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Wotofo The Troll RTA


Product Description

The Troll RTA by Wotofo is the new flavor-focused dual coil rebuildable 24mm tank from Wotofo that features a cutting-edge stacked T-post build deck and innovative genny-style platform that sits right in the middle of the tank itself. The Wotofo Troll RTA boasts a considerable 5 milliliter juice capacity that can be refilled via two large fill ports tucked neatly underneath a threaded 10mm bore delrin drip top. The unique bridge-post Troll RTA build deck is intuitive and designed for ease of use: complex coil configurations are a breeze when building with the four 2.5mm by 2mm terminals milled into the singular post. A PEEK Insulator separates the terminals, and leads are side secured via Phillips screws resulting in a simplified, but thoughtful deck design, working harmoniously with four 4mm genny-style wicking channels for efficient and effective juice delivery, meaning no dry hits. Standard-style fully adjustable AFC slots measuring 10mm by 2mm at the underside of the tank are designed to direct airflow to the underside of coils as well as offer secondary cooling properties. The short chimney travel between the chamber and user results in rapid vapor delivery and unbelievable flavor. This Wotofo RTA has some big shoes to fill given the quality, performance and success of Wotofo’s Troll line of RDAs. It does that and more as one of the best RTAs available. If you’re looking for unrivaled flavor, look no further.


  • 24mm Diameter
  • 5mL Juice Capacity
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Unique Enlarged Single Post Design
  • Four Milled Terminals - 2.5mm by 2mm
  • Side-Secured via Phillips Screws
  • PEEK Insulator - Made in Germany
  • Four 4mm Wicking Ports
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow at Base
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • 10mm Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Colors include: Black, Silver, Gold, & Rainbow

What's in the Box:

  • 1 The Troll RTA
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1 Set of Fused Clapton Coils
  • 1 Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Spare O-Rings and Screws
  • Instruction Manual

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Not so Happy

    Posted by Keith Hamilton on Aug 26th 2017

    Both glasses broke within a 4 day period..Not very happy about that...but other than the glass not being very well made and every time I go to refill it it leaks don't understand that...

  2. Outstanding RTA!!

    Posted by Michael Chapman on Jul 17th 2017

    I've had my Troll for 2 months so the "new toy" feeling wore off long ago, but I'm using it daily as it's one of my favorite RTAs. Flavor is as close to a dripper you'll get without a Moonshot 22, or actually using dripper. Wicking is as easy as it gets with an RTA, it's seriously is a no-brainer! I'm far from a pro, but none of my builds have ever leaked a drop. I don't see how this would leak with anyone unless they forgot to push, or pull, the cotton into the wicking ports like it obviously should be. The build deck is open and roomy making it easy to access everything. It's very simple to build/wick as long as you're using basic, everyday vape tools(angle-tipped tweezers or ceramic tweezers, which should be owned by everyone who's building). Airflow is excellent and can be adjusted tight for MTL or super airy for straight lung. At .3ohms and 50 watts, I like to keep my airflow halfway closed/opened for even better flavor.

  3. disappointed

    Posted by Noah Nichols on Jul 6th 2017

    purchased this along with some wotofo coils. i set the coils, slowly fired to align and the insulator began to melt on both sides of the post. top bar now sits at an angle. seems functional...just disappointed.

  4. The troll rta

    Posted by Shila on Jun 12th 2017

    Giving this one 5 stars because once I got the wicking down it has been my nonstop adv atty. Absolutely love the colors and everything about it so far.

  5. good once you get the wicking right

    Posted by Daniel gay on May 26th 2017

    Well it came intact and was clean
    And has really good flavor and doesn't leak a drop when you finnaly get the wicking and coil size right it took me like a day and a few different builds and wicking techniques before I got it right and figured out 2.5 mm coils are perfect the wicking and coils both sit in perfectly but if i let the wick hang to the bottom of the well it taste like cotton bad but when I would thin it out to much or make it to short it would leak so finally I figured out that instead of thinning the cotton cut it till it's just under the deck and fluff it out then I prime the coils burn that juice and prime it again so the cotton will swell and allow no leaks to happen then threw it all together and filled it up and vaped it but I have also noticed it will leak a couple drops in the airflow till you hit it a few times unless your cottons to tight
    After you get all that out the way and get the wicking right though the flavor is pretty good and the airflow delivers a nice restrictive lung hit but it's not really a super cloudy Rta no matter what build you put in anyway all in all I thought it was pretty good it's in my everyday rotation every since I got it well worth
    the purchase
    Oh by the way I've never had any peak insulator Issues at all and i personally have been using this in mechs and the 510 does protrude enough to use on a hybrid but that's really up to you

