from it from many different varieties (fruity, menthol, candy etc.). Maybe its just me but i expected more flavor out of the VapeWild brand even getting the 50/50 blend to maximize the PG index needed for flavor but they all seemed to be less than tasteful. Again it just be me though. Shipping aspect was spot on so i am happy about that.

  402. Awesome!

    Posted by Chelsea on Apr 4th 2018

    I thought I was only going to get sent the three I had picked. Was very happy and I appreciated when I saw they had actually added an additional 3 different flavors. They taste great and I will be ordering again

  403. You guys are awesome!!!

    Posted by Michael Moores on Apr 4th 2018

    I've smoked for years, and my wife has been begging me to quite smoking. She suggested I trying vape, and I'm so glad I did. By the way... Hannibal Nectar is a wonderful teat!!!

  404. The flavor!!

    Posted by Tyler on Apr 3rd 2018

    I love the flavors!!! I don't know if it's my mistake of not seeing it, but i did not know that you had to wait 2 weeks after receiving the juice in order to use it. If it's not on the website please add! But great products all around!

  405. Great Flavors

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2018

    I love the flavors I chose but the 3 extras I received were awesome!

  406. Welcome Sample Pack

    Posted by Tina on Apr 3rd 2018

    A son of mine who is a vaping fanatic referred me to this site. Glad i checked it out! Love the different flavor e juices i got! So far loving the Cowboy Cooler one. Also, thank you for the extras. Can't wait to check them all out. Thanks again Vape Wild!

  407. Amazing!

    Posted by carissa on Apr 2nd 2018

    New to vaping and order this sample kit. Not only did I get the 3-10 ml bottles they threw in a few extra bottles as well. So excited to try all of them. Will definitely be ordering from them again soon. Thank you Vape Wild!

  408. Meh

    Posted by xavier Hernandez on Apr 1st 2018

    Flavors were obviously free and chosen because they don’t sell very well. I would have given 5 Starr’s if they took the time and looked to see what I purchased and given me something with the same flavor profile

  409. Newbie to vaping and Vapewild

    Posted by Frank on Mar 31st 2018

    Loved all the favors I got. Wasnt expecting to get three free bottles too. Murcia and wrecking ball were top notch all day vapes. Don’t think my aio ego works very well. Are maybe it was because I keep hitting it because of the great favors

  410. WTF

    Posted by Kyle Kappes on Mar 31st 2018

    Ordered for the first time, got the sample pack for free, awesome. Everything came in the mail promptly, literally two days for me. On top of that got extra samples for free, and I’ve enjoyed every one. These guys are seriously legit entrepreneurs.

  411. Amazing shop and service

    Posted by Otaku Kitsune on Mar 31st 2018

    Ordered 3 large bottles and 3 sample bottles with my first purchase. Ended up getting 3 more sample sizes bottles for free also. It’s friggin great cause my favorite flavor thus far (banana) was one I didn’t order and got free extra!

    Thank you so much VapeWild!

  412. Great quality

    Posted by Jacob Melton on Mar 31st 2018

    I’m always hesitant about purchasing “store-brand” (non-premium/house) juice online. Some websites are great and some are awful. When I saw the free sample pack, I was admittedly skeptical. However, I was blown all 5 flavors I got (3 I ordered and 2 extras!) really great juice.

  413. Sample pack

    Posted by Jack Alfred Tessmer on Mar 31st 2018

    Bought the sample pack 3 10 mil bottles havent tryed it yet cause im letting the juice steep but cant wait to try the watermelon flavor shipping was fast .

  414. Very Satisfied

    Posted by thekrankeys2016@icloud.com on Mar 30th 2018

    I am very satisfied with my welcome pack. I was shocked to see how much I got for just the $5.99 shipping cost. I will definitely be ordering again from Vape Wild!!

  415. Awesome

    Posted by Koda H. on Mar 30th 2018

    I loved the flavors I ordered, and even got three extra for free! I really enjoyed the sticker and care sheet they sent in as well on how to take care of your juices.

  416. New to the Wild side

    Posted by plusdiggy@gmail.com on Mar 29th 2018

    Ordered the sample pack and got extra samples for free, which I thought was dope. Even got a sticker!! Lol (I love stickers) I liked all of the flavors I picked but not the extras that were sent. The fruity flavors is more of my go-to. I’ll be ordering again soon.


    Posted by Anthony Grosso on Mar 28th 2018

    I got the welcome pack 3 10ml bottles for $10$ but It was free with the coupon and they sent me 3 bottles free so I got 6 bottles for just 6 dollars shipping AWESOME VAPE SHOP MY GIRLFRIEND ORDERED TOO

  418. Great Products!

    Posted by Allison on Mar 28th 2018

    After ordering the sample pack, I had to order more from this site! I’ve tried several flavors, my favorites so far are milk and berries, and prof snipes sauce. So good! The shipping is fast and packaged very well. Great place to shop!!

  419. Top notch vape shop

    Posted by MAP3 on Mar 27th 2018

    Murica and Strawberry Cheesecake tasted great right outta the bag. Gonna let the other flavors steep a bit and revisit them later

  420. Welcome sample pack

    Posted by Jim Trusch on Mar 27th 2018

    The 3 Flair's I opted for were Smurf cake, Blue harvest and Hannibal nectar. All were very good but Hannibal nectar just blew me away.. So delicious!! Included with my sample pack I also got the March18 mystery flavor and King cake as freebies. I also ordered the Wotofo Bravo RDTA. THIS TANK IS SMOOTH.. Love it! Thanks Vape wilders for a fantastic shopping experience. Great product. Tasty liquids. Awesome prices and service. You have my business for sure.

  421. VW - Best place a vaper could be...

    Posted by Rj on Mar 24th 2018

    Beyond the great deal you will find here, VapeWild may be THE finest place I have ever done business. I do not mean just online, I mean ANYWHERE! I am 56 years young, been many places in the world. Finest folks you will meet anywhere, with a passion to please there client base. No more I can say here other than I RARELY 5 star anything. When I found VapeWild, I found the rockets and red glares of peace I have been looking for. VW you are above and beyond.

    (Leah- this one is for you! Your staff and training are very difficult to compare to anything found in this world today. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE!)


    Posted by William Piester on Mar 24th 2018


  423. Great way to test flavors

    Posted by Mary Taylor on Mar 23rd 2018

    Thanks to this, I got to try some new flavors and found a few favorites.

  424. Don't like flavors

    Posted by William Banks on Mar 23rd 2018

    You should have a sample bag of just tobacco and menthol There are a lot of different flavors of tobacco and menthol.There are also a lot of people who like tobacco or menthol or both.You should give it some thought.

  425. Best vape deal on the web!

    Posted by Ben Storment on Mar 23rd 2018

    I ordered the 3 bottle welcome pak picked out 3 different flavors got to choose what nicotine strength and what BT I preferred used the welcome coupon and my total was $5.95 I was already more than happy with such a great deal and with the standard shipping my order arrived in just 2 business days. Very excited and eager to try the cin toast cereal flavor I opened the package and was totally shocked to find not only the 3 flavors I ordered but 3 additional random flavors I was estastic and very impressed this was the best deal ive ever recieved 6 wonderful flavors for $5.95 no other place on the 2eb will even come close to getting my business VapeWild will be where I shop exclusively thank you VapeWild I can't wait to place my next order! Until then Stay Wild!

  426. smurf cake

    Posted by Tina H on Mar 22nd 2018

    I didnt care for the strawberry flavors that i ordered and the mystery flavor for march was terrible. However, the smurf cake is amazing and I will be ordering it again and the shipping is fast and easy.

  427. Great deal

    Posted by James Allen on Mar 22nd 2018

    Loved the option to trt a few flavors all at once. Without ordering aloit2of juice i could potentially dislike!! Will be ordering again!

  428. First timer

    Posted by Kristine Elliott on Mar 21st 2018

    I loved that I could try them and that they sent me 6 bottles 3 that I picked out and 3 that they picked buying more today

  429. Dope welcome pack.

    Posted by Sage on Mar 21st 2018

    Loved the welcome pack and they sent 3 extra flavors wrecking ball is my absolute favorite!! Super tasty ill be ordering more soon!!

  430. New customer

    Posted by Ginger on Mar 20th 2018

    Could not have asked for a better welcome package. Excited to try the new flavors. Thanks. Will definitely order again

  431. wonderful

    Posted by Cassie on Mar 18th 2018

    I got the welcome pack and received 3 extra bottles. I was super pumped about that. The flavors were amazing. Loving the mystery flavor for March 2018. Thinking something chocolate with bananas. Yum. Amazing company

  432. Sample Pack

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 18th 2018

    Smells, tastes, vapes delicious. Thanks Vape Wild.

  433. I'll never go to another vape-related site again

    Posted by Ren Courtney on Mar 16th 2018

    Ordered these because I really wanted to try some cereal flavours since I've always gotten fruit flavours. Not only were the juices good but I was given others to try! Including a Feb. mystery flavour. I didn't dislike any of them and actually really liked the Substance D, milk and berries and a few others. The shipping was fast and very well packaged and protected to boot. Ordered a few others like the Goblin Energy and Irish Milkshake pre-steeped. Great ones too! The Goblin is my SO's new every day juice.

  434. Awesome

    Posted by Jessica on Mar 13th 2018

    Awesome flavor variety. I ordered 8 bottles and received 3 extra bottles for free. Loved the welcoming on the package. All around amazing

  435. Vape sample packs

    Posted by Alicia Smith on Mar 13th 2018

    They are amazing they smell even better than I could imagine. Huge fluffy clouds and a good welcome to the company. Because of this I got to try different flavors and discovered a new favorite Milk n Berries taste just like Crunch berry cereal. Thanks Vape Wild eill order again.

  436. Amazing

    Posted by Tiffany Felix on Mar 12th 2018

    Love this. You have amazing deals and you're afforable. I love the smell and taste of the flavors i ordered

  437. Excellent EJuice

    Posted by Davina Miller on Mar 12th 2018

    Love them

  438. Great value!

    Posted by Christopher Ratcliffe on Mar 12th 2018

    I originally picked three juices, but they sent me 5 10 ml bottles they all taste great. Would recommend this to any vaper out there!

  439. Awesome prices

    Posted by Shaunna on Mar 12th 2018

    It was really great to get 3 extra bottles. I actual like the strawberry cheesecake best and it was a bonus.

  440. Top Notch A1 Service!!!

    Posted by Michael Anthony Woods Sr. on Mar 12th 2018

    Great Products, Great Vape Wild E Juice, Outstanding customer service.... You now have a regular customer!!!

  441. Heidi H.

    Posted by Heidi H. on Mar 12th 2018

    Thank you for the order. It was awesome to receive an extra 3 bottles in my order. Your great, so glad my friend recommened me to this website.

  442. Smells AMAZING!!

    Posted by Amy Bynum on Mar 11th 2018

    I ordered the sample pack for just shipping cost. I got not 3 but 7. 10 ml. bottles. I haven't gotten to try any yet but I will say they smell amazing!! Plus for just a few bucks I. Feel like 70 ml was worth that. Thanks vape wild. Love the stickers stickers I got in my welcome pack also.

  443. sample pack

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 11th 2018

    excellent flavors

  444. Quite a bit less than impressed

    Posted by Nicholas Moore on Mar 11th 2018

    Almost decent flavors with lots of spitback. A ton of crackle and hot shots. Put our other juice back in and zero problems since. Glad we only tried the sampler. Fast service tho with a personalized note written on it thanking for the business which gets kudos from me. So, the juice is not for me but the service was good.

  445. Great product for a new vaper

    Posted by Bill Taylor on Mar 11th 2018

    I was surprised with the amount and variety that came with sample pack. Especially with the code, I paid a little over 5 bucks for S&H and received 6-10ml bottles. Strawberry cheesecake is amazing. Only one bottle I will not be able to use with my aspire k2 pen because its 80/20

  446. Love vape wild

    Posted by Keith Mcclure on Mar 11th 2018

    I am very knew to vaping but have already visited alot of sites, and so far vape wild is above and beyond the rest! They're products are great but it's the little things they do, like giving free juice for spending 15 or more on an order! All around, I couldn't be happier with vape wild!

  447. Fabulous flavors after steeping

    Posted by Kelli on Mar 11th 2018

    These are some wonderful juices, obviously freshly made, because once they steep for a week or so they are amazing! I like they they are flavorful without being super sugary. I feel like high doses of sugar really mutes juuces, which is why I love Vape Wild for not loading everything with sweetners. This was a sample pack, but then I bought Smurf Cake and S+C in presteeped bottles and they were perfect to vape as soon as I got them.

  448. Great Service!

    Posted by Mackenzie Davis on Mar 9th 2018

    I ordered the welcome pack with 3 flavors and also ordered a 30 ml. When I received my package, I was sent my 3 small juices with 3 extras AND an extra 30ml of the juice I picked. I’m extremely happy with their service and will be buying from them again for sure!!

  449. The flavors smell really good

    Posted by KAYLA MILLS on Mar 8th 2018

    I did an online search of the top vape flavor and Murica popped up by Vape Wild. So naturally I ordered a giant one, but I was disappointed. It burned in both my vape, and my dad's. The smell seemed off too. The welcome pack was cool. And they sent a couple of extra flavors as well as some stickers. I liked that part a lot, and the note they wrote.

  450. Very satisfied

    Posted by Brandie on Mar 7th 2018

    Not only did I receive my 3 welcome bottles for shipping total only.. in was surprised to see three additional bottles included as well! VapeWild is awesome! Shipping was even fast!

  451. GREAT

    Posted by Cindy Mcwilliams on Mar 7th 2018

    Love your product...will definately keep shopping from Vape Wild

  452. Amazing!

    Posted by Cody on Mar 7th 2018

    First time ordering from VapeWild.com and have already placed 3 more orders in the same week. This pack was amazing and everything since has been too. Best juice I’ve ever had. You guys just earned another loyal customer!