  6. best tank

    Posted by snuck on May 15th 2017

    best tank ever. great flavor and good could, just a little practice with wicking more is better. first couple wickings I would leak only when filling cause I wasn't using enough cotton.

  7. My new go to.

    Posted by Jeffrey A Parker on May 7th 2017

    Love it. I've used it everyday since my first build. Easy to build on. Wicking, flavor, and clouds are on par.

  8. Wow

    Posted by Virgil on Apr 29th 2017

    I own several tanks and rdas(Griffin, Velocity ect), but the Troll blows them away. It has top notch build quality and the vapor production/flavor is unmatched imho.Just as Rob said it has a nice low profile.Also,Vape Wild has the best customer service with fast shipping! Thanks guys!

  9. I love it!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 29th 2017

    It's a little tricky with how much cotton you should be using at first, but once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy ! Building is easy as well! Good flavor if the cotton is right! Just leaks if you don't put enough through the holes! Practice makes perfect.

  10. Great low profile RTA with good capacity

    Posted by Rob S. on Apr 21st 2017

    First off, VapeWild helped me since my first unit had the peek insulator melt on the first build. While pulsing the coils it just turned to goo. Please be careful and don't put any big builds in there. 3mm Fused Clapton is about as crazy as I'd go. They replaced it at only my cost of shipping which is appreciated! Besides the melting issue this is a solid RTA. Size is perfect, flavor is killer, but it's a bit whooshy for my tastes. It's also not easy to wick right. It's a tough balance between leaking everywhere and dry hits. The key is not stuffing too much into the wicking holes. Fluffy and nice and loose through the holes. It can hold 5ml of liquid, but the higher you fill the more chance you have for leaks. I'd say that you should keep 3-3.5ml to keep safe. Problem here is with this tank, that will go away in 4-6 good drags. It's a juice drinker supreme!

  11. Great RTA

    Posted by Kelly Duguay on Apr 10th 2017

    This does not is super easy to wick....holds a fair amount of liquid . ...and the flavors are better than a lot of other tanks. I use mine every day . My only complaint is I wish I could use my 510 drip tips with this like I can with the mage rta.

  12. Great RTA

    Posted by Eric on Mar 23rd 2017

    I've only had this for about a month, but it's a great RTA. I'm new to building, but the taste is decent when I get my wicks right. I tend to use too much cotton. Plenty of room for whatever build you typically use. I got 3 packs of coils in my box. Not sure what type of wire it is, but I'm guessing Kanthal. I like it so much, I'm buying another one soon.

  13. Great rebuildable

    Posted by Frank Moffitt on Mar 17th 2017

    I have been using this tank for about a month now and I am blown away by it. The flavor is great and cloud production is above average. No dry hits. The air flow is a little tight for those huge clouds but for vaping all day it is way more than enough. The build deck is big and easy to work on. Wicking is easy no tricks needed. Just put the cotton through the coil and cut off with enough to push through the wick hole and your done. The only time it has leaked is when I forgot to close the air hole before filling it with fluid. Other than that it has not leaked a drop.
    The only negatives I have found is that the tank is a little small. I have to fill it too often. Of course that may be because of the excellent flavors from VW. The other thing is the grub screws are Philip head screws. I have already changed them out to Allen head screws from a Griffin I had.

  14. Great so far

    Posted by david klunk on Feb 24th 2017

    Got it this morning and so far enjoying it. Only complaint I have with this device are the wicking holes. there's no clearance below the wicking holes to pull through the cotton through so I had to use a small screwdriver to push it through but because of the lack of clearance it's difficult adjusting them to where I want the wick. But it's a minor thing.

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