  453. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 7th 2018

    In absolute love with these flavors. Amazing customer service

  454. new shopper...pleased & vapetastic

    Posted by tina dawson on Mar 7th 2018

    would give a five star but haven't been able to try all samples yet. love the key lime,, my fav so far... clean & refreshing... thanks for the surprise of extra bottles! I have put my cigs down for 5 days & plan to lower my nicotine level down to zero. Vape Wild will be apart of my quitting success! Will be in touch again for sure! Looking for Naked 100 e juices to go on sale... waiting for some Lava to Flow :))

  455. Blue Harvest, Smurf Cake, Circus Bear

    Posted by JASON H. on Mar 7th 2018

    Picked up the welcome pack. Ordered the 3 stated above, love all 3. Also love the Goblin Energy you guys make. Picked up the OFE MAIN STREET COLLECTION as well, love all 4 there too!

  456. First time customer

    Posted by CHRISTINA PARKS on Mar 7th 2018

    I ordered a sample package, and a couple other flavors along with some tubes and other random items. I was so pleased with this order! It came on time, in a resealable bag with extra sample bottles. The customer service chat helped me with an issue I was having placing my order and was SO helpful. I will def be returning to this site for future orders.
    I ordered the Flint stoned and mixed it with their menthol and LOVED it!

  457. Great

    Posted by Libby on Mar 6th 2018

    Havnt tried all the flavors yet, sent three extra and one of the extra was the streak, honestly one of the best juices I've tried, will definitely be getting a 60 ml


    Posted by Kaylin Harman on Mar 6th 2018

    So I got the sample pack and picked 3 they threw in 4 extras and 2 of em are mystery flavors I'm so excited!

  459. Fantastic

    Posted by Katie on Mar 6th 2018

    First time ordering from VapeWild,so I was pleased to see they had a welcome pack! I have loved every flavor so far,and excited to try the rest I ordered. (So far I’ve tried Kiwi Berry,Zebra Stripe Gum,Hannibal Nectar,Smurf Cake and Wrecking Ball.) They also threw in some extra bottles which was a sweet surprise. I will be ordering from VapeWild from now on.

  460. Great

    Posted by Dean Conley on Mar 4th 2018

    Liked the Murcia the most but Kiwi Berry was pretty darn good too!

  461. The Best

    Posted by James Agardy on Mar 4th 2018

    I ordered Murica, Ice Cold, and the banana cream flavor. All are great even without steeping. Shipment came fast and they even threw in a 10 ml of mint chocolate. Excellent products and service, I will definitely be ordering from Vape Wild regularly.

  462. Very happy with order

    Posted by Melanie on Mar 3rd 2018

    Very happy placing my order with ease.. Surprised when I had gotten an extra flavor in my sample flavor. I love my Smok mod in green also! Products came packaged so they wouldn’t be damaged. Will definitely be ordering from Vapewild again!

  463. In Love!

    Posted by Daphney Garza on Mar 3rd 2018

    Very satisfied with my purchase! My selections taste great, Hannibal Nectar is definitely my favorite so far, and all vaped beautifully. Gifts were amazing as well, will definitely be a returning customer.

  464. PockeX

    Posted by Diane on Mar 2nd 2018

    Received my order and I am very pleased. Great flavors and fast dependable service.

  465. Great flavors

    Posted by Jules on Mar 2nd 2018

    I'm new to vaping so I got a variety of flavors to try. I like some flavors more than others. I was super impressed that Vape Wild sent me a couple free flavors to try and I actually liked those better than the ones I chose...lol. The Tres Leche is great and so is the February Mystery juice, Napoleon complex. The free welcome pack was a big reason I chose to buy from Vape Wild and their prices are competitive. I recommend getting the welcome pack if you are just getting started and I recommend Vape Wild as your go to place for juices.

  466. Good

    Posted by Regina Allison on Mar 2nd 2018

    The e piqued was good liked kiwi berry the best

  467. 3 thumbs up

    Posted by CH on Mar 1st 2018

    Great flavors, fast shipping, personalized service. I am not a paid actor

  468. Funko 160!

    Posted by Travis on Mar 1st 2018

    Hands down best packaging. The shipper wrote vape on Travis on the bag, and I very much appreciated that. Mod works wonders as well. Screens nice and bright, and capes fantastically

  469. Great Juices!

    Posted by Crystal Madison on Feb 28th 2018

    These were enough to get me hooked! Great juices, perks, and customer service!

  470. Jack P

    Posted by Jack Pitman on Feb 28th 2018

    I thought the deal was too good to be true. I was wrong. I ordered 120ml of hanibal nectar and got a free 6-pack of samples. Grest deals and products!

  471. WOW

    Posted by Charissa on Feb 28th 2018

    I am very impressed with their company. Shipped in 1 day and showed up 2 days after that. Flavors are good and are amazing quality

  472. Perfect!

    Posted by Yarixa on Feb 28th 2018

    First time trying you guys and deff met my expectations. In love with the Kiwi Berry juice! absolutely perfect!

  473. Perfect!

    Posted by Yarixa on Feb 28th 2018

    First time trying you guys and deff met my expectations. In love with the Kiwi Berry juice! absolutely perfect!

  474. Perfect!

    Posted by Russell on Feb 28th 2018

    I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet for a company that cared about both their product quality and their customers. I, without a doubt, found it here with Vape Wild :) My wife and i are trying to find our "flavor" and the sample packs are the perfect way of doing it without breaking the bank. The fact that several more bottles were thrown in 'just because" just made the deal that much sweeter! Thanks Guys! (and gals!)

  475. 3 testers just for the price of shipping?!

    Posted by Tom on Feb 27th 2018

    Awesome deal awesome products plus 3 extra what’s not to love.

  476. LOVING IT!

    Posted by BXIZZY on Feb 27th 2018

    I was a first time buyer here and I received the sample pack. I received Tres Leches, On Cloud custard and Fruit Hoops. To me the Tres Leches and Fruit Hoops is one of my favorites. I will continue doing business with Vape Wild.

  477. Awesome

    Posted by Paul on Feb 26th 2018

    If I could write awesome in 10 different languages I would , you guys are great very generous & great service. Love my vape thanks for all those who helped in shipping’s my package.

  478. Pleasantly Surprised

    Posted by Nick on Feb 25th 2018

    I ordered the sample pack wanting to see if I would enjoy the juice from Vape Wild, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find more than the bottles I selected. While none of the extra bottles stood out to me(I can't taste flavors unless they are strong), Blue Harvest is definitely one I'll be ordering in the future. I did enjoy the others, they just didn't stand out to me quite like the Blueberry Lemonade did. The lemonade accent definitely makes this a website I wont soon forget.

  479. amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 24th 2018

    Got this on a wim and I'm so glad I did. The flavor is amazing and some pretty good clouds. Also I was surprised with 3 extra bottles of different flavors. Deffanetly going to be ordering more from vape wild in the future.

  480. Amazing! Very satisfied

    Posted by James on Feb 23rd 2018

    I ordered the sample pack and picked a few flavors that seemed interesting to me and got sent 6 bottles, they were all super good! Some need some steeping but it’s to be expected. I ordered it in 9 nic and let’s just say it’s a little harsh to say the least on an rda but flavor is still amazing. I recommend anybody reading this to try cowboy cooler it’s awesome! And also for shipping time it was pretty good...sent 3 days earlier than it said it would definitely gonna be ordering off of vapewild again

  481. Great Deal

    Posted by Nolan on Feb 23rd 2018

    Bought this juice being a new customer at vapewild I must say I wish I knew about this company earlier the juice provided a nice flavor with a good cloud for the cloud chasers out there 10/10 would order again

  482. Blue Harvest

    Posted by Becky on Feb 22nd 2018

    I got this sample pack in 6 nic and one of the ones I picked was Blue Harvest. It’s supposed to be a fruit medley sort of deal but it tastes exactly like Blue Moon beer to me! If you don’t like a mild throat burn this product is not for you. Overall great price for what you get and decent shipping speed. Also comes with a surprise! Definitely recommend

  483. Merci , très bon produits et saveurs exceptionnelles.

    Posted by Jay France on Feb 22nd 2018

    Merci pour un envoi propre et soigné avec bonus de 4 liquides en plus .Les liquides vapewild sont d'une saveur exceptionnelle.Je n'hésiterais pas à recommander de délicieux liquides et produits chez vous.

    Thank you so much

  484. Our new juice shop

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21st 2018

    I ordered the 3x10mls sample pack. First off, it was FREE (I only paid for shipping). 2nd, it was shipped and at my door in only 3 days! And finally, when I got my bag there were 4, yes 4, FREE bottles inside with a note from the staff! All the flavors were good and smoked smooth. We'll definitely be using VapeWild from now on!

  485. First timer great experience

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21st 2018

    Well I’ll have to say that VapeWild is just an awesome company overall! I ordered the sample with 3 and got a little extra! This being my first ever vaping experience I’m really enjoying the Hannibal nectar and can’t wait to try the other flavors. All around great experience, thanks VapeWild !!

  486. Awesome!

    Posted by Heather B. on Feb 21st 2018

    Arrived quickly, great vape for sure! Can't wait to order again!!

  487. What a Deal!!!!!!

    Posted by Steve on Feb 20th 2018

    Fist let me say I was skeptical having never heard of vapewild but I absolutely love there house blends. The Flint Stoned in my opinion is the best E-Liquid I have tried from anywhere. Beats Naked, Mega and all the others. I am now a lifetime shopper. Quick shipping as well and they gave me 7 different flavors to try. Only downside which is not so bad is I wish there was no minimum for free shipping. Great Juices!!!!! Vape Wild does not disappoint.

  488. Great learning experience

    Posted by Teresa Williams on Feb 19th 2018

    Ive been vaping exclusively for 2 yrs and nobody ever told me to steep my juice and i was told to store it in refrigerator! I learned more in one order from yall than 2 yrs using the same vape store! I also never received a single drop of vape juice without paying for it so i was like a child when you sent me some new flavors to try! You have not only earned my business, you have earned my respect! The flavors i chose were great and ive got some new ones i really like! Do wish yall had a honeydew cream, SO YUMMY! (Maybe in the future?) Thank you so much for some great vape flavors

  489. Y'all Rock!!

    Posted by Paula Kennedy on Feb 18th 2018

    Ordered 3 received 6, thanks guys very much appreciated. All were good but my favorites were the banana and the vanilla clouds out of those samples. I will be ordering again soon!!

  490. Great free pack.

    Posted by Kiefer Lester on Feb 18th 2018

    Given that most 10ml bottles on this site is 2.99, you would be hard pressed not to buy 3 flavors separately. Given that this sample pack is free for new customers makes it great. I chose ICE COLD, MURICA and STRAWBERRY WATERFELONS, all were great. I chose those three as I wasn't sure how I would like menthol with mint and the other two as something to enjoy. If you are a new customer please don't forget to get this deal.

  491. Vapewild is awesome!

    Posted by robert russell on Feb 18th 2018

    Received my sample pack with 3 extra samples, absolutely loved the
    Strawberries and Cream2!
    Ordered more so I won't run out!

  492. Awesomeeee!!

    Posted by Jeremiah on Feb 18th 2018

    Amazing vape juice! Love it! Affordable price. Fast shipping. Sweet flavors! Just finished the bottle of cinnamon toast cereal, which was spot on. Now on to the kiwi berry. Love u guys. I Will be coming back to you for more for sure!

  493. Very Pleased!

    Posted by Angela on Feb 17th 2018

    I placed my order on the 4th, and got my package on the 9th. Along with the three bottles I ordered, I got three extras! I also got a sticker, and the bag that held everything was signed by hand- a really nice personal touch!
    I've taken a few days to try everything, and all of the flavors I received (Murica, Hannibal Nectar, Blue Harvest, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Vanilla Clouds, and February's mystery flavor) were really nice. I would definitely order more from here. For the price, this is a perfect way to try new flavors. I've even referred a few friends that vape to this site.
    My only con would be that two of the free bottles had 3mg of nicotine, when I ordered mine with 0mg. I'm really sensitive to nicotine, so I couldn't enjoy those bottles as much, but for free, I can't really complain! I'll just be passing those on to a friend.

  494. Vape wild is awesome hands down

    Posted by Juan De Jesus on Feb 16th 2018

    I got my package super fast just 4days and I live in Puerto Rico the e liquid taste so good I got the v8 smok kit best kit ever the ice cold is my favorite looking forward to getting more keep up the good work guys thanks for the free liquids simply the best

  495. Great company!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 16th 2018

    I'm new to the vaping world, and was pleasantly surprised with the extra bottles of juice! They all match my flavor profile and taste great! I will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks guys!

  496. Good juice

    Posted by Chief engineer of laughter and cheer on Feb 16th 2018

    Ordered the 3 pack sample and was sent 7 juices. I've tried 4 of them so far my favorite being the February mystery flavor. The other three were good as well. Will definitely be ordering from vape wild again.

  497. Welcome sampler pacn

    Posted by smilisf513@gmail.com on Feb 16th 2018

    Sampler pack was great! I loved the vanilla clouds and smurf cake. Great quality liquids. I ordered 3 3 and they sent me 6 which was fantastic. The gold label was a no go for me. I had to toss it as it hurt my throat very badly for some reason. The hits were extremely harsh but the rest of the samples were great. I will def return for some more vanilla cloud. Thanks!

  498. Thank u!

    Posted by Jeremy on Feb 15th 2018

    Very happy with the sample pack and the 3 bonus bottles. You guys are awesome and I’ll definitely be ordering from vapewild again!

  499. You guys are awesome!!

    Posted by John David Szucs on Feb 15th 2018

    Thanks for all the extra juice!! Every flavor is fantastic and matched my tastes perfectly. I was more than happy with my order & I'll definitely be ordering a lot more often. Excellent customer service, great products, great prices, quick delivery...great company!! Oh yeah, the personalized bag was a nice touch. Vape on, Vape Wild!!!

  500. You guys are awesome!!

    Posted by John David Szucs on Feb 15th 2018

    Thanks for all the extra juice!! Every flavor is fantastic and matched my tastes perfectly. I was more than happy with my order & I'll definitely be ordering a lot more often. Excellent customer service, great products, great prices, quick delivery...great company!! Oh yeah, the personalized bag was a nice touch. Vape on, Vape Wild!!!

  501. Great intro to vapewild.com

    Posted by Josh on Feb 15th 2018

    Great way to try out some flavors, I will be reordering the ones I like and now I know the ones that aren't for me.

  502. Amazing flavors

    Posted by Ani on Feb 15th 2018

    I love the sample pack- I’ve tried two of the three flavors (Smurf Cake and Cinnamon Toast Cereal) and am very impressed. Love it!!!

  503. A little lite on flavor

    Posted by Don Fielder on Feb 15th 2018

    Smells great, could be stronger on flavor

  504. Great sample size

    Posted by Xrayjenn on Feb 15th 2018

    Great to be able to try samples in small sizes! I’d hate to buy a 60ml bottle and hate the ejuice! Some flavors I loved some not so much but the ones I didn’t love I mixed with others and it was yummy!

  505. Amazing!!!

    Posted by KIRSTIE on Feb 14th 2018

    I just started vaping so I’m pretty new to everything. I wanted to try any and all flavors and different nicotine levels to figure out what I’d like without breaking the bank. Great pack! Highly recommend!

  506. Great Option to figure out what you like

    Posted by Kristin on Feb 13th 2018

    I am new to vaping, and I wanted to try different juices to figure out what I liked. I ordered the welcome pack. I choose 3 plus they threw in a couple bonus bottles, which was a great surprise. Also the personalized message on the bag was a nice touch. Unfortunately I didn't pick wisely, and only liked one of the 6 flavors I got. Some of the flavors were way too sweet and overpowering for me to enjoy. But with the great deal of the Welcome pack, I don't feel like I wasted my money and shipping was really quick. I will definitely be ordering the flavor I liked again.

  507. Great size for testing

    Posted by Sam Martin on Feb 13th 2018

    Nobody like having a dozen 120 ml bottles of juice they didn't like, these were great for about 4 tanks to try at different temps.

  508. Amazing...Everything!

    Posted by Jenwan on Feb 13th 2018

    I have been in a vape rut for so long. Decided to try Vapewild and the samples. Wow. No more rut. These juices are not only GOOD, but fun too. I so look forward to my orders and the free samples along with them (never know what I'll get). I have found so many new ejuices that I really like. Even the ones that aren't my cup of tea are good. I had to contact customer service and Edward was wonderful. He went above and beyond resolving my problem. Shipping is super jet fast,too. The prices are amazing and my vaping is like a world of flavors have opened up for me. Best ones for me is Hannibal Nector, Pralines And Cream, Summer Solstice, Hula Girl,... well, you get the picture. I am soooo looking forward to my next order. Thank you so much, Vapewild.

  509. Absolutely Delighted

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12th 2018

    I loved the personalization of the packaging, and the extra goodies I got with my order in addition to the welcome pack and 1 other e-juice. Stellar introduction to buying e-juices online for me, I'm hooked!

  510. awesome

    Posted by travis temple on Feb 12th 2018

    what a great welcome amazing flavors to try and enjoy chasing some clouds definitely found a few to reorder

  511. Great deal

    Posted by Dana Thornton on Feb 11th 2018

    Nice way to try flavors and got a few free bottles added in!

  512. Beyond expectations

    Posted by Melanie Vansciver on Feb 11th 2018

    Very very pleased with service and product ordered sample pack and a few chosen flavors. Very pleased with taste and consistency of product. Received more than I paid for and loved the mystery flavors I received. Will be a regular customer and I am recommending to other vapers

  513. Very very good!!!

    Posted by Travis on Feb 11th 2018

    I ordered on a Friday.. got it the next Tuesday. Very pleased. Om nom nom is Soo good new ADV!!!. Looking forward to trying all the flavors. My new go to for juice, hardware, and Swag. Thanks Vape Wild you guys are amazing

  514. Great sampler

    Posted by elongjr@me.com on Feb 11th 2018

    I loved this welcome sample pack. It gave me opportunity to try some flavors I was not sure about.
    I loved all the flavors and would recommend to everyone to give this a try and try something new

  515. Wowwee Wow Wow!!!

    Posted by Tabitha Sue Nevers on Feb 11th 2018

    I ordered this sample pack with flavors Hannibal Nectar, Wreaking Ball, and Cinnamon Toast Cereal... it delightfully came with three more samples (Jan18 Mystery Flavor, Vanilla Clouds, Peanut Butter Jelly time) How awesome right!!!?...
    Hannibal Nectar was alright, not really my flavor but not bad.
    Wreaking Ball was AMAZING!!! Easily an all day delicious banana vape!! I will for sure be ordering this!! My boyfriend and I tickle-battled almost to the death for who got to have more... it is seriously sooo good!! I converted some friends who smoke cigarettes to start vaping with this flavor (I just recently started vaping to quit smoking).
    My boyfriend tried the mystery flavor, he said its not really his flavor (cream based?)but he vaped it all in one day and I couldn't try it, soooo... lol.
    Next up to try is the Cinnamon Toast Cereal which smells amazing!!
    All the other flavors smell great and Im looking forward to trying them. The Vanilla Clouds is a "Vape it Forward" label which is a really cute encouragement to share with friends if youre so inclined... sharing is caring after all...

    The 65/35 blend is perfect in my opinion... great clouds, minimal throat hit, and its easy on my asthma...

    All in all, absolutely happy with vape wild, they are quality. Thank you so much!! Will be ordering ALL THE WRECKING BALL FOR SURE!!



    Posted by Billy Bixler on Feb 10th 2018

    I recently got my sample pack. I truly enjoy all of them. February's mystery flavor is by far my favorite and I intend to order more when I find out what is is.
    I was more than pleased with the ease of ordering, pricing, and over all vape experience. I'm pretty new to all this and it was very welcoming to find such an easy experience as the one I received with this site.
    Thank you all so much for the sample pack PLUS the extra flavors you sent me.
    I definately would recommend this to any one. New or a veteran to Vaping. Vape Wild is AWESOME.

  517. Great way to test

    Posted by Meg Miller on Feb 10th 2018

    Great way to test a bunch of flavors. Too many custard-like flavors but liked most 7/10. Ordered within a day of receiving the sample pack.

  518. Wow!

    Posted by Crystal Lewis on Feb 7th 2018

    I am new to vaping. I started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s been about a month now and I have had some bad luck finding good, affordable, Ejuice. I did not have high hopes that VapeWild would be any better. I was proved wrong today when I received my Welcome Sample Pack. Not only did I receive tons of free samples WITH my free Welcome Sample Pack but the two I have tried so far (Feb18 mystery & Milk and Berries) are incredible! I was ready to have the perfumey weak taste that all other juices I have bought from other online sites have had and instead I got delicious flavors! I am SO excited to be a new regular customer and can’t wait to try my other flavors. Thank you VapeWild for helping me stay strong in quitting the terrible cigarettes with your awesome Ejuices!! I have already placed another order.

  519. Awesome!!

    Posted by Sidney Kelley on Feb 6th 2018

    I order only 3 Vapes and they sent me 7 I'm extremely excited and pleased with vape wild definitely buying from here again! I haven't tried them yet but they all look and smell like they taste great thank u vape wild for ur amazing products and ur amazing prices

  520. Flavors on par with premium ejuice

    Posted by Lisa Dage on Feb 5th 2018

    Flint Stoned totally bested Pie by Drip Co. IMO. I have ordered 120mls of Flint Stoned and will not be purchasing Pie again. My samples are all gone! Hubby LOVED January's Mystery flavor! I have ordered 120mls of it, too!

  521. Amazing flavors for an incredibly low price!

    Posted by Courtney on Feb 5th 2018

    I ordered the sample pack Wednesday night and got it today. I chose Murica, Wrecking Ball, and Blue Harvest. To my surprise, they included three extra bottles: Vanilla Clouds, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and January’s mystery flavor! I’m currently vaping Murica and the taste is on point! I can’t wait to try out the others I got and I’m sure they’ll be just as great! I’ll definitely be ordering from this site again!

  522. Great Deal!!

    Posted by Thomas Steele on Feb 4th 2018

    I was pleased to receive the samples I ordered but also received 3 extra bottles. My only problem was I ordered 0 mg bottles because I am quitting smoking and moving passed the craving stage but 2 of the 3 extra bottles were 3 mgs of nicotine including the mystery flavor that I was looking forward to trying. Still a great deal

  523. If i could i would give more than 5 stars

    Posted by Kimberly Powell on Feb 1st 2018

    All the flavors are awesome and when you order the welcome pack they send you four more bottles for free it is extra awesome I have already told all of my friends about vapewild.com and I will totally be buying from them very often.

  524. Incredible value, great site!

    Posted by Anthony Gineman on Jan 31st 2018

    I ordered the sample pack and chose 3 murica since I’ve read great reviews of it! Was only expecting to get 30ml for 5.99 which is already a steal and was surprised to find 7 total bottles in my package! 4 were extra so in total I got 70ml’s of juice for just 5.99? What a steal my goodness. The murica flavor is fantastic as well I’m loving it! Will definitely definitely shop from vape wild many times in the future. You owe it to yourself to grab this welcome sample!

  525. Great service and juice

    Posted by Adrian Neal on Jan 29th 2018

    I ordered the sample pack and I have no issues with anything in the process. My order came in within a couple of days and I ended up with 7 of the the samples, with a double of a mystery flavor! I already couldn't complain with all that for $5.99. All the flavors I've tried so far have been on point and can only get better with steeping. They even wrote a thank you note on the packaging. All in all, I am satisfied with my order and can see myself ordering from Vape Wild again.

  526. Fast Shipping and Best Vape Juice

    Posted by Shannon on Jan 29th 2018

    Placed My order for the 3 pack welcome pack for the $5.99 deal on Thursday night and received it Monday at 11am and I live in upstate new york. Super fast shipping and they threw in 3 10ml bottles for free.
    I will Absolutely be a repeat customer!

    Best juice for the Best prices

  527. Awesome!

    Posted by Adam H on Jan 28th 2018

    This is my first time using this site as I am brand new to vaping. I really appreciate all of the useful information here about pg/vg, nicotine levels, etc because I had no idea how all of that works. Now I do! I ordered the welcome 3 pack to give this a shot and it got here in 3 days! Plus it came with 4 extra bottles of liquid!! Thank you so much for the incredible service. I will definitely be a customer and have already recommended this site to other people.

  528. Very nice welcome.

    Posted by Tnb on Jan 27th 2018

    I've just got my first order. 3 samples + 3 more (6 total) for free using the new costumers code. This is perfect for beginners, you can get a huge variety of samples and that's going to help you find your favorite flavor very fast. Thank you!

  529. Good flavors

    Posted by Rebecca Wiese on Jan 27th 2018

    Love the options of flavors that are available and love the free ones I got! Thanks you!

  530. Best vape juice

    Posted by tammy basham on Jan 21st 2018

    This is the best e liquid I’ve tried. Their cheap but the quality is there. I first saw this I was scared to try but once I did I will never go to any other juice brand. Best there is

  531. Awesome value

    Posted by Luke Traynor on Jan 20th 2018

    I bought the 3-bottle welcome pack and ended up getting 6! One of the extra ones thrown in was the Jan 2018 mystery flavor. All the flavors I've tried are good so far and they all smell good, also being able to customize nic level and vg/pg ratio is nice.

  532. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Posted by mobbyfograt.91 on Jan 19th 2018

    I read review after review about how great the ejuice was from VapeWild, and decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the Sample Packs (who does this?!) And I decided to give it a whirl after seeing that nifty coupon at the bottom ;)
    All I have to say is: Wow wow wow!
    This juice is priced insanely low for how great it is!
    I just placed my second order and I look forward to trying some new flavors!
    Thank you VapeWild for being one of the only companies that realizes that along with the myriad of health reasons that people decide to stop smoking, that we're also trying to save some money.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  533. Customer service rocks

    Posted by Wellie Thompson on Jan 18th 2018

    I was locked out of my purchase online at the age verification page called the office # and was walked thru every step whIle on the phone ordered after everything was fixed and bk this next week to order more great service and products ty 5 stars!

  534. A++ Service!

    Posted by Chelsey P. on Jan 18th 2018

    I'm new to vaping and ordered some different juices from a few sites. I live in a kind of remote area in Vermont so online shopping is the only/best way to shop out here. Out of 3 websites I ordered from on the same day, VapeWild's package arrive first. They also included THREE extra juices and a handwritten note from the person who packed my order! I will ABSOLUTELY continue to shop with VapeWild and recommend them to everyone I know.

  535. Wow! So impressed!

    Posted by Sherri on Jan 18th 2018

    Received my sample pack and was very surprised to find SIX samples in my package.
    I am brand new to vaping.
    I am excited to try these juices.
    Shipping was right on time and the packaging was perfect.
    Thank you!

  536. Extremely Pleased!

    Posted by Crystal Lindgren on Jan 18th 2018

    Shipping was very fast and my package came double wrapped so there was no shipping and handling issues. I ordered Milk & Berries, On Cloud Custard, and Cowboy Cooler and so far I am extremely pleased with the quality of all 3 of them despite the fact that my coil is in desperate need of a replacment. On top of that I got 3 more free bottles included (awesome surprise). So there is no doubt in my mind that I will be buying from you guys again in the near future.

  537. Where all good, probably better when steeped

    Posted by Marcus Gregory on Jan 17th 2018

    No, I didn't have the patience to let them steep first. But they where still great. i picked the fruit hoops, murica and the ice cold. Really liked the fruit hoops. Murica and ice cold where good(ice cold was better when mixed with other juices and Murica probably would have been better when steeped. Fruit hoops was just like a bowl of fruit cereal after your done eating and you get to the bottom of the bow and get that creamy fruit milk mixture(which is the best part). Also shipping was fast and they put three extra samples in the order which was awesome. Thanks Vape Wild.

  538. Great juice excellent service

    Posted by Mark Morales on Jan 11th 2018

    Shipping was fast the juice was quality and they even gave me 3 extra juices on my order amazing work !!

  539. Great service and Great juice

    Posted by Courtney Eastep on Jan 9th 2018

    I ordered the welcome starter pack. Picked my 3 flavors. Smurf Cake is really good!!! Ordered on Friday and it was in my mail box Monday. I got 6 sample bottles and every one was good Very pleased with the service and quality of the juices. Look forward to dealing with these guys more.

  540. Vape Wild is my one stop shop.

    Posted by Ted Moore on Jan 8th 2018

    I just got the same packs in the mail and the flavors are fantastic. Some of the best juices I've had yet. I can't wait to order some more.

  541. Beware of the dripping swag.....could be contagious!

    Posted by Sean Mamon on Jan 8th 2018

    Vape Wild is definitely a top tier e-juice brand. Their juices taste amazing (pause), they have super fast deliveries, and they give you free e-juice just for being a customer. Not to mention they have great customer service and an appealing sense of humor. Kudos to Vape Wild.....you have a new loyal customer.

  542. Amazing place to get what you need.

    Posted by Elijah Bare on Jan 8th 2018

    Was not expecting the extra three 10 ml's was not expecting it.Thank you Shahlaa!!

  543. The ONLY place I want to buy juice!

    Posted by Jodie Hansen on Jan 3rd 2018

    VapeWild is the place you want to buy your e juice. Not only do you get the three bottles of your choice, they give you bonus flavors to try. VapeWild juices are the best I’ve found so far. I’ve found so far if the juices don’t taste as great as they smell, then I’M doing something wrong. VapeWild also has outstanding customer service and has been very awesome about helping me have the best vaping experience possible.

  544. Extremely Satisfied!

    Posted by Dominick Druet on Jan 2nd 2018

    I Received my starter pack today, was anticipating 3 10 milliliters bottles of my choosing was pleased nonetheless to find two extra flavors along with the mystery flavour for this month. I popped in the strawberry waterfelon and it has a nice mellow sweetness to it and it vapes well currently using my kangertech subox mini until ive replaced my broken mod and then ill try it with my real chugger.

  545. AMAZINGLY Epic!!!

    Posted by Amanda T. on Dec 27th 2017

    Just recently quit smoking going a little over a month now. Randomly came across this site and Loved it! I ordered the welcome pack got three extra, super huge surprise!! and fell in LOVE I am a picky flavor person not going to lie. But the flavor is amazing!! Absolutely love Blue Harvest its my goto!! I am excited I finally have a goto!!! After many many trials and tribulations of numerous other flavors and brands. You most definitely have a new repeat customer out of me!! I can't thank u guys enough! Great service great products!! Your juices are AMAZING! ☺

  546. Fantastic

    Posted by Will on Dec 23rd 2017

    Received my welcome pack today with 3 extra samples!! Including Dec mystery flavor. Can't wait to try them all. Thanks VapeWild. I look forward to much more business in the future. Best prices around and great flavor choices.

  547. Can now afford to keep vaping Thank You Vape Wild

    Posted by Pat on Dec 22nd 2017

    Hello, Just dropping you all a note to let you know I received my Welcome pack today and Love it. Got 3 more Bottles then expected. Have quit smoking after 16 years but have still found it hard to afford the juice I need to keep vaping. I think you have made this a bit easier for me to afford. Just now to decide which to try first. Thank You And Have A Great Merry Christmas.. Pat

  548. Very impressive

    Posted by Marin on Dec 21st 2017

    This is the best deal I've gotten all christmas! With the welcome10 it was free, with only 6 bucks in shipping and handling! There was such a wide selection of flavors as well! It shipped very quickly, and when I opened the package, there were 6 bottles in total and some small goodies included! Really an amazing deal, thank you so much vapewild! I am very grateful, you really went above and beyond for your customers!

  549. Best E-Juice place I've found!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 20th 2017

    I stumbled upon Vape Wild when looking to try a new variety of flavors that my hometown store did not have. Well, they have them all on this website! I am more than happy with the juices I've tried from this site. To make it even better, they threw in some extra goodies in the sampler pack! I will buy my juice from Vape Wild from here on out! Thank you for great service and a great product!

  550. Amazing! Customer for Life!

    Posted by Rob Worrell on Dec 19th 2017

    Ordered the 3x10 Welcome pack on Thursday, December 14th...package was is mail box on Monday, December 18th. When opening the package, not only did I have my 3 bottle I ordered but an additional 3 bottle for free. I appreciated the fast service, free bottle, and Christmas card and bumper stickers. You gained a customer for life!

  551. The BEST place ever for vape juice!

    Posted by Princess Langhorne on Dec 19th 2017

    So after reading a lot of the reviews I decided to order a welcome pack for me (with nic) and a welcome pack for my husband (without nic) this was his first time vaping lol. First off we ordered 3 each and they sent 6 each to both of us. I did get two of the same flavors but it's my favorite one! These are the BEStvape juice not only for the price but they taste absolutely Wonderful! Better than the competitors and high I normally go to as far shops

  552. Darn.

    Posted by Paul Salerno on Dec 18th 2017

    I wish I had noticed this when I placed my first order last Saturday. Next time for sure.

  553. Extra Nice...Lowest Price

    Posted by L Cargill, Jr on Dec 17th 2017

    I ordered two 120 ml bottles and they included some samples. The prices are the lowest and their shipping is very fast.

  554. Excellent

    Posted by L Cargill, Jr on Dec 17th 2017

    I ordered two 120 ml bottles and they sent me some small samples free. The quality is top notch and the prices are the lowest I can find. Shipping was very fast.

  555. In love already

    Posted by Amanda Cantrell on Dec 13th 2017

    This was my very first order from VW and I am so in love already. I got Wrecking Ball, Murica, and (S+C)2 and I love all 3 not to mention the 3 surprise bottles I received! I have recommended VW to all of my vaping friends!

  556. Great service

    Posted by Andrew on Dec 13th 2017

    I ordered the 3 flavor welcome and got 6 like everyone else, which is really cool by the way since I am new to vaping so it's nice to be able to find what flavors I like in small doses rather than buying a huge bottle and being stuck with one you don't like.

    Smurf cake is the only desert flavor I have ever tried and it's awesome.

    I will definitely use vape wild in the future. Love very quick shipping and that they use the USPS!

  557. Merry Christmas

    Posted by Bobby Hubbard on Dec 11th 2017

    I ordered 3 bottles and I received 6 bottles. The Flint Stoned and Sugar Cookie are so good!!! Thanks a bunch for the free samples and the stickers!!! Merry Christmas Vape Wild!!!

  558. Glad I found you guys!

    Posted by Christina Baker on Dec 6th 2017

    I ordered the samples because I have such a hard time with juices and me hacking up a lung. I prefer 6mgs but to me they are too strong. Well I got my 3 I ordered and plus 3 more! I have the Murica in now and I absolutely love it! I am sold!

  559. VapeWild is my new fave site

    Posted by Jill cerwin on Dec 5th 2017

    I can’t stop ordering from this site!! You can’t lose with VW. Best quality juice, great prices & free stuff!!! Almost every time I get samples, I find a great new flavor that I want to order!
    Thanks VW!!

  560. PERFECT For New Customers

    Posted by Natasha Jovic on Dec 4th 2017

    I received my free sample pack today and I'm very happy! From reading other reviews I expected to get extra but not FOUR EXTRA! You can image my surprise when they just kept coming out, lol. It tastes great too! No complaints here! Great to have found a new online vape shop as I've tried quite a few and haven't really worked for me!

  561. Great service!

    Posted by Leasha on Nov 30th 2017

    I just received my welcome sample pack today. I was only expecting 3 bottles and to my surprise got more. I haven't tried them out yet but will be soon. Fast shipping as well. Keep up the good work. Will be buying from here again!

  562. Best company and service!

    Posted by Paulina Hassan on Nov 24th 2017

    Purchased this sample pack and I used the welcome discount code so I only had to pay shipping, received my order today and to my surprise vapewild sent me an extra 3 bottles!! What a great surprise after a long day! Will reccromend this company! Keep it up will defiantly be repurchasing!

  563. Surprised in a good way...

    Posted by raymond evangelista on Nov 24th 2017

    Surprised that it showed up earlier than expected... Especially with the thanksgiving holidayz... Everything i ordered... And than surprise againz... Vapewild threw in 3 extra bottles of juice... Now i just gotta wait for them to steep so i can enjoy them... Great company... Will be coming back...

  564. Thank you!

    Posted by Wes on Nov 22nd 2017

    Thank you for the fast shipping, my name on a bag, the extra bottles, wonderful tasting vape juice (finally!), and amazing pricing.

    This was my first order from you and after two years of vaping I think I've finally found the vaping store of my dreams.


    Posted by Melinda Stepp on Nov 21st 2017

    Not only have I liked every flavor I have tried so far, even before I steeped it, but this price!! 30ml was well worth paying shipping, but the extras I received and the speed of shipping went above and beyond! You have a new customer! (And probably more bc I keep telling everyone who will listen) Thank you!

  566. The best

    Posted by Tricia Petersen on Nov 21st 2017

    If you’re here you’re probably new to Vape Wild. I’ve been a customer here for about 5 months now, and I have to say this is the best company I’ve ever purchased from. The juices are wonderful. There’s something here to satisfy everyone, and the customer service is the best I’ve had, anywhere. What company sends you free sample juice with every order? Amazing. I look forward to every package I get. If you’re wondering whether or not to give them a try, just do it! I’m so happy I did.

  567. Nice nice nice.

    Posted by Jessica Vargo on Nov 20th 2017

    Bought 3 recieved 6, also in a cool package with a cool greeting. A+ in my book. Thanks sonja and the whole vape wild team. Awesome.


    Posted by anthony benedetto on Nov 18th 2017

    This was my first time ordering with you and I do have to say the welcome10 sample did get me good so I was thinking there were 30 10mg bottles 3 by 10 even the picture you show indicates that so you got me on that one imagine opening it I got what I ordered just a lot less then I hoped for as far as the liquid ill write when they're ready .

  569. You guys rock.

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 16th 2017

    I didn't add this to my cart but they hooked me up anyhow. Not only did I get some free juice to go with my order but they sent me even more on the house. I will not order from anywhere else.

  570. Not my favorite

    Posted by amber nelson on Nov 15th 2017

    Ordered the welcome pack with code welcome10, sent me 6 juices instead of 3 which is awesome. But these seem really harsh and not what I imagined they’d taste like. The only one so far close out of the 6 I got is the strawberry melon and I can actually tolerate it. One of the flavors is a mystery flavor and the taste isn’t bad, but to me I get a whiff of cat urine which isn’t pleasant.

  571. Vape Wild does it right

    Posted by Brian Glass on Nov 13th 2017

    Tried the sample pack and I am hooked. Of course I couldn't wait for them to steep properly and they still tasted incredible! I have 3 local shops and none come close to the amount of flavor of these.

    The hand written note on the bag was really cool. The extra 3 seconds it took to do that had a huge impact.

    Very well done guys, my next order is already in (6 hours after receiving my first).

  572. pretty cool

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 11th 2017

    i order the pack for free with the code(WELCOME10 if you did not know)and i got my juices in a few days they sent me 3 extra bottles which was awesome i am always buying my juice were for now on.

  573. Wow!

    Posted by Stephanie R. on Nov 10th 2017

    Got this and I’m hooked! Murcia is my favorite now! They even gave me extra juices to try! This is great, definitely a New loyal customer of VAPEWILD

  574. First

    Posted by Stephanie R. on Nov 9th 2017

    Wow! This is an awesome pack! Order my 3 got some freebies that I really can’t wait to try! Already hooked on Murica great taste to vape with! Vape Wild is my go to now!

  575. Posted by JessA on Nov 9th 2017

    They just gained a new customer! I ordered their sample pack to give them a shot, thought I was only getting three, had a nice surprise when I saw they threw in three extra! Flavor is great and shipping was extremely fast!

  576. Only buying from here now

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2017

    The juices are awesome and the price was even better. It came in a gift bag and everything they even took the time to hand write a note on it. Like the headline says this is my new go to.

  577. Amazing!!

    Posted by veronica kowalkowski on Nov 1st 2017

    I ordered the 3 sample pack. I used the promo code and only paid 5.99. I ordered Flint Stoned, Hannibal nectar, and blueberry lemonade. I was only expecting the 3 sample pack but they sent 3 extra juices! So all together I got 6 juices for free. The flavors are amazing! Thank you

  578. Beyond The Best Place To Go

    Posted by Josh Thurin on Oct 30th 2017

    Great customer service, best prices. Just over all WOW. I have worked customer service for over 10 years, and these guys have it down. Live chat, support our military, discounts, free ship. Damn

  579. They know how to attract new customers

    Posted by Tony on Oct 28th 2017

    After hearing a lot of good reviews about this company I decided to give them a try. Tried the welcome sample pack and was more than happy that I did. I received the three that I chose along WITH THREE OTHER FREE ONES, which look like pretty good flavors that I am yet to try. There was also a handwritten not saying "Vape on Tony", which was a really nice addition to the package. I've barely been into vaping and have already found a company I'm ready to stick by (:


    Posted by ALXR509 on Oct 26th 2017

    First off, I want to thank VAPEWILD.COM for offering an AWESOME PRODUCT at an AMAZING PRICE with FAST SHIPPING and OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Not only did I receive exactly what I ordered, I also received 3 FREE additional bottles to sample or VAPE FORWARD AND a personalized hand written Thank You Note! They went ABOVE & BEYOND in more ways than one, and that is so hard to come by these days I feel like. I will only buy from VAPEWILD.COM from now on, and I have already recommended these guys to friends & family!

  581. New Long-term Customer Here!

    Posted by Alyssa Henderson on Oct 24th 2017

    I placed my order for some DIY liquid and flavoring, as well as my welcome sample pack. My products arrived quickly, the packaging was neat and clean with a handwritten note, and I was even surprised with a free bottle of juice. The quality of the juice is fantastic. I probably will not be ordering more DIY products, simply because I do not have the patience to play around with the flavorings. I'm going to leave that to the pros and order the juice already flavored. These guys have their flavored juices down pat! Thank you Vape Wild!

  582. Amazing marketing

    Posted by Christian on Oct 24th 2017

    I couldn’t pass up a deal for some free juice, but I do have to say, WOW. VapeWild is so confident in the fact that you will love their juice so they send you some free, I was hooked as soon as I tried the first juice. VapeWild is gonna be my go-to place for juice now, so incredibly tasty and I love the way they decorate their house juice. Very clever marketing and awesome customer service, they even make your purchase personal by signing a personal thank you note. Great company and I will be a life long customer!

  583. Great deal

    Posted by Erika on Oct 23rd 2017

    Great deal and great way to try out new vapes,thanks for the double order !!!!

  584. Very Nice!

    Posted by B-ri on Oct 23rd 2017

    The flavors I received (Kiwi berry, double rainbow, and blue harvest) are all very good flavors, and the taste matches the description. They also included 3 extra bottles which was very unexpected, and those flavors aren't really my speed but I will still vape them eventually because they still taste ok. I will be buying my vape juice from here more often! Hopefully they keep sending me freebies too! :)

  585. wow!!

    Posted by jake kramer on Oct 20th 2017

    i am so happy with the juice! i ordered the sample pack and expected 3 bottles... well would you know they snuck another 3 in the bag.. i guess ill just have to vape with that juice too! thank you so much for the extra product, you guys and gals are the best! i will most definitly be buying more from you!!

  586. Very fast and high quality

    Posted by CURTIS COPLEY on Oct 20th 2017

    Very fast and high quality. Extra samples were unexpected but very nice to receive. I will definitely order again.

  587. Extremely Satisfied!

    Posted by Kaitlyn on Oct 17th 2017

    Ordered the 3 bottles, expecting 3, and I received 6! I will definitely be ordering from Vape Wild again!

  588. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 16th 2017

    I ordered this expecting 3 average juices. Boy was i wrong i recieved 6 amazing juices, me and my buddies love them. I ordered blueberry lemonade, Hannibal nectar, and strawberries and cream and i recieved 3 extra. I love vape wild and i can say me and my friends will be frequently visiting this site. Thank you

  589. Very pleased

    Posted by Isaiah on Oct 16th 2017

    Vape Wild knows how to make a first time customer want to come back. I ordered a a best sellers pack (120mls total), a free sample pack that came with 3 additional bottles (60mls total), and a separate 30ml. So 210mls for about 30 bucks and free shipping. Can't beat it. The bag my items came in even had a hand written thank you. I am very pleased and will be buying from VapeWild.com again.

  590. Very impressed

    Posted by James Kelly on Oct 14th 2017

    My wife and I both got a sample pack. They gave us extra bottles! That was awesome. The juice is good quality. The flavors are amazing and the prices, I can't find a site to beat them.
    Came back for a larger order, Smurf cake and coils. One of the best tasting juices I've ever had

  591. My fav

    Posted by Erik Vargas on Oct 14th 2017

    So far vapewild is my favorite online store. My first order came fast with extra goodies. Loved all the flavors I got. Definitely recommend and will be a continued customer

  592. Awesomely Amazed

    Posted by Daniel Richardson on Oct 13th 2017

    I just received my order along with the free welcome sample pack wow I received stickers 2 additional sample bottles a cool Vape Wild air tight bag with Vape Wild on it good on all the ways wish I've known this year's ago best Company & Customer Appreciated Business Thanks

  593. Best EVER

    Posted by Sabrina Holland on Oct 11th 2017

    Got my two sample packs today and I am hooked on the wrecking ball bananas!!!!

  594. Best surprise

    Posted by Joseph Nguyen on Oct 7th 2017

    I ordered the welcome pack and opened it realizing they gave me 3 extra flavors and it just made my day, definitely buying from them again very soon!!!!!

  595. Greatest Ever!

    Posted by Jessica on Oct 4th 2017

    I ordered the Welcome Pack because I was unsure... well, there's nothing here to be unsure about! Wrecking Ball Bananas!!!! I am HOOKED! Thank you for the extra goodies Vape Wild! I'm so gonna Vape Foward so others can enjoy y'all as much as I have. And FASTEST SHIPPING EVER!

  596. Best Online E-juice store

    Posted by Luke on Oct 3rd 2017

    I bought the welcome pack and when it arrived they threw in 3 extra bottles of juice. Awesome company, will be ordering again very soon.


    Posted by Dustin Wooden on Oct 1st 2017

    All I have to say is nobody has my business except Vape Wild from now on! Never been treated so good from a company right from the first order and they just continue to make sure that customers stay happy. Thank you Vape Wild!

  598. Amazing

    Posted by Joshua Parsons on Sep 26th 2017

    I'm not a fan of long winded reviews, so I'll be brief. Vapewild is amazing, and so are their juices. I've already tried 7 or 8 flavors and liked them all. And the customer service is pretty much unparalleled.

  599. Color me shocked

    Posted by Vance Denmark on Sep 22nd 2017

    I wouldn't normally recommend companies or products to people. It comes across as a bit pushy. But I have to say I am truly impressed by the quality of the ejuice and the service and recommended y'all right away to my brother. I was floored when I opened up a bottle that was supposed to be watermelon flavored and it smelled and tasted like watermelon, not "watermelon", actual freshly sliced watermelon. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that the schnozberries taste like schnozberries.

  600. Pleasantly Surprised!

    Posted by Madison on Sep 21st 2017

    I received my 3 bottles, PLUS 3 extra sample bottles with my welcome package! Packaging was sweet! Love it! Will probably keep ordering from this site! It is defiantly worth it, considering my first package I only had to pay shipping! 60ml of juice for shipping, and they seem to be really good quality!

  601. Very satisfied

    Posted by Josh on Sep 18th 2017

    Got here in a few days, + 3 extra bottles!
    Good Quality packaging. The flavors are fresh and hit smooth, can't wait to try more!

  602. Great Juices

    Posted by Kirk on Sep 17th 2017

    I ordered my welcome pack last week and, even though I received a notice that it was delayed due to the hurricanes, it arrived in only 3 days. I ordered strawberry waterfelons which was a nice fruity flavor, cinnamon toast cereal which was a little light on the cinnamon but a great flavor still, and flintstoned which is my new favorite (for now). I also received MysterySept17, Juice Springsteen, and S+C2 which I unfortunately chose to vape it forward. I am a fan of all of these juices and the customer service has been great. I will definitely be trying more in the future!

  603. Best juices but very delayed transport :/

    Posted by Zakarias on Sep 17th 2017

    Thanks VapeWild for the juices so Nice! But i gotta Say that it took You 9 days so far to deliver my new juices :/ I know I live in Denmark and it takes a while from Texas to transport but I haven't expected 9 days before the delivery has even arrived and I'm not even sure if the package has arrived in Denmark yet :/ It was ok if I payed 5 dollars for the delivery but I payed 14 dollars for the delivery on first class so... I hope they be here soon but nice juices tho ❤️

  604. Wow amazing surprise

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 14th 2017

    As other reviewers have said they order 3 bottles but 6 I got my package today and it came it a cute little blue ziplock bag with the vape wild logo on it wrapped nicely in a postal bubble wrap envolpe it also had a few stickers and a nice little sized card that has cute pictures and instructions on how to steep your juice. I ordered the ice cold, strawberry waterfelons and the murica when I opened it up it had not only them but a s+c, mystery sept17 and a blackberry breeze they all smell great can wait to try them all. The shipping was super fast. If they taste as good as they smell then I will be returning to buy more the sept17 makes me think of a buttered toffee smell or Carmel popcorn. So if you debating on ordering I was on the fence as well and I'm happy I did it's almost $1 per 10ml bottle. No other website has them beat plus you know since you need to let it steep you are getting the freshest juice and not ones that have set on a shelf for months or years waiting to be bought.

  605. 6 bottles of juice for 7 bucks!!!

    Posted by Raven Myers on Sep 13th 2017

    I loved when I got my package that it came with 6 bottles of juice when I was expecting 3 :3 all of em smell great and can't wait to try them all!! Tried the sept17 mystery flavor and am already in love, will order from you guys again

  606. Wonderfull

    Posted by Ramona Hill on Sep 11th 2017

    I received my welcome pack today in the mail it came with everything I ordered plus three more I was very impressed with the fast shipping all the flavors are very good I was very impressed and I'm looking forward to ordering more.

  607. Loved it

    Posted by Kevin on Sep 11th 2017

    I ordered the sample pack of 3 it took a little more then 2 days to ship but they made up for it I got 6 ,10ml bottles and all I had to do was pay shipping so I hot 60ml for 6 bucks all of the flavors I picked taste great ...good vapor production sweet kinda tart they offered up to 12mg of nicotine ...overall I'm super happy with vape wild will defiantly use again...and again

  608. Intro to top e-liquid company

    Posted by Matthew Lahti on Sep 5th 2017

    This was my first foray into one of the top e-liquid companies, great deal for the liquid :)

  609. Best juice and value I've found

    Posted by Deeana Englebert on Sep 4th 2017

    The juice is awesome.the strawberry waterfelons is mouth watering good ,and the ice cold is not over powering will most definitely be a Vape wild customer:)

  610. Great intro to vapewild

    Posted by Sandy Vapes on Sep 3rd 2017

    I ordered this and got it free on my first order with the coupon code. This is a great way to try juices in small amounts before committing to a larger size. The 10ml bottles are also a great size to take a few flavors with you when leaving the house. I love vapewild's juices, prices and customer service. Keep up the amazing work vapewild!

  611. Best Flavors I've ever had!

    Posted by Stef Jones on Sep 3rd 2017

    First of all super fast shipping. I ordered 3 of the 10ml bottles of Smurf Cake. Im a fan of blueberry vape liquid. I was blown away still letting it steep its been a week and I Cant stop smelling it. I have to say getting my order was such a surprise. I had bought over $300 of stuff from another company early this year. I didn't get one free item. Just a thank you written on the invoice they sent. Then I order from Vape Wild got my welcome10 code got my 3 for just shipping such a steal. Then I get a 4th bottle of smurf cake and a August mystery flavor then to tickle my vape silly I got a already steeped 30 ml of Fruit Hoops a good thing I was almost out of vape juice. I love it been aping fruit hoops this last week and I still enjoy the flavor. Im a lifetime customer now. Thank you all so much Vape Wild is the best!

  612. sample packs

    Posted by Diane on Aug 30th 2017

    Would like to say thank you for offering the sample packs where I pick the flavors. Great way to try new flavors and also the free flavors/gifts that you sent. Would not have thought I'd like the ones you sent, but they turned into new favorites. Prices are very reasonable and shipping was fast. So glad one of your other customers directed me to you. Word of mouth advertising is better and free for you.

  613. Wild about Vape Wild!

    Posted by Beth on Aug 30th 2017

    Juices are sooooo good! Appreciate the stickers and bonus items!

  614. I love vapewild!

    Posted by Michael Louangrath on Aug 28th 2017

    Even though I'll just order a couple a every two weeks to stock up. I always wonder why I have so much in my order bag, but Vapewild will always add some surprises in my goodie bag! I can always count on VW to keep me stocked up!

  615. Freaken awesome

    Posted by Eric on Aug 25th 2017

    Got my order super fast, what I've tried so far I like and they sent a bunch of freebies with my order as well. What else can I really say? Try it. You cant really loose on this sampler.

  616. The Best!

    Posted by Shelly Perkins on Aug 24th 2017

    I love Vapewild, I loved the sample pack!! And my free extras:) I will def continue to order from this company!!!!

  617. Thumbs up

    Posted by Jennifer Meyers on Aug 24th 2017

    Placed my order, received everything plus extras! Customer service is awesome!! Tastes great, perfect amounts. Thank ya'll for all the help.

  618. Just like it says!

    Posted by Dina on Aug 23rd 2017

    Just got my package in about 2-3 days like they say. I ordered my 3 flavors and as a bonus they give you 3 more random flavors! Now I really have a lot to try and I cant wait, definitely gonna be ordering more. What's more they ship it in a nice blue bag with a sticker and then send that in another bag to make sure everything is safe!

  619. Great service

    Posted by Mike S. on Aug 22nd 2017

    Good prices, fast delivery, and excellent service! My vanilla flavors tasted a little off, but that's just personal preference. A great experience worthy of reordering.

  620. Great juice at a great price

    Posted by Steven Watson on Aug 20th 2017

    Can't beat the deals you can find on this site. I've gotten 5 flavors from them, all great. Ordered some more and can't wait till it gets here. The staff seems really awesome and helpful as well


    Posted by MALCOLM MITCHELL on Aug 20th 2017

    All of the Flavors are FANTASTIC and at a very reasonable price. How can you go wrong with this store?????

  622. meh

    Posted by dennis jay on Aug 19th 2017

    One of the juices said strawberry custard so i ordered it but it never said it had banana in it..im allergic to banana so had to give away...smurf cake was great. Others meh....really wanted the strawberry custard but likw i said it had banana such a waste

  623. Great juice

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 19th 2017

    Delicious juices and gave me way more than expected. Will order again and again

  624. so happy I bought from Vape Wild

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2017

    love this deal. The juices were amazing and they even threw in a bonus juice. I am now a regular customer from Vape Wild

  625. I love vape wild!!

    Posted by Autumn on Aug 18th 2017

    So i just got my order. I am so excited to try all the flavors. My order came fast and they sent me 3 free other flavors. Totaly worth the money. I will definitely be ordering from here again. If your thinking about ordering from here i strongly urge you to do so. Thank you vape wild!!

  626. Too much sweetener

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 18th 2017

    I love the flavors, lets get that right, phenomenal, the amount of sweetener that goes in i believe is too much, and maybe thats what makes the flavors so great in some cases.and this is a contradiction....its the coil heads though, too much sweetener can condense on the coil and give you a burnt flavor, so in my experience....all these juices from vape wild, taste great, amazingly affordably priced, but i get a burnt flavor as time goes on, ive ran through a 5 pack of coils in the last 2 days......shame.

  627. Hands Down the Best Deal Online!

    Posted by Colton Burnette on Aug 17th 2017

    This offer blew my expectations away. An amazing deal for some of the best e-juice I've had the pleasure of ingesting. I just got into vaping myself and had bought some e-juice from a local smoke shop and it was nowhere near as tasty or enjoyable as ALL of the e-juice I got from this offer! The local e-juice was super harsh and lacking in flavor but the complete opposite can be said about VapeWild's juices! Thanks for the extra stuff and supplying top quality juice! Seriously, anyone reading this: do yourself a favor and take advantage of this steal right now. You just scored another regular customer with this deal, keep it up VapeWild!

  628. Excellent

    Posted by Jon on Aug 17th 2017

    The sample pack with the welcome coupon is excellent. Being able to try out some flavors and get some extras was great. It's much better than buying a big bottle of something and it never leaving a drawer.

  629. Excellent!

    Posted by Baylee on Aug 16th 2017

    Smells and tastes amazing. Plus 3 free bottles! I will definitely be ordering from vapewild again.

  630. Only place I'll buy juice from

    Posted by Mason on Aug 16th 2017

    I thought it was really cool that they give you a mystery flavor plus a few extras. It was totally unexpected. The dragon warrior pre steeped is amazing. And so is the milk and berries. Thanks guys

  631. Extremely satisfied customer

    Posted by Chris on Aug 16th 2017

    When I opened up my order I saw that they gave me 3 extra bottles. That was so cool and unexpected. I've only tried 3 of them so far, and they are all excellent. I have no doubt the other 3 will be just as good. I ordered 65/35 VG\PG 12 mg strength and it produces a very good amount of vapor and throat hit. I have no desire to look for any other place to get my juice. This is it right here. Big shoutout to Johnnie for the hook up. You've instantly made me a fan. Anyone considering buying from here for the first time, don't hesitate. Jump on this offer. You won't find a better deal anywhere.

  632. Best choice out there!

    Posted by Jane Fox on Aug 16th 2017

    Not only are the choices great, the 3 suprise bonus samples are awesome too! Great products! Ill be shopping only with this company from now on!

  633. Amazing flavors with bonus amazing flavors!

    Posted by Jordan on Aug 14th 2017

    When I ordered I expected to get the 3 I chose, but I totally didn't expect the bonus bottles! The flavors are amazing and the free gifts just go to show how much VW care about pleasing their customers. I will def be ordering again and referring my friends and family to do the same! Thanks VW!

  634. Surprise!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 14th 2017

    I ordered the 3 bottle welcome pack and when I got the package, there were 3 free bottles in there. I was pleasently surprised! Flavors are very good.

  635. Satisfied customer

    Posted by Katie on Aug 14th 2017

    Just received my welcome package! Shipping was fast and I loved having the tracking every step of the way from facility to my mailbox. Anxiously opened my order to find not 3 but 6 bottles of juice...how awesome that was. I got the 3 that I ordered plus 2 that are 3mg. And 1 that is steeped and ready which is what I'm vaping right now. HOLD THE DOOR (Bananas&Cream) tastes great! Vapewild does not dissapoint at all. Only downfall is waiting for the other bottles to steep to taste but from here on out you have a permanent customer. I plan to get a new device from them too as soon as it's back in stock. Great customer service. Great pricing. Thank you vapewild for being great at what you do

  636. Great juice,great price

    Posted by RANDY LOCKETT on Aug 13th 2017

    I ordered the sample pack along with a bottle of pralines and cream, I was very surprised when I received my order that there were extra sample bottles. I haven't tried all the flavors yet but the ones I have tried taste great. One of the same flavors was on cloud custard, which I promptly ordered two more bottles of.

  637. Wonderful

    Posted by Jessica on Aug 12th 2017

    Best customer service ever! Received my order super fast and am super excited to try all the flavors! They all smell so good! Tried the milk and berries so far and its delicious.

  638. VapeWild Juice

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2017

    I really enjoy the different flavors and price of the product. Also, great dervice and speed of delivery once ordered.

  639. Epic Pack!

    Posted by Gi_Gantor on Aug 12th 2017

    I googled a website to buy from and after checking a few i saw the banner on this one claiming to give out a free sampler (just pay shipping). Took the chance on it and picked out 3 that should be fun. Got 3 flavors on Higher VG, No Nic blends(as i am trying to quit smoking and wish to get the nicotine out of my habit and have something else for the motion habit). Came very quickly! Came with a few extras including a pre-steeped Smurf Cake 30ml that is amazing. Only downside is that 2 of them came in 3ml Nic and are totally undesirable for me as im trying very hard to kick that part out. Wish whoever is putting the packs together tried to match Nic content. And the 3 i really wanted to taste, need another 2 week wait to be properly ready. However, cannot beat that price and service. Would definitely order from here again if flavors are good after a wait.

  640. Best customer service

    Posted by randall hersey on Aug 11th 2017

    Customer service was great. I got the shipment early and as a first time user the juice was just right. I already ordered a bunch more a few days ago and I'm looking forward to purchasing from here in the future. Keep it up Vapewild.

  641. Best customer service and products

    Posted by Jeremiah on Aug 10th 2017

    Bought this to just start vaping and had the best customer service ever while buying them. They came with awesome flavors and made it very discrete shipping to Canada thanks and I will be recommending them thanks

  642. Great Deal

    Posted by Alec on Aug 9th 2017

    I was honestly skeptical at first as this was my first time buying juice online and for this great price, I didn't know what to think. However, any doubts I had were immediately erased when I saw the personal package arrive with a neatly handwritten note on the front, along with the great flavors of juice I had ordered. Now, this is my #1 site to get juice and anything vape related for the great selection AND bang for your buck -- Thank you VapeWild!

  643. So far so good

    Posted by Van on Aug 7th 2017

    I want to 1st start my commenting on the great customer service this company provides. Everytime I messaged them about a concern they were prompt and try to go out they way to help. Got the sample pack for a 1st time buyer and wow they even sent more samples that's how to keep a customer. The juice smells great haven't tried yet because I want to make sure it steeps properly and I can give a fair opinion on them but this far I'm liking the company. Hopefully they juice compliments them

  644. Best juice around!!!

    Posted by Jessica Norman on Aug 7th 2017

    I wasn't expecting much for paying $6, but i was absolutely blown away by these flavors! They actually taste exactly like watt they're supposed to, not too strong either. I also really appreciate the extra samples i was given. It really shows the dedication to customer service. Thanks VW!

  645. Awesome

    Posted by Kylie Easlick on Aug 7th 2017

    Can't beat free juice, right?

  646. Awesome!

    Posted by Sara on Aug 4th 2017

    I rarely write reviews but for the price this product was amazing. Got 6 bottles instead of the 3 I ordered (already for free), and the ones I've tried so far have been just as good as other premium flavors I've been ordering for $20 a bottle. Definitely a sold customer.

  647. This company is awesome!

    Posted by Michael Holland on Aug 3rd 2017

    I placed the order for the welcome sample, picked three flavors, recieved my package in three days, and opened it to discover six bottles of juice. The order receipt was personalized with a handwritten thank you note. And the juice is fantastic. Gone are the days of vape shops, i will be ordering my juices from VapeWild exclusively from here on out. Thank you so much guys.

  648. Awesome

    Posted by Felecia on Aug 2nd 2017

    Well for one the three I chose were smurf cake , double rainbow, and flint stoned! All were super good and I got max VG and I got some decent clouds with great taste . I also ended up getting 3 other free samples in my pack and I got the July one which holy sh*t can i say amazing lol tastes like sherbet and sprite lol and the other two were Banana and fruit hoops. Will deffinatly be ordering again

  649. No words to describe how awesome VW is!!!

    Posted by amanda johnson on Jul 31st 2017

    I was so pleasantly surprised with numerous different features!
    For one, I love the shipping tracker! My package came on the exact day it was estimated to arrive which was only a couple of days so that was my first awesome impression! Oh, and the little bubble at the bottom corner with someone there to talk to at any time really is nice since I'm still kinda a half newb to vaping.
    Secondly, the packaging bag was cool, will definitely be reusing it for stuff, but there were all kinds of extra little goodies!! Like a welcome card, a card that shows you how to steep your juices with nifty pictures, a sticker with pink flamingos on it which cracked me up! Also I got a free bottle of the lemon sansation, a free bottle of 3mg fruit hoops to share with a friend or "Vape It Forward" (smart marketing move guys!

  650. Wow!

    Posted by Hector Sosa on Jul 28th 2017

    You guys are awesome! GREAT Quality, Prices and a EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING! I ordered 2 bottles and the sample welcome pack. I was expecting 5 bottles and for my surprise I got a lot more. The mistery flavor is amazing!

  651. All around amazing

    Posted by Werk on Jul 26th 2017

    Im still pretty new to vaping, but had about 20 flavors before I ordered these samples. There was only one or two flavors that I had, which I would have considered buying again from those, but they were pricey and I knew there had to be even better, more fitting flavors for me. I ordered the 3 of my choice (Smurf Cake, Hannibal Nectar, and Murica) and also received 3 additional samples at no extra cost. I ordered late Sunday night and had them on Wednesday. I have only tried Smurf Cake so far, but it is already my new favorite. I seriously can't get over how amazing this taste is, every time I take a drag. I saw another review where someone said they feel like jesus himself made the juice, and I feel the same way. Since falling in love with Smurf Cake , I checked the price for more and think it is a fantastic price, especially since I absolutely love it. Between the fantastic price, amazing taste, fast shipping, and great customer service, I give the product and the company 5/5 stars. I will absolutely be returning for more and recommending VapeWild to everyone. Thanks for making me such a happy customer!

  652. Very Pleased

    Posted by Deborah & Garry Lynn on Jul 25th 2017

    My husband and I are first time customers to Vape Wild so we were a bit unsure of how this would all play out.
    We ordered the welccome pack of 3 10ml bottles and received 3 extra mystery bottles as well..which was awesome!
    My husband who is the big vaper here immediately dove into the Smurf Cake E-juice and absolutely loves it.
    From my point of view - it smells amazing and makes his breath even better (haha).
    We are very satisfied customers and will be returning again as you just can't beat the prices and quality of juice.

    Only complaint : Was shipped in a bag..in a bag inside of another bag..nothing leaked amazingly enough but would have preferred a box to properly hold them in place.

  653. Thank you VW For the Freebies! Banging Customer Service! Lots of Extras :) !

    Posted by CloudGirl22 on Jul 25th 2017

    As an avid DIY mixer I just don't buy e liquid. It started off with cost as subOhm picked up at 20-40 USD for "premium" e liquid that I often found never matched the flavor profile, was over flavored (20-30% often times), it was rough on my coils and my budget.

    This being said, I picked up a T-Priv kit from Vape Wild who has the best price on the market and took advantage of the 3 free flavor sample pack. They sent me six flavors - sweetness!

    I should probably review each flavor separately so I will. Let's get something right here though, VapeWild produces flavorings that is at least as good if not better than any "premium" eliquid line. The selection on this particular sampler was limited but had enough to give me an idea (for free) what their quality was like.

    There is no question that they work hard to deliver on flavor profiles and do a great job of it.

    I will say that for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping, your olfactory sensors are still coming off of the toxins in commercial tobacco cigarettes. This makes Vape Wild a FANTASTIC choice as a brand. Their flavors are pungent, the foundation, base and middle notes all came through on every flavor and you get the same sweetness you'd find in any vibrant "top shelf" line because they do add the same sweetener to their liquids as say a Ruthless or One Hit Wonder. There is a balance to this - if you need the sugarlips or you're looking for an affordable line to RELY on to help you move into vaping, Vape Wild is your jam.

    There is no reason to pay 50-70 dollars for 120ml of eliquid when the flavors VW offers is just as good IF NOT BETTER than their competitors for a much lower price point.

    If I were able to order certain flavors (wrecking ball or hannibal nectar) and have them leave out the sweetener - I'd most definitely be back for more. I personally can't handle the sweetness but there is something to be said for the palates of the recipe creators for these flavors. They know how to pair and they know how to blend to deliver a high end vape for a fair price.

    I have rated 5 stars because of the quality of the recipe development on deck at WV, the customer service AND the fact that you offer a free 3 flavor sampler (yet sent me out 6 to try - a free 60 ml, that is brilliant for anyone new to vaping or trying a liquid line for the first time.

    Only thing I would change: the option to leave out or adjust percentages at which sweeteners added to a mix (perhaps an option to omit and one to reduce sweet by 50%). This could bring in some DIYers to the fray. I love trying others creations and ideas. If I could order a few of the profiles and leave out the sweetener, I'd be on board!

    Thanks for the freebies and for the effort put into creating these profiles! Thank you to the spirit of Vape Wild for showing me what you do so well, crank the vape!

  654. Very impressed!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2017

    I ordered the sample pack and it came in right as described! I had no hassle with them and I received bonus sample juices as well!! It came in a very nice reusable bag. I am very impressed and will be ordering again from here:)

  655. My new go-to vape shop!

    Posted by mlogan2514@yahoo.com on Jul 24th 2017

    Came across this website almost by accident and so glad I did!!! Ordered the free samples along with several other sample sized flavors. Not only did I get the 3 free bottles but I got an additional 3 free! 60mls on the house!!! If that's not confidence in the quality of one's product then I don't know what is! And so far so good! I like every one I've tried so far! And talk about fast shipping!!! I ordered late Friday night and received Monday afternoon!!! I can't wait to try the rest of the flavors...and I can only imagine how much better they'll taste after they've had some time to steep!!! Definitely my new go-to vape shop!!! Thanks guys!!!

  656. the best

    Posted by Jordan on Jul 21st 2017

    I feel like jesus himself made my vape juice.

  657. Perfect First Impression

    Posted by Kyle on Jul 13th 2017

    Extremely happy with my order. I got this with the promo code for my first purchase. It arrived a day early. It included all the juice I ordered, a helpful post card giving suggestions on how to vape correctly, a vape wild sticker, and a signed vape wild bag. I will defiantly be ordering again in the future.

  658. Sample pack

    Posted by Jack Rudd on Jul 6th 2017

    I received the free sample pack on top of the sample pack I purchased. I have let it steep for over two weeks by letting it set in a closed drawer in my office which never gets over 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I have tried all the juices I received and to me, none of the flavors are as described. None are really good. I don't think I will buy again.

    Maybe if the samples came pre-steeped I would try it again but its not worth it to me.

  659. Wow

    Posted by Jennifer on Jul 3rd 2017

    I tried the sample pack and received 3 free liquids! Strawberries and Cream is so good. Vapewild will definitely will be my new brand of choice. A little added touch of a handwritten welcome on a reasonable bag was a great welcome.

  660. Great juices

    Posted by Scott montz on Jul 3rd 2017

    Ordered the sample pack and received 6 amazing flavors. For about 6 dollars really can't beat it. The flavors are flavorful and produce a nive vapor. I like there flavors so much I orders a diy kit and can't wait to experiment with more of vapewild.com flavors. I would strongly recommend this product for 6 bucks you really can't beat it. Juices and kits are fair priced will keep doing business and recommend VW every chance I get

  661. Sample pack

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 2nd 2017

    Great cost effective way to find new flavors

  662. Simply The Best

    Posted by Edwin Martinez on Jul 1st 2017

    I ordered 3 x 10ml bottles and received 6 bottles, in a really nice resealable bag. It was legit the best surprise. I tried the juices and you just can't beat them. Best brand, best pricing. I've already put in a new order. Thank you for allowing us to try it first!

  663. Wow thank you for the mystery.

    Posted by Chris on Jul 1st 2017

    Was a great surprise with the extras. The mystery jun 17......wow that's all I can say is wow. I now have 120ml of it in my cart. Yous will be my juice suppliers for now on. All the flavor are amazing. I love when you rock a pull and exhale ........wait for it.........the mouth starts watering screaming for more. From way up north thank you

  664. Awesome taste test

    Posted by Keaton on Jun 30th 2017

    Vape Wild is all about the customer! Thanks for the bonus samples! Mixed up blue harvest with wrecking ball and it was bomb. Try some Murica if you haven't yet, my fav so far!

  665. More than I asked for!

    Posted by Eric on Jun 30th 2017

    Orders this along with several other juices. All I can say is WOW!!! Great flavors and they even gave me more than advertised!

    For sure my new favorite company!!!! Keep it up!

  666. Absolutely obsessed

    Posted by Dylan on Jun 29th 2017

    I'm new to vaping amd saw that these guys have arguably the highest rated vape juices so I gave them a try. I tried fruity and minty flavors and was extremely impressed with how strong and crisp the juices were. Definitely going to be buying everything I need from here from now on!

  667. New VapeWild fan

    Posted by Rebekah Ariza on Jun 27th 2017

    Found you guys online and decided to give you a try. I ordered three different kinds of your menthol flavors and two tobacco flavors. Beyond happy, except I can't decide which menthol I like better, lol. The tobacco flavors was for my husband and he really likes his also.

    But the kicker is that we are starting a camp for Disabled Veterans and our first veteran wants to quit smoking. We set him up with one of our mods and a new tank and let him try a bunch of different kinds. The Wrangler tobacco flavors I got for my husband to try is the one he liked. Two days later and he's only smoking again because he ran out of juice!

    The only minor con I can think of is that one of the freebies you sent was a 24 mg. I'd love to try it (Butter beer) but no one in the house vapes stronger than 12mg, and most are on 6mg or 3mg.

    I will most definitely be ordering from you again. A lot!

  668. Man..and herevi thought I was special!

    Posted by Tab Sharpe on Jun 24th 2017

    I thought I was special and got3 extra 10 milliliter bottles with my 5$ 30ml sample pack! Now reading the comments everybody got it.. loI also thought maybe somebody made a mistake in my favor LOL. The first time I try vape wild juice was in some nowhere town at a nobody cares shop, in where the hell am i Delawhere USA. I was out forgot my juice and saw this little shop so I made a quick stop I picked out the bottle that was strawberry n cream S+C because I love strawberry everything and the logo got my attention along with it was the cheapest strawberry anything they had. I wasn't expecting a large selection of juices which there wasn't but there I got it and I fell in love with it instantly it was probably steeping there on the Shelf for a while too but it was awesome so pleasently surprised! So when I found the website I was totally stoked and then when I got my welcome package in the mail I was stokety stoke stoke stoked! I got my (S+C²) 3 10ml that's what I picked as my samplers because I'm skeptical about buyin B4 trying flavors but I was so pleasantly surprised with three other flavors two out of the three I really dig the other one I like when I mixed with other flavors I have from different companies I always dyi with juices from all different companies. I love the products I've tried, I love the shipping, I love the prices, I love the name, I love the videos I love the blogs I love the reviews, I love Dale and her hair half purple lol love it. she seems so cool like somebody I would have a blast with blowing clouds. And drinking with. I'm a fan and I'm sold. I definitely will be placing more online orders although I know where to get it at a good price at a POS vape shop here in whointhewherehow Delaware as well. I'm done rambling on I just wanted to ramble some love for Vape wild.com you guys rock keep it up! Thank u for that oh so pleasant surprise in dope ass bag I'm using as my steep bag and sticker is beautiful the prettiest sticker from any place n ive been around. Vape whore! Haha vape on peeps. Wild style! P.l.u.r.

  669. Amazing!

    Posted by Becky M on Jun 22nd 2017

    So I ordered the sample pack, and one bottle. I got seven bottles in my mailbox! The flavors are amazing and bold, but no burn and not too strong. Very smooth and delicious. I won't go back to my old vape store. Wild for life!
    You guys rock

  670. very happy

    Posted by Kee mobley on Jun 20th 2017

    I paid for 3 and got 6. the flavors were smooth and customer service was the best.

  671. For sure the best stuff for a cloudy vape wild

    Posted by gean.moccia@gmail.com on Jun 19th 2017

    I cant decide for just one favorite liquid. Flavor and vapor for a good price. Probably dont look super fancy bottle like other liquids but when put the cloud in your mouth the miracle happens. Thanks for send other 3 liquids add.... and the bag with my name and written was a PLUS.
    Taste this guys and enjoy the new non stop liquids

  672. Great variety

    Posted by Sarah on Jun 19th 2017

    Great for trying out to see what you like. Awesome selection & prices.
    Spreading the word about Vape Wild.
    Will definitely buy again!

  673. Great deal and Great company

    Posted by Anthony on Jun 19th 2017

    I ordered another item from the company and got the welcome pack free since I just signed up they actually sent me 6 juices and personalized the bag that my items came in. I will definitely be ordering more sample packs to try and find my favorite flavor

  674. Taste and cloud quality

    Posted by hoong hon Yong on Jun 19th 2017

    I ordered 65/35 which give good clouds. I do think the taste is great but fade away pretty quick if you don't go through steeping process. I tried fresh once I got it and waited for 4 days to feel the different. I recommend to steep at least 4 days to have better taste.

  675. New to vaping? This deal is awesome!

    Posted by Debbie Yarbrough on Jun 18th 2017

    Being new to vaping; this deal was a great way to help learn what type of flavors you like!

  676. Variety pack

    Posted by Doug on Jun 17th 2017

    Still trying all of the flavors. Favorite so far fruit hoops

  677. Sweet!

    Posted by Gregg Webb on Jun 17th 2017

    Heard about this site from a few friends and decided to give it a go. Saw this and thought, "Hey, this'd cost me fifteen bucks at my local vape shop... Fifteen bucks of juice for ten? Nice." Then I saw the promo code, which they put right on the product page. "Wait, fifteen bucks of juice for the cost of shipping? Wow, cool, I'm in." Then the package arrived.... And I got SIX bottles, not three! "WHOA! -Thirty- dollars of vape juice for the five bucks shipping? SWEET!"

    Definitely will be coming back for more the next time I need to stock up!

  678. Awesome company

    Posted by Dean Campbell on Jun 15th 2017

    Great customer service, great flavors and great deals!

  679. The best deal you can get thanks to Vape Wild!!!1

    Posted by Martin Garcia on Jun 15th 2017

    Well I'm just speechless about the best deal you can get , I was expecting my 3 e-juice (30ml) total but to my surprise I receive a total of (60ml) thanks to this amazing store so don't hesitate and order now ... best epic deal ever!!! Thanks Vape Wild!!!

  680. Flavor Filled Goodness

    Posted by James Barbuto on Jun 15th 2017

    Gottta say Vape Wild fluids are filled with flavor and a joy to Vape. I've tried a bunch and nothing stands up to Vape Wild. From Wrecking Ball, to Pink Elephant, to Cinnamon Cereal, they are all delicious and Smooth to Vape. Thanks Vape Wild for the variety and great product!! Keep on Vaping!!

  681. I love it

    Posted by Gean Franco Moccia on Jun 14th 2017

    OMylanTa!!!! I love this juices. I try for firts time and i impressed for the quality of the juices and the personality of the envolpe with my name hand written. Thank vape wild now im fan.

  682. Nice sampler (plus a surprise bonus)

    Posted by JTRN on Jun 13th 2017

    Expected 30 ml for the price of shipping, got 60 ml instead. And it was good variety of flavors. Definitely the best valued welcoming pack out there for the variety alone.

  683. Free plus a bonus?!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 8th 2017

    A nice little sampler pack with only $5 spent on shipping! On top of that three bonus flavors at 10ml a piece, free!

  684. Awesome deal!!

    Posted by Elizabeth Cloud on Jun 8th 2017

    This sample pack is such a great way to try out vape wild juices!! All of the samples got were fantastic and they even threw in a few extras!! Super awesome!

  685. Fast, flavorful fluids!

    Posted by Adam on Jun 8th 2017

    We recieved extras in our order of the sample pack, which was very welcomed! All the flavors are power-packed, and after trying fluids from all over the Internet, VW is the best by far! Awesome customer service to boot!

  686. MUST TRY!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 7th 2017

    I'm very glad I stumbled across Vape Wild!! I ordered the sample pack plus a 30 ml. I was hoping for better flavor. I did not expect the great packaging, hand written Thank You, and 3 extra samples!!! WOW!!! The flavors are great!!! There was only 1 that I knew wouldn't be my thing, but I gave it a go, I'm just not a fan of peach so I gave it to a friend. I will be ordering again I have found my tribe so to speak lol. My friend is also switching to Vape Wild!!! To anyone who hasn't tried Vape Wild you are missing out!!!

  687. Aftertaste

    Posted by Hunter on Jun 7th 2017

    Some of these juices are sooooo good but almost all of them have the same aftertaste i get the same from a local vape store with the same after taste its not good but not horrible

  688. Amazing

    Posted by Paige Moore on Jun 7th 2017

    I got these for my boyfriend and he loves them we just bought more and made him a account

  689. Well worth the try!

    Posted by Jeremiah and Melissa on Jun 6th 2017

    Absolutely loved this pack plus they sent bonuses! This is the best vape company ever and we love them. Already came back for more and they also carry our coils. We love you Vapewild! Oh and the art is great just ask!

  690. Great Flavors, Bonus Juice

    Posted by Eli T on Jun 6th 2017

    Every flavor I tried was great, I ordered the 3 pack and got 6 (3 surprises! Yay!) I am very impressed with vape wild and their prices are awsome! I also recived my juices way faster than i thought! This is my new vape store! Great Job Guys! Thankyou

  691. Ehhh....

    Posted by Tamara Baertlein on Jun 6th 2017

    It was okay for like a 4 days. Then i could not stand it. It does actually tast like fruit loops

  692. Nice!!

    Posted by Sonya Gordon on Jun 5th 2017

    I ordered 3 bottles of juice, that I only had to pay shipping they sent 6 bottles. Thanks vape wild. Product great fast shipping. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  693. I'm Blown Away

    Posted by Brandy Maxwell on Jun 5th 2017

    Okay so I'm really new to vaping and was afraid to buy juice without trying it. I actually found out about vape wild from a top 20 e juice contest done... where vape wild placed 1st in. So I figured I'd look them up and see what they had to offer.
    Wow... not only did they have a sample pack they are giving it away for FREE!!! Seriously if I wasn't sold by that it was definitely all of the reviews written by customers. So I got the free sample 3 pack and got a 30ml bottle of stardust out of curiosity. I'm the type of person who likes to go overboard on things. With all the flavors to choose from... well let's just say I have a list of more flavors I'd like to try and I made that list waiting for my order to get here. Which was super quick...
    Sooo my order got here today and oh man. I never imagined juice could taste this good. It's all so smooth and wonderful tasting. It's absolutely fantastic no matter what flavor it is.... and if all this wasn't good enough they also gave me some more tester bottles to try out. I'm sold. You guys are definitely a winner and I see why you placed 1st. Thank You

  694. Will be a loyal customer!

    Posted by Amber Lavoie on Jun 5th 2017

    Finished the sample pack, and ordered some more flavors right away! Ordering is easy, shipping is quick, and vaping liquid is excellent!

  695. We All Love Freebies

    Posted by Paul on Jun 4th 2017

    I came here to buy a couple of bottle and grabbed this sample pack to go with it.

    Great choices here and Vapewild are doing a fine job with order and customer fulfilment and satisfaction.

    Are you outside the US?

    I ordered from Australia and it was here within 2 weeks.

  696. Sweet deal

    Posted by brandon marsala on Jun 4th 2017

    Being fairly new to vaping the sample pack was a great way to decide which flavors I would purchase again and which amount of nicotine was suitable for me. Not only did I get the sample pack, but Vapewild was kind enough to throw in a couple extra bottles of free juice. Very pleased with this website and will definitely buy from them again.


    Posted by Angie on Jun 4th 2017

    Thanks Vape Wild!!

  698. Always nice. And good flavs and smoth elquid.

    Posted by Kurt Danko on Jun 4th 2017

    Fire jucie. Always smooth. Loots of flavs. And they always hook u up . This place is a must try every order they hook u up.

  699. Great Try

    Posted by Shannah Costa on Jun 3rd 2017

    Have to try it is a must . You get to see what they offer, and I no longer go to my local shop.

  700. Incredible service

    Posted by Bryan S on Jun 1st 2017

    I received my welcome pack today in the mail. I have to say, I'm impressed. I actually received 3 extra random juices on top of the 3 I chose and they all smell amazing. I can't wait to try them all. I'm going to let them steep for a while. But I have high hopes for them.

    Thank you to the Vape Wild team for your amazing customer service! I will definitely be ordering more juice from you!

  701. #dopeshit

    Posted by Nope on Jun 1st 2017

    Awesome company. Ordered some coils and the "welcome pack"(30mls)... got my pack in the mail, opened it up and had 60mls of juice. Totally didn't expect that and it made my day! Love all the flavors I ordered and love the 3 extra the surprised me with! I spent $10 and got 5 coils and 60mls of great liquid!! Can't beat the deal!!!!

  702. Great samples

    Posted by Heather on Jun 1st 2017

    It was easy to order. Came really quickly in the mail. My name was even handwritten on the awesome packaging how sweet is that. When i opened up my bag there was the 3 samples i had chosen and 3 more thrown in there. I will definitely be a return customer just based on the great service. Some of the flavors weren't my jam and others i loved which is a personal thing i guess. But im definitely looking foreward to ordering again soon.

  703. Awesome

    Posted by Molly on May 31st 2017

    Very happy with this product. Great taste of samples of the best flavors

  704. Great sample

    Posted by Brian on May 31st 2017

    Pretty good selection to choose from and wasn't disappointed

  705. Best juice

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2017

    Not only was the juice tasty, we got more oil to try than i thought we would. Rocket pop was my fav, but all were very good. Plan on telling my friends about it. What a great deal!

  706. Great deal

    Posted by Tiffany H. on May 29th 2017

    I love the price for getting to try out three samples to see what I like, PLUS the added bonus of the few extras they throw in every time! $9.99 is a steal, and it's great to be able to try so many before spending more and committing to a large amount of a flavor.

  707. Great Deal

    Posted by Bob Lee on May 29th 2017

    Recently found vape wild through a blog and ordered a welcome pack since it was basically free. Ordered 3 juices, got 6! 4 out of 6 flavors were good. 2 of them just wasn't my cup of tea. Favorite flavor was Wrecking Ball.

  708. Every flavor

    Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2017

    Every flavor tested including 3 that were thrown in for free tasted like glycerin even after steeping lac of flavor garbage would never buy again

  709. Always a pleasure

    Posted by Shaggy on May 29th 2017

    Flavoursome flavours for days and generous freebies to save

  710. Worth the buy! Not even kidding.

    Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2017

    I recently purchased/Signed up to Vapewild when I heard about this promo. Honestly couldn't havel been happy enough. They sent 3extra samples and the best one I think I've liked is Flint Stoned.. Only problem was that the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bottle little cap popped out when I squeezed the bottle and I spilled a lil ejuice, not much but other than that.. Can't go wrong with 6samples for 6$.

  711. The welcome 10

    Posted by William on May 28th 2017

    At first I was kinda unsure about buying online juice. Coming from someone who either made theirs or bought it from a shop. But the welcome 10 option was hella helpful. It put me at ease with the expirence and honestly I won't use anyone else for juice again! Plus they give you free samples!

  712. Awesome Flavors!

    Posted by Tracy on May 27th 2017

    I loved each and every one of the samples I received. I have tried other juice brands which were satisfactory but Vape Wild is by far the best!

  713. Don't be scared give VW a try 100%

    Posted by Kurt Marshall on May 27th 2017

    What a great idea from the best company in the intire world what's there to lose? You get a great deal from a great company that has great juice! There a a ton of flavours that can fit anyone's taste buds so don't be shy join the VW family I promise you won't be disappointed.

  714. Terrific juices

    Posted by Unknown on May 26th 2017

    All of the juices are to die for. The flavor is absolutely fantastic and the sizes are perfect for trial runs to see what you like. Also, they gave me extra juice as a gift. Sadly I do not vape with nicotine which was included in the extra flavors

  715. Awesome deal

    Posted by Amanda Taylor on May 26th 2017

    Im new to vaping and was just looking around for juices and came across this site. I loved that i could pick a few different kinds and best of all i only paid 5.99 shipping. It was a bonus that they threw in 3 extra samples. Awesome deal! My fav ones were murica and slo mo.

  716. Like that I try before I buy

    Posted by david felix on May 25th 2017

    Let's you figure what flavors you like before buying a big bottle. This was free also because of the coupon code which made it even better

  717. My thoughts on my sample pack

    Posted by jessicafahnestock@ymail.com on May 25th 2017

    I enjoy the many flavors, but one thing I did wrong was accidentally got the wrong nic level, way to much. Other than that I love it

  718. awesome juice

    Posted by Unknown on May 25th 2017

    i ordered this sample pack with a 30ml bottle of murica and to my surprise there was 6 10ml bottles! will defiantly be ordering from vape wild again awesome flavors and great service

  719. They was all really good

    Posted by Robert white on May 24th 2017

    the flavors was really good the fruit loop tasted just like a fruit loop and the rest of flavors tasted really awesome

  720. Awesomeee!!!

    Posted by Darryl Nicholson on May 24th 2017

    Shipping was very fast, expected the 3 flavors I picked and to my surprise got the three I picked and they added 3 other flavors so I got 6 10ml total for 6 bucks SUPERRR STOKED THANKS VAPE WILD!!!!

  721. Very satisfied

    Posted by Dylan Short on May 24th 2017

    Ordered the free welcome pack a few days ago which included three 10ml bottles. I instead received 6 10ml bottles. In my order I listed the main 3 flavors I wanted, as well as my preference (deserts/strawberry/cereal) incase they were to send me extra bottles. Sure enough they sent me 6 matching my preferences I listed. The bottles are high quality, the flavors are excellent and the packaging was superb. They even wrote a personalized note in permanent marker on my package. Super cool. Once I decide my favorites of the 6 I will be ordering 60-120ml bottles. Very pleased.

  722. Sweet deal

    Posted by Wkevine2 on May 24th 2017

    This was my first vape wild order and I'm glad I got it. They are my new favorite juice company. Make sure you use the code welcome10

  723. Great Company!

    Posted by Unknown on May 24th 2017

    i ordered the Welcome 10 sample pack not only did I get 3 bottles I got 3 extra! Will definitely be getting more juice from Vape Wild. Also they have superb costumer service, my order wasn't going through and there wasn't a live chat were I could talk to somebody and they helped me with order in under 3 minutes.

  724. Not bad for those who wanta to try

    Posted by Earl Gianne Espinosa on May 23rd 2017

    I like the cowboy cooler abd murica and its not expensive

  725. Great product...FANTASTIC website

    Posted by Erik on May 22nd 2017

    So Friday morning I ordered the welcome pack and TFV8 cloud beast. I received my order the next business day (Monday) which was SUPER fast shipping. Not only did I receive my 3 flavors but the also sent 3 extra flavors. Will definitely be ordering from this site in the future. I've only tried the Flint Stoned so far and it blows away the competition. Great product VW!!

  726. Great surprise

    Posted by Jonah M. on May 20th 2017

    Ordered this last week and it arrived super quick, faster than I expected for sure. I only paid $6 shipping for three flavors: circus bear, cinnamon toast, and Smurf Cake, and they gave me three free bottles in addition (Blue Harvest, Slo-Mo, and the monthly mystery flavor) so that's an unbeatable bargain of $1/bottle. They did a fantastic job matching the bonus juice to the flavors I already ordered, I am enjoying the fruity/cream flavors today and I'm super impressed. I didn't wait for the flavors to steep properly because I was so excited to test them out but I'll be sure to do that before I blow through all of the bottles in my kit :)

  727. AMAZING DEAL! Thanks Vape Wild <3

    Posted by Owen on May 19th 2017

    I've been looking to try out some new juice from a couple of different websites, and have heard the most, AND the best reviews about Vape Wild. So, I figured I'd check it out, and stumbled across the "Welcome" promo pack that they had going on as soon as I got on the website. I placed my order right away, and within 3 days the juice was already at my house! Not only did I get 3 bottles, but I got 6! All of the flavors are INCREDIBLE! I was so pleasantly surprised, and I will most certainly be spreading the word about Vape Wild to all of my fellow vapers, and will definitely be buying more juice ASAP!

  728. Oh my

    Posted by Arachneus Lex on May 17th 2017

    I made an order just for this sample pack in order to try out vape wild since I heard so many good things. I have ordered from many other vape sites, and never really been disappointed, but this was the first time I was BLOWN AWAY. Paid about six dollars for shipping and that was it. It shipped from Texas to Minnesota in two days and they sent three extra bottles with it. 60ml of juice for 6 dollars? Yes please. And everything comes in a sweet package. Everything about this order made me happy and I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you guys!

  729. So Happy!

    Posted by Celeste Moore on May 16th 2017

    I just got my welcome sample pack in the mail yesterday. I ordered on Friday & received Monday morning. I was surprised when I received 6- 10ml bottles instead of 3. I have tried 2 flavors so far & love them! All of them smell outstanding & I can't wait to try the rest! Will definitely be ordering again soon!

  730. First time ordering

    Posted by Jesse Kramer on May 15th 2017

    This is my first ordering from vapewild. I decided to try the welcome sample pack to try them out and I'm so surprised. It's delicious! Right out of the bottle too. I ordered three 10 mls and they sent me three extra 10 mls for free! 60mls for 6 dollars. That's crazy. I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

  731. Ordered 3 got 6!

    Posted by Summer Strange on May 11th 2017

    Thank you for the extra juice! I used the welcome code so I only paid about 5 bucks and got six different flavors, the three I ordered and three randoms! Definitely made a good impression which could have been the intention. Either way VapeWild is cool af. Also the bag, sticker, and card were a great touch! As well as the bag being personally signed "Stay wild" with a signature below. You guys are awesome. I will post another rating once I am able to actually try the flavors.

  732. Best vape juice distributor I've found so far

    Posted by Benjamin Taylor on May 11th 2017

    I ordered not knowing what to expect on flavor and Quality, I read good reviews so I gave it a shot. The juices I got were amazing I never expected them to be so good! And the fact that you can choose your vg pg % is a major plus these guys @vapewild are legit AF and make some great juices and have the best prices I've ever seen, shipping was fast. I ordered 6 more juices 2 days after getting my welcome pack. Definitely check this starter pack out you won't be let down

  733. Amazing!

    Posted by Sam on May 8th 2017

    This is a great way to get started on vaping without having to buy the bigger bottles. I ordered Blue Harvest, Murcia and Fruit Hoops. And they're all amazing! I just got my shipment today, I have two seeping but I just had to put Blue Harvest into my new vape I also ordered from Vape Wild! I will definitely be a future customer!

  734. Suburb company

    Posted by Hunter Sanders on May 6th 2017

    Haven't tried the juices because they need to steep but they sent me like 10 and I only ordered 3!!!

  735. exceeds my expectations

    Posted by Unknown on May 5th 2017

    i have been wanting to try this juice for awhile but have had so much on hand. a week and a half ago i dropped the cigs for good after i got a smok baby beast. i saw the welcome10 code and thought 30mls for the price of shipping cant be bad and picked the 3 i wanted to try the most smirf cake cowboy cooler and (c+s)2. I ordered on Monday late evening and got them on Friday morning. i was hopping they would toss in a sample but what they did was toss in 3. OMG i got 60mls for the cost of shipping( that might not be standard). you can tell the stuff is fresh AF but thats better than old AF. I smelled and tasted each and they were great some you can tell need steeping mow im back on the sight to order more. thank you guys vape wild is the best.

